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For many centuries, ginger is used for medicinal purposes. The components of ginger root are essential oils and phenolic compounds (shogaols and gingerols). They give ginger its specific taste and provide useful properties. And this beautiful product is the main ingredient of a sweet carbonated drink called "ginger ale."

Beneficial features

ginger ale

Despite the disagreements of the lovers of this drink, ginger ale first appeared nevertheless in a non-alcoholic form. In appearance, it looks like a beer, which is why it is sometimes called "ginger beer." Properly prepared ginger drink has very useful properties that can be listed for a long time. This also helps in the elimination of cholesterol from the body, increase appetite and quality of digestion, improve blood circulation, provide antiviral and antibacterial action. Ginger ale is even used for the purpose of preventive action and treatment of anemia.
But with all the useful properties of el ginger will benefit not everyone. Due to the presence of sugar in it, it is contraindicated for diabetics and people who have problems with excess weight. Also, do not use it in large doses for people who have problems with high blood pressure and suffering from heartburn.

Types of Ginger Ale

There are two types of ginger ale - dry and golden. Golden ale is very popular, as the recipe for its manufacture has existed for many years. He owns a dark color and strong aroma of ginger. But dry ale came to replace this drink, because the strong aroma of ginger golden drink fed the residents of the United States, namely, they were the first fans of the so-called ginger beer, which appeared during the “dry law”.

The composition of ale of ginger

ginger ale recipe

Ginger ale consists of sugar, ginger and soda, sometimes yeast may be present. Some manufacturers on the packaging say that ale contains natural flavors, but in fact they do it in order to hide the composition from competitors. Add to it can lime, lemon, honey, pineapple. El, the recipe of which includes fructose or corn syrup, is better not to use, since these ingredients are used to save on costs.As part of dry ginger ale, mint, grapes, raspberries and cranberries may be added. Often, ginger ale is also used as an additive to cocktails.
For people for whom alcohol is contraindicated, such a drink from ginger will be an excellent substitute for champagne, for example, on New Year's Eve.

Nonalcoholic ginger ale. Ingredients

Cooking ginger ale lasts four days. Two days are spent on fermentation, the remaining two days are spent on aging in a cold place. Thanks to the cold, the fermentation process will stop and the drink will become carbonated. After these processes, you can safely remove the sample.
In order to cook ginger ale at home, you need only 5 ingredients. The number of components is calculated on 2 liters of the finished drink.

• Ginger - 2 tablespoons.
• Lemon - half.
• Yeast - ¼ tsp.
• Cane sugar - 1 cup.
• Boiled water - 2 liters.
Ginger can be purchased at almost any supermarket. You can use the most ordinary sugar, it is required so that when it works together with yeast, the fermentation process starts, and, of course, for sweetness.The temperature of the water should not be higher than 40 degrees, because with a larger index the yeast dies. You can use non-carbonated water, which can be purchased at the store, then you will not have to boil and cool it.

Lemon and Ginger Root

drink ale

So, proceed to cooking. Thoroughly wash the lemon and ginger root, which is subsequently cleaned and rinsed again. Using a fine grater, rub the ginger root and measure 2 tablespoons. It would be enough. If more water is added to this amount of water, there will be a strong bitter taste. For this process, you can use a blender or food processor.
Next, you need half a lemon, if desired, you can use the whole. Then you can not worry - you can not spoil the lemon ginger ale. Over time, each person will have his own recipe, as often everything in this business depends on the taste preferences of the person. We only need lemon juice, so with the help of a juicer will get a certain amount of it. If you do not have this attribute, then do not be discouraged - squeeze out the juice manually, but here you need to thoroughly get old.Squeeze the lemon into a separate container, and after that add the grated ginger and mix well. For a short time you need to put the resulting mass aside.

Sugar and Yeast

The turn came the rest of the ingredients of our drink. For comfort, use a five-liter canister. We put sugar in it. After adding the yeast, but remember that you should not increase the amount of this component, since the taste of the resulting ginger ale can deteriorate. After adding the yeast, mix them thoroughly with sugar, just shake the container.

