Guessing on burning paper

In the world there is a huge amount of secrets that a persontries to unravel in various ways. One of such secrets for a person is the future, which most of us think is bright, but in reality everything can turn out the opposite. How can you predict it, because the ability to look into different time spaces is only for selected people. And then, a fairly high probability that these very select people are mistaken when they speak about the future of this or that person. The category of such craftsmen include sorcerers, fortunetellers and psychics, who in their arsenal is not only divination by a piece of paper. If you are interested in something mysterious and inexplicable, feel free to contact such people, the main thing is to distinguish real visionaries from charlatans, and this is difficult in our time.

Willing to earn some money this wayquite a lot, so a very high probability of being deceived, moreover, and give for it their hard earned money. Against the background of all this, more and more often practice divination without the help of the above-mentioned people, for example, fortune telling on burning paper. It turns out that everyone can get the message out, the main thing is to know how to do it correctly, because non-observance of the rules of divination can negate all the work done or damage the energy of the guessing man. Therefore, before embarking on this difficult and fascinating business, it is recommended that you carefully study, so to speak, the instruction for the chosen ritual and learn as much information as possible on the divination you are interested in. So, now we will consider in more detail this mystical theme.

Divination as such came to us from very distanttimes, then such knowledge was banned and not particularly advertised, because they could easily be burned at the stake. But after many centuries people began to treat fortune telling more loyally and for today anyone can afford to repay, of course, if his faith does not contradict it. There is a huge number of types of fortune telling that have come down to us from that time and allow us to learn about what awaits a person in the future. The most common of these is fortune-telling on burning paper, cards, by date of birth, by name and so on. Here everything depends on the concrete desires of the guessing person.

But the simplest and most reliablelisted types of fortune telling is a fortune-telling on burning paper. To do the above described ritual, you need to crumple a piece of paper after midnight and put it on a saucer. Then, in complete darkness, to light a candle and from it to set fire to a crumpled sheet. Remains the most exciting - to hold in hand in front of the wall saucer and, stirring burning paper, carefully consider the shadow cast by it. The various figures displayed by the shadow will tell you in the near future. Also, with the burning paper, you can tell whether your wish is fulfilled. For this you need to write on paper the very desire, put on a plate and set it on fire. If it burns not to the end, then the desire will come true.

But do not despair if guessing on a burningpaper will not bring you the desired result, because it's just guessing! Such kind of fortune-telling, in the way, like others, should best be performed with pure thoughts and confidence in the correctness of the result obtained. For example, fortune-telling on a suitor on paper can yield positive results only if you are pure in heart and absolutely not jealous of anyone. A fortune-telling can be done only if you really need it, because otherwise, even what you have can disappear in a couple of weeks.

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