Hairy legs: do not panic, but treat

Hair on the legs is normal for men and women. But sometimes people with too much vegetation on their arms, legs, and chest cause interest and even shock to those around them. Surely, many have seen men with such thick hair on their chest that these poor people were compared to a representative of primates. What to say about women with hair on their legs growing so thickly that it is an unpleasant sight. We will understand more in detail in a similar physiological nuance.


hairy legsExcessive hair growth on the usual for vegetation skin areas, called hypertrichosis. The rate of hair depends on genetic characteristics, age and nationality. For example, hairy legs for a woman are a common phenomenon, but the appearance of an excess amount is hypertrichosis.

How does this disease

Hypertrichosis is divided into congenital and acquired:

  • In the first case, the scalp is noted in newborns, i.e. when born.This is due to hormonal failure or is heredity.
  • In the second case, excess hair occurs when using drugs, interacting with chemicals, injuring the skin.

female hairy legsAcquired hairiness

The reason for the phenomenon of hairy legs, can be mainly:

  • puberty or puberty (disruption of the ovaries);
  • the onset of menopause (as in the first case, the ovaries function poorly);
  • diseases of the endocrine organs: the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, etc., when hairy legs, arms, armpits and pubis, chin become a real disaster;
  • pregnancy (after childbirth, enhanced hair growth stops);
  • use of cosmetic and medical ointments that cause skin irritation;
  • thermal effects on the skin;
  • trichotillomania, that is, obsessive pulling of hair;
  • frequent shaving and depilation, etc.

Methods of struggle

To treat hypertrichosis, as a result of hormonal disruptions, it is necessary only on the recommendations of an endocrinologist. In beauty salons, using electrolysis or laser technology, you can get rid of the problem: hairy legs and other skin areas.Procedures require a long and thorough treatment - about two years. The results are impressive: some hairs stop growing, others become thinner until they disappear.hairy legs in women

What not to do

Female representatives are often bothered by hypertrichosis, in which it is not recommended to “disturb” the skin once again. Therefore, women's hairy legs can not be irritated either mechanically or with the help of chemicals. Traditional medicine will help in the fight against dense vegetation. But in some procedures there are contraindications:

  • paraffin therapy;
  • peeling;
  • ultraviolet irradiation;
  • applying nourishing creams;
  • massages


Summarizing all the above, we can state the following: women's hairy legs are an unpleasant phenomenon, but surmountable.

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