Glasses-anti-headlights: reviews and tips on choosing

Motorists sometimes encounter such a problem when the bright sun interferes with driving. Visors do not always help in this situation. Because of this, the process of driving a car is complicated. Then you need glasses, anti-headlights, which perfectly protect drivers from direct sunlight. The person will be focused on the road, which is necessary while driving.


Anti-glare glasses (anti-glare) are equipped with a polarizing filter for drivers. This makes the accessory status. His lenses are heterogeneous in function: on the upper part there is a mirror coating, it reflects reflections, reduces the brightness of the light, and the lower, transparent, increases the contrast.


During the day, glasses anti-headlights can perform the function of sun protection. With them decreases the brightness of natural light. Glare of smooth surfaces, for example, from mirrors, glasses, water, at night and in the evening is extinguished, do not cause eye irritation. No weather (fog, rain) will be an obstacle to driving.It is only necessary to choose a quality accessory.

Difference from ordinary glasses

From the classic glasses antifaras differ in the following indicators:

  1. Colour. They better protect from the light of the sun, especially those with gray and brown light filters.
  2. Polarization. Products are spray protected.
  3. Gradient coating. This feature is important for automotive glasses. The upper part of the lens has a coating, and the bottom is transparent, which allows you to clearly observe the dashboard.
  4. Scratch coating.
  5. Translucency. This indicator should be from 75%.
  6. Comfort. Only if the product is comfortable to wear, it will be useful.

night lights glasses

It is desirable to choose products with a narrow frame. Because of the broad view can be closed, which is especially inconvenient when driving at high speed. Quality glasses do not harm eyesight. Fixtures should sit tight on the head. Some of them have diopters necessary for people with visual impairments.

The structure of the lens, the pros and cons

Glasses are anti-headlights produced with glass or plastic lenses, which are applied to the polarizing film. The advantages of the first version are as follows:

  • the presence of a polarization filter between the layers of glass;
  • filter damage occurs only when the lens is split;
  • with careful handling points will serve for an unlimited time.

Cons of glass lenses:

  • fragility, due to which there is a risk of damage to the face, eyes;
  • a lot of weight, so the product slips.

The advantages of plastic lenses include:

  • small weight;
  • strength;
  • low risk of damage to the face, eyes;
  • You can make a form with any bend.

The latter characteristic is especially valuable since the driver’s side vision must be open. Then the person will notice the car overtaking him, the movement of pedestrians on the side of the road and other objects. This will prevent injuries and conflicts on the road.

The best choice would be plastic lenses. Their disadvantages include the location of the polarization filter, a limited lifetime. Also they do not possess resistance to abrasive components.

Types and characteristics

Usually the driver needs 2 types of glasses:

  • anti-glare to reduce the intensity of sun light and glare;
  • for trips in the evening and at night, as well as in bad weather.

glasses anti lights

And in fact, and in another case, you can use glasses-antipara.Reviews of oculists show that red, orange, yellow lenses are ideal. They will have excellent visibility, as the colors do not miss the blue and purple spectral regions. This principle works when blinding headlights. Eyes tense under insufficient visibility due to weather and other conditions. The lens should be transparent and contrast. There must be a polarization.

Tips for choosing

If the driver is long behind the wheel, then his eyes are experiencing a large load. This is noticeable by reduced vision, color blur. Fog, rain and wind only alter the situation. That driver who has no problems with visibility will be sure. It is important to be checked every year by an ophthalmologist. If you find problems you need to listen to the recommendations of the doctor and follow them.

It is necessary to take into account that night glasses, anti-headlights and corrective glasses are not the same thing. Polarizing tools are needed to help drivers recover from blinding headlights. They can not get burns of the retina. With them, visual acuity does not decrease or increase. If necessary, the salons produce individual polarized glasses-anti-headlights for night driving.

When selecting, polarization verification is possible.This requires a pair of similar accessories and a mobile phone. Through the lens you need to look at the display or the lens, and then rotate them 90 degrees. The screen or lens will be dark in color. The intensity of the darkening indicates effective protection. When choosing, you need to look at the quality of the lens. Products must be certified.

