Grout "litokol": features, specifications and reviews

The situation with the appearance of mold between the tile joints is familiar to many. Moisture accumulates between the elements of decoration, a black fungus appears, which spoils the appearance of surfaces and has a harmful effect on the human body.

To solve these problems, the producers of trowels offer to use new moisture-resistant compounds. One of them - grout "litokol." What are the features of this material and what they have characteristics, we discussed in our article.

The main purpose of products

Zatirochny mixes "Litokol" are intended for anti-fungal processing of seams in rooms with the increased humidity. The compositions allow you to form neat interdigital seams, which do not let moisture under the finish and give the surface a beautiful appearance.

reviews about grout "litokol"

Grout "litokol" can be used with such finishing materials as:

  • ceramics;
  • ceramic granite slabs;
  • natural stone;
  • marble;
  • glass wallpaper.

Modifying brand additives make the mixture very resistant to the harsh microclimate of the room. Dyes and decorating elements give presentability to the compositions, and a neat and finished look to the treated surface.

A variety of products "Litokol"

All trowel mixes called "lithok" is divided into three groups. The difference lies in their composition. The following products of this company can be found on the construction market:

  • epoxy compounds;
  • polyurethane grout;
  • cement based blends.

Epoxy mixtures are characterized by the best surface protection from moisture. They are made on the basis of epoxy resins and organic catalysts. Two-component grout "Litokol" absolutely not exposed to mold and mildew. Such compositions are presented under the general name Starlike and are intended for the treatment of joints from 1 to 14 mm.

epoxy grout "litok"

Polyurethane varieties consist of resins and aqueous dispersions. Similar products are marketed under the name Starlike MonoMix. It is designed to fill seams whose width does not exceed 6 mm.

Compositions based on cement include various fillers, coloring pigments, organic additives and polymers. This species is called Litochrom.The peculiarity of such products lies in the highest mechanical strength and excellent adhesion with stone and ceramic finish.

Positive properties of products

Zatirochny mixes of this firm are rather popular among masters that is caused by their high technical characteristics. For example, moisture-resistant epoxy grout "Litokol" can last more than 30 years in conditions of high humidity. At the same time, the seams do not lose their appearance and do not let moisture onto the surface of the walls.

Also to the advantages of the compositions include:

  • resistance to mechanical stress;
  • high resistance to abrasion;
  • elasticity;
  • resistance to deformation;
  • excellent adhesion to the surface and edges of the finish;
  • resistance to chemical compositions.

The list of positive qualities of grout "Litokol" expands the scope of application of such mixtures. The absence of harmful additives in the composition allows the product to be used both in public institutions and in the home.

Product scope

All of these varieties can be used indoors and outside. Most often the grout "Litokol" is used in the following places:

  • public bathrooms and showers;
  • kitchens and dining rooms;
  • balconies, terraces;
  • swimming pools;
  • decorative ponds, ponds, fountains;
  • rooms with a harsh climate (saunas, washing facilities in baths, bathrooms in public premises).

The ability to withstand frequent washing with chemical agents allows the material to be applied to the treatment of flooring seams in medical institutions.

Scope of grout "Litokol"

The choice of a particular variety depends on what goal you need to achieve in the process of finishing work. If you create a natural finish from natural materials, cement compositions are the best fit for you.

If presentability and aesthetics are in the first place, then use Litokol epoxy grout. This line is characterized by a rich color range and is best suited for creating elite and designer interiors.

two-component grout "litok"

For standard processing of joints between tiles, polyurethane varieties of troweling mixtures are more often purchased. They can be used in the bathroom and in the work area in the kitchen.

Instructions for the use of compounds

If you are using two-component compositions, then before starting work you need to prepare a trowel mixture.The purchased product will consist of a bucket with a pasty mixture into which you need to pour the second component attached to the lid of the package. The mixture must be thoroughly mixed and set to work.

applying epoxy grout "Litokol"

The grout for the Litokol tile is applied to the joints area with a rubber trowel and immediately leveled. In this case, the finished composition should be consumed within 30-40 minutes. Until the mixture is completely dry, it is washed off the tile surface. Purification after 1 hour will be quite complicated.

Work with epoxy varieties can take place in conditions of moderate humidity and at temperatures from -20 to +100aboutFROM.

Trowel consumption

Consumption grout "Litokol" depends on the speed of work and on the material over which it will be applied. Subject to the use of ceramic tiles of standard parameters, the consumption of the finished mixture will be 0.5-1.0 kg / m2. If you need to process the seams between small mosaic elements, then purchase material at the rate of 1.0-1.5 kg / m2.

In cases where the grouting composition is used as a lining adhesive, the flow rate will increase to 4 kg / m.2.

Note! If you do not have time to use the prepared composition and the grout starts to harden, its consumption will be increased by 1.5 -2 times.Experienced masters recommend kneading a mixture of 200-300 grams.

Reviews and recommendations

Reviews of grout "litokol" only positive. Product recommends 100% of buyers. Among the benefits that consumers highlight, most often voiced:

  • ease of application;
  • high quality;
  • duration of service;
  • variety of colors.

In this case, there are moments to which experienced masters recommend to pay attention to those who are going to work with this composition for the first time. First of all, experts focus on the quick setting of the finished mixture, which can lead to unjustified waste of material.

grout consumption "litokol"

Excess mixes should be removed as early as possible. It is better to use special solutions of the manufacturer "Litokol" for this purpose.

Otherwise, problems with the use of troweling products of this brand does not arise. Properly applied composition for many years retains its original appearance and reliably protects the surface from the occurrence of mold.

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