Guessing on the hands (palmistry): the value of lines

Mysterious science, not available to everyone, can predict the life of a person. Has always been a popular palmistry - divination by hand. It was believed that in the palm of a person is displayed everything that awaits him. People who can read the lines on the upper limbs of a person, the palmists, have their own secrets of predictions. However, even people who are interested in esoterics, may well be won over by hand divination. Our article will be devoted to some aspects of this process: both general principles and specific signs.

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General principles of interpretation of lines

Perhaps most of us have heard that there are lines on the palm that are responsible for one or another aspect of life: heart, mind, life, and others. Before you take on the value of each, you should find out what signs in them to look for.

Guessing on hands, except that it corresponds with each line separately, has general principles.

Thus, the lines are interpreted according to their delineation: with a clearly pronounced line of quality, they manifest themselves more strongly than with a weakly defined.

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If the line has flaws (figures, chains) or is interrupted, this indicates the difficulties of those aspects of life to which the line belongs.

As we see, the general principles in palmistry are easy to understand for themselves, since they are logical. We further consider the divination by hand: the value of the lines and their location.

Heart line

The line of the heart shows the sensual component of human life. It originates from the edge of the hand - under the little finger - passes through the upper part of the brush and ends at the middle or index finger.

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It happens, it seems that in the palm of your hand there is no line of the heart at all, but in fact it is not. It’s just that the lines of the head and the heart were combined, that they were talking about their owner as a man of reason. Due to such nuances, fortune-telling on hands is a difficult but interesting science. Next, we will explain some of the signs of the heart line.

  1. The line of the heart is almost without branches, well-drawn and bright - in front of you is a man who rarely changes his affections, but narcissism and ignoring the interests of other people are not alien to him.
  2. A narrow line that does not have branches indicates that a person is mindful, secretive and uncommunicative.
  3. Going up the small "twigs" on the line characterize nature, prone to affection and love. Branches seeking down - loneliness.
  4. The line has a sharp bend - a symbol of excessive sensitivity. The straighter the line, the more people are indifferent to the problems of others.
  5. Too long line - sensitive and receptive nature. A person with a short line does everything under the influence of emotions.

In addition to the shape and length, takes into account palmistry (fortune-telling by hand), the values ​​of relative position, including the line of the heart.

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About the location of the line of the heart

It usually originates under the hill of Mercury (near the little finger), but its end can be found in different places.

  1. The end on the hill of Saturn - the owner focuses on his emotions, which are poorly controlled. If, in addition to this, the hill of Venus (at the thumb) is well pronounced, then the ardor of a person increases.
  2. The end of the line between Jupiter (index finger) and Saturn (middle) is a moderate emotionality, which manifests itself appropriately.
  3. The end of the line on the hill of Jupiter is loyal, honest in love people, they make an idol out of their elects and are very upset if their ideal is not the one they cherished.
  4. The end of the line on the edge of the palm - a person may not show the best emotional qualities, such as jealousy.

At the same time, we’ll end up with the line of a person’s sensual life and consider the handout on other aspects of personality.

Head Line

It originates near the line of life and ends near the hill of Mercury (little finger). Palmistry, divination by the lines of the hands, takes into account its features.

  1. A clear line of mind speaks of a clever person, while a weak line indicates an indecisive person who has difficulty formulating thoughts.
  2. A long line owner is too focused on his thoughts, while a short line makes thoughts superficial.

The location of the line of mind

  1. If the beginning of the line of mind is under the line of life, it speaks of weakness, insecurity, a desire to please others. If from one place with the life line there is a strong influence of the family, above the life line there is independence, self-reliance.
  2. The end of the line of the head on the hill of the moon (at the edge of the palm) is an inventive nature that is prone to despondency. The fork end is a man with the gift of writing.When the line goes to some finger, it gives the personality those qualities that this finger symbolizes.

The discontinuous line of mind shows the stages essential to fate. Gaps that coincide with the gaps on other lines indicate a life turning point.

Line of fate

Guessing by hand the value of the lines of the palm of a person is interpreted in terms of his fate. The corresponding line starts from the wrist and rises to the middle finger.

If you have not found this line on your hands, this means that the person avoids uniformity and does not make plans. A clear line - reliability, responsibility. The presence of the line only on the working hand speaks of determination, the line on the passive hand indicates daydreaming, hopes.

The line starts high - a long search for their destination. The closer it originates from the wrist, the sooner a person will decide on the choice of who he wants to be.

If the starting point for the line is the hill of the moon, then you have a creative personality. Beginning next to the line of life is a long attachment to your home.

The end of the line, located at the base of the middle finger, means the ability to work until old age.On the heart line - the rejection of ambition because of the inability to plan.
Gaps on the line - any changes, closed gaps - a sign of change for the better.

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Life line

Many of us very vaguely represent fortune telling. And the line of life is the one that lovers pay the most attention to.

The life line originates in the fold of skin over the thumb, ends at the wrist. The beginning of the line in the zone of Jupiter indicates ambition, in the zone of the thumb - the lack of imagination. The farther the life line is from the head line, the more independent the person is.

Smooth, deep and clear line - an indicator of remarkable health and longevity.
Too bright bloody color line indicates poor health. A thin, barely noticeable line indicates a deplorable state of the body.

Interruptions and intersections - the presence of disease or the likelihood of their development. Connected breaks - a person will survive what happened to him, breaks without joints suggest the opposite. The effect is enhanced if the tears are visible on two hands. The change of the line after the break speaks of the future life of a person: a good line - a case will change the fate for the better, a bad line - a forerunner of troubles.

A curved line means energy, a flat line is closed.
The abrupt disappearance of the line suggests that good health will remain until death, a blurred end - a deterioration of health in old age, an end on the hill of Venus (at the big finger) - love for the family hearth, an end on the hill of the Moon - a desire to travel.

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The theme of our article was palmistry - fortune telling. This esoteric science has become very popular, and many people are interested in it. Someone was given a congenital gift to foresee the future along the lines of the palm, and someone has learned some skills through perseverance.

We now know about the general aspects of divination by hands and the interpretation of individual lines.

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