Next, add ginger and lemon juice. And at the end fill it with water. If you use a smaller container, please note that there should be free space up to the neck, not less than 3 centimeters. Twist the cap very tightly and shake the container thoroughly. Shake until sugar is completely dissolved. You can wait until the sugar itself dissolves, but it will take a very long time, and you need to complete another cooking step.

Hydraulic lock - the main element in the design

ginger drink

Now, when the ale drink is infused in the bottle, you need to create a water seal.It will be necessary to ensure that your container does not explode, since carbon dioxide is emitted during the fermentation process, which needs to be released, and our tank is tightly closed with a lid. And if you do not close the bottle, you may encounter a problem that will make vinegar out of your ale, because the supply of oxygen is prohibited.
You can purchase a water seal in the store, or you can do it yourself. To create it, you will need one more container with water, a tube from a dropper, which is used in medicine, and a lid with which you close the bottle with ale. In the cap you need to make a hole the size of a medical tube and insert one end of the last into the cap and the other into the water bottle. The diameter of the lid opening in the tank with ginger ale should not exceed the diameter of the tube, because if it is larger, the oxygen supply is guaranteed, and this should not be allowed.
Lower the tube so that it does not in any way out of the water. We put the ginger ale together with the water seal in a secluded place for two days. You should not increase the number of days, because the yeast "eat" all the sugar, and ale will turn sour and bitter.After two days we remove the water lock and ship the drink to a cold place. Be careful: when you remove the tubes, the oxygen that gets inside can create a reaction like when you open a stirred soda. To do this, you will need to quickly react and change the cap, tightly closing the bottle.
After soaking the ginger drink in a cold place, strain it and pour it into a clean container. If you keep the drink ale in the refrigerator for a couple more days, it will become more carbonated.

Alcohol ale. Ingredients

ginger ale at home

This ginger ale, the recipe of which will be discussed below, will be a great addition to the table when you receive friends or just for a secluded evening. For the preparation we need:

• Ginger (a piece of 7 centimeters in size).
• 5 lemons, if desired, you can add orange and lime.
• Sugar - 500 grams.
• Black Peas - 1 tsp.
• Non-carbonated mineral water - 2 liters.
• Sparkling mineral water - 2 liters.
• Whiskey - 1/3 cup for 1 portion.

Cooking process

Let's start cooking. In 1 liter of non-carbonated water, add the grated ginger, pepper and send to a small fire, thereby bringing to a boil.Boiling mass, constantly stirring, you need to boil for another 5 minutes (with this, reduce the heat to a minimum). The aroma floating from the pan will pleasantly surprise you. After five minutes, remove from the fire, the resulting liquid must be drained, add the remaining liter of non-carbonated water to it and send to the fire again. Repeat the process with boiling and add all the sugar. Now you need to cool the resulting liquid.
shveps ginger ale

From citrus fruits, we need juice. Squeezing it, send to the decoction of ginger. Fully cooled mass diluted with carbonated water in a ratio of 1: 1. Add 1/3 cup of whiskey per serving. And having decorated a glass with ginger ale with cocktail decorations and adding a piece of citrus fruit and ice, we end up with a wonderful long-drink.
This ginger ale will be loved by you and your guests and will be a wonderful addition to the party. But do not forget that in large quantities it should not be consumed, and even more so if it contains alcohol. Everything should be in moderation, then both the drink and the fun evening will surely be remembered by you for a long time.

A drink that can't stop loving

If you are not sure whether you will like the taste of ginger ale, then you can get a drink with such taste in the store for a start.For example, one of them is Schweps Ginger Ale, which was first released in 1870. This carbonated drink has a very interesting taste. That's just to find it now is very difficult, since it is not sold in every store.

el recipe

In general, el is a drink whose recipe is simple, and cooking does not require large expenditures. He is an amateur, because not everyone can like the sharp taste of ginger. But if you like it, you will never stop loving it. I wish you good luck in making such a delicious drink!

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