It is advisable to buy glasses for drivers, anti-headlights for driving, made by well-known companies. For safety, it is advisable to choose plastic lenses. If you often have to drive in sunlight, then you need to give preference to accessories that have ultraviolet protection.

Reviews of night glasses-anti-headlights for the driver confirm that they must be measured. It is important to check peripheral vision by wearing an accessory. The best choice is considered to be products with narrow arms attached to the angle of the frame, which should be comfortable, properly fixed and hypoallergenic. Do not allow inconvenience in the nose and ears. All products are suitable with clear lenses and anti-reflective coating.


According to reviews, glasses-anti-headlights for drivers have their own life.It depends on the material. Glass accessories last a long time. In plastic, the polarization ability is lost over time due to abrasion. Care must be taken with the product.

glasses for drivers of anti-headlights reviews

Keep glasses in a case. Products should be protected from falling onto a hard surface. Putting glasses need lenses up. Rub them with a clean napkin. Heavily dirty places are washed with clean water with soap or treated with a special agent, and then wiped with a napkin. To the frame also requires careful attitude. If necessary, it is better to take the product to the salon optics. What are the best glasses antifara? You can choose one of the products listed below. These products are in demand among drivers.

Matrix Mat-1119c9476t

These glasses have large lenses, so the review will not be limited. Each product has an original design. The lenses cut off the radiation in the blue spectrum that colors the world in yellowish tones. As a result, the driver will not feel discomfort from oncoming headlights.

The benefits include versatility and affordable price. Some glasses come with a protective strip. There are overlays for glasses with diopters. On sale there are many products, so that everyone can choose a convenient model for themselves. But with prolonged wear, discomfort may appear.

SP Glasses AD009

Points meet all modern requirements. The product is equipped with yellow-orange lenses made of plastic. They eliminate ultraviolet radiation. Products more effective with poor visibility.

the best glasses of anti-headlights

Points have an affordable price. In the range of many frames. Lenses are made of impact resistant material. This is a great choice for drivers, hunters, anglers. Included is a quality case. The disadvantages include discomfort that may appear over time.

"Alice 96AS002"

These are high-quality domestic points. Wear them should be short-lived, so as not to have discomfort. More expensive products do not have such a minus. Products absorb radiation in the blue color spectrum.

Adaptations can be used in bad weather. Their frame is durable and thin. Eyes will not get very tired. Among the shortcomings, it is not completely eliminate glare.


These products are considered very expensive. In their composition there are multi-layered lenses. The picture with them is not distorted, because they are almost 100% transparent. The driver will not interfere with the bright sky lights. And because of the high transparency there will be no darkening.

glasses for driving anti-headlights

The accessory is suitable for wearing in heavy snow, fog.The advantages include ease of use at night, a rich assortment of frames. The quality of goods at the highest level. The look of them is attractive.

Autoenjoy Premium S01BM yellow

Such glasses are perfect not only for the driver of the car, but also for the cyclist. The developers have simplified the design, made it comfortable. Therefore, discomfort does not appear even during long trips.

These glasses are hard to damage because they have ten-layer impact resistant lenses. They eliminate glare and high contrast images. Products are sold in a microfiber case. The advantages include excellent anti-glare effect, the ability to use in any weather. There are many frames to choose from.

Sunscreen options

To protect your vision while driving, you must choose sunglasses. They are used when you are driving during the day. The dangerous period, when the sun blinds the eyes, starts from 11 o'clock and lasts 5-6 hours. Disadvantages can occur at sunset. Therefore, products must be well protected from ultraviolet radiation.

night driving goggles

Such devices are made in dark brown, amber, yellow tones. These colors qualitatively filter the violet component.Therefore, protection from glare will be good. You must select a quality product. If the glasses have the inscription UV-400, then they have a protection of 99-100%. When marking UV-380 - only 95%. Rate it by dimming the lens. More rays are transmitted through the light, and less through the dark. The manufacturer indicates this in the product documentation.

Every owner of the car needs high-quality night glasses, anti-headlights for the driver. Reviews confirm that it is necessary for the safety of themselves and other people. It is better to choose accessories of proven brands. With constant use of the device, the eyes will be reliably protected from the negative effects of the sun, headlights and other factors.

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