Guessing on coffee

From time immemorial, a man tried to predict hisfuture. In ancient times, priests, then wives and sorcerers were engaged in this. Now various divinations have become available to everyone. At the same time, a lot of ways of guessing have been accumulated for many centuries of the existence of mankind, on which only they do not guess: on maps, books, paper ... There is even a fortune telling on the leaves of trees. However, one of the most popular guessings in our time is the divination of coffee.

It is believed that the system of this divination was developedItalians in the 18th century. It is they who insist that they invented the very method of fortune telling coffee and symbolism, which helps to unravel the meaning of coffee figures.

Guessing on coffee was a magical ritual andThe significance was not only mechanical manipulations with the Turk and the cup, but also words that were supposed to be pronounced at a strictly certain moment. It was believed that if a fortune teller does not know these words or does not correctly choose the moment of utterance, then it is not worthwhile to trust her words.

The technology of fortune telling has not changed,except that spells today are not so important. In order to make coffee figures more expressive, it is important to choose the right coffee for divination. Firstly, soluble, as it is not difficult to guess, is not suitable for these purposes, and secondly, a mixture of two spoons of coarse coffee and one fine milling is considered ideal.

Coffee is poured into a Turk and poured in water, broughtto a boil and boil for a few minutes. It is important that there are no foreign additives in coffee, including sugar. Even if a person who is guessing does not like unsweetened coffee. For the sake of truth, you can suffer.

Ready coffee is poured into a cup. Hold the cup with your left hand and, before you start drinking coffee, you need to concentrate and think about the question or situation that interests you. At the same time, in order to make fortune-telling on coffee more effective, it is important to correctly determine the question. It should be as specific as possible. Do not ask: "What awaits me in the future?". It is better to specify the term, the sphere of life. Ideally, if we are talking about a specific situation. At the same time, if a person does not guess at all, the fortune-teller should at least in general be dedicated to the essence of the matter. After all, symbols are interpreted in the context of a specific question.

When the question is settled, you can startdrinking coffee, constantly focusing on the issue. Coffee does not finish drinking, leave about a teaspoon of liquid. When coffee is drunk, gently rotate the cup three times counterclockwise (some believe that the cup is rotated counter-clockwise by the woman, and the men - clockwise), and then the cup is turned over on the saucer and left for a few minutes to make the glass all the liquid. The cup is turned over and the resulting patterns are examined on its walls.

Guessing on coffee suggests having a goodfantasy, because the coffee grounds will not draw images on the pencil. They will need to be guessed in the intricacies of spots and lines. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the location of the spots. For the convenience of interpretation, the mug is rotated by the handle to itself. The place of attachment of the handle to the cup is considered the present moment and symbolizes that person, who is guessing. The symbols to the left of the guessing mean what happened in the past, the images on the right are the future. The closer the figure is to the bottom, the more time the person and the event associated with the drawing share.

The whole symbolism of guessing on the coffee grounds is tied upon associations: what thoughts does this or that image cause in a person? So, large dark spots indicate problems and the darker, thicker the spot, the more serious the problem is expected. But a large number of small heels - this is for money. Images of animals can mean relatives, friends or enemies, depending on what kind of animal you saw. The most difficult thing is the interpretation of human faces and images. In order to properly interpret them, you need a lot of experience in guessing on the coffee grounds. Symbols are very different, and it is simply impossible to describe all of them. That's why a constant practice is necessary for a complete interpretation. An experienced fortune teller with a good and trained imagination can see whole pictures in the coffee grounds, and sometimes films.

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