Gas parapet boilers: a review of models

- one of the most convenient and common types of fuel for autonomous heating systems that are installed in homes. If we compare it with coal, then the consumer will not have to worry about replenishing stocks; it will only be necessary to connect the equipment to the local gas pipeline. Therefore, the largest number of heating systems is designed to use gas.

As one of the best options for such devices appears parapet boiler. Such units were originally developed as an alternative to the wall. The latter, although they had many advantages, were demanding in terms of operating conditions. In order to work properly, they needed a certain pressure, suitable water, good fuel and uninterrupted power supply. Non-compliance with these requirements led to the fact that they often broke down and needed maintenance.

Over time, they were replaced by parapet boilers, which are not so tough with regard to operational requirements, they are able to ensure the normal operation of the entire heating system.In general, such equipment is a non-volatile heating installation for private houses and apartments. The units combine the positive qualities of convectors and gas boilers. In order to make the right choice, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the offers of the market.

Overview of models: boilers from the manufacturer "Danko"

parapet boilers

These devices are presented for sale in a wide range. Among them, the models “Danko 7-U” and “Danko 10-U” should be highlighted, which are made in the form of single-circuit devices with the additional option of water heating. It is possible to use such units for heating industrial premises and residential buildings, the area of ​​which does not exceed 140 m.2.

Parapet boilers "Danko" have several options for power and steel heat exchangers. Side doors are missing in the designs, which saves space. The heat exchanger allows you to abandon the left-and right-hand execution. As practice shows, a double-circuit boiler of the “Danko 12.5” brand is notable for its usability, because the design is equipped with a panel that allows you to visually monitor and regulate the operation of the device.

Another parapet boiler - KSG-7 - has stainless steel micro-torch burners. The device is intended for private houses and apartments, to which there is no possibility to bring a vertical chimney. The cost of such a unit is 15 700 rubles. If you need a smokeless boiler, then you can choose a double-circuit version of 12.5UV from the manufacturer “Danko”, which costs 17 900 rubles. The unit is used not only for houses and apartments, but also for industrial premises, where it is not possible to bring a conventional chimney. Heated area can reach 120 m2. The steel heat exchanger is made of stainless steel, the design has a piezoelectric ignition and a micro-torch.

Overview of parapet boilers "Lemax"

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Parapet gas boilers "Lemax" have a closed combustion chamber and are designed for heating small rooms. The output of products of combustion and air intake for work are carried out from the street through a coaxial hole, which is made in the outer wall. The combustion chamber is hermetically closed and fenced off from the room, which reduces the requirements for ventilation and prevents the penetration of carbon monoxide into the inside.

Such parapet boilers when installing require compliance with two rules. One of them is the presence of non-combustible materials at the base of the wall to which the equipment will be adjacent. In addition, a coaxial hole must go out into the open air. Coaxial chimney can not go on the closed loggias and balconies, as well as in the entrances.

The main features of Lemax boilers are the following features:

  • protection of the room from carbon monoxide;
  • the ability to work without organizing a chimney;
  • compact size;
  • non-volatility;
  • easy installation;
  • high efficiency due to the hermetic steel combustion chamber.

Features of the parapet boiler "Lemax Patriot 16"

parapet gas boiler lemax

This model of equipment costs 21,000 rubles to consumers. The boiler can work in conjunction with forced or natural heating systems. No electrical connection is required. The rectangular heat exchanger is based on high-quality 2-mm steel that conforms to European standards.

The heat exchanger is coated with anti-corrosion enamel and treated with an inhibiting composition, thanks to which the material is reliably protected from the effects of aggressive factors, namely mineral oils and salt solutions.The boiler can be used exclusively in conjunction with the heating system, which is equipped with original components of a gas burner device. You can connect the heating from two sides.

The power of the boiler is 16 kW. Heated area reaches 160 m2. The front panel has holes that create a convection effect. You can not be afraid that the boiler will overheat, because the manufacturer supplied it with a special protection system. It is quite simple to maintain the boiler, since the construction has removable cladding elements and profiled accessories. You can watch the burning of the pilot and main burners through the viewing window.

Review of the boiler "Mimax" series KSG (P) -12

parapet gas boilers

The parapet “Mimax” boiler of the aforementioned model will cost 15,500 rubles. This single-circuit equipment with a closed combustion chamber is intended for heating areas up to 120 m2. Such installations are highly efficient, they have a water circuit and a sealed combustion chamber, which is complemented by a horizontal device for supplying combustion air.

A distinctive feature of such installations is the versatility of their connection, which provides convenience during installation work.This parapet gas heating boiler has an attractive appearance, high quality workmanship and compact size. Installation does not require a lot of space, so you can place equipment anywhere. The production process uses components from world leaders in the production of heat engineering equipment.

Fuel efficiency is 92% or more. Water is used as a heat carrier, the pH of which can be 7. The maximum water temperature at the outlet is equivalent to 90 ° C. Recommended coolant temperature varies from 60 to 80 ° C. Heat output is 12 kW. Nominal gas consumption is 1, 35 m3/ h Overall dimensions are equal to 680 x 550x350 mm.

Overview of gas boilers ATON

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Parapet gas boiler "Aton" COMPACT 7-16 can be used in the heating system with natural circulation. The model range of wall-mounted parapet boilers from the manufacturer is represented by capacities ranging from 7 to 16 kW. Installation of equipment should be carried out near the outer wall. The manufacturer supplies the market with single and dual circuit versions. In the latter case, a tubular flow coil made of copper is used to heat the water.

The efficiency reaches 90%. Maximum gas consumption does not exceed 1.78 m3/ h For hot water, water consumption can reach 6.7 liters per minute, which is true if the temperature of the coolant is 35 ° C. Overall dimensions of the largest model are 700x740x275 mm. As for the weight, it can vary from 30.5 to 62 kg.

Overview of the boiler "Volcano AOGV-7PE"

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This parapet boiler "Volcano" has a power equal to 7 kW. Gas consumption reaches 0.8 m³ / h. Overall dimensions are 700x380x300 mm. The weight of single-circuit and double-circuit devices is 33 and 36 kg, respectively. The design provides a steel heat exchanger and automatic gas supply. The efficiency reaches 92%.

Main characteristics

parapet boilers taiga

The maximum working water pressure is 70 kPa. The gas pressure at the outlet is 850 Pa. In double-circuit boilers, the volume of water is equivalent to 12.1 liters. The temperature can be adjusted from 50 to 90 ° C. Heating area reaches 70 m2. Housing, utility building, industrial premises, houses and other buildings can be equipped with a heating system with forced or natural circulation.Connection to the gas pipeline is on the right. With regard to connecting to the heating system, the work can be carried out on both sides - right or left.

Overview of a copper of the DANI AOGV 7,4-C brand

The parapet “Dani” boiler of the above model has a power equal to 7.4 kW. Thermal power can reach 10 kW. Control is carried out mechanically. This single-circuit parapet boiler has Italian gas automatics, as well as a sealed combustion chamber. The device is intended solely for heating.

What you need to know about the model

The model is a whole series of parapet boilers that can be connected to the heating system on the left and right. The chimney kit is not included in the delivery, but it can be purchased separately. The efficiency is 90%. The operating gas pressure is 1274 Pa. The maximum consumption of natural gas is 0.8 m3/hour. It is possible to regulate the temperature of the water at the outlet in the range from 40 to 90 ° C. The maximum water pressure in the heating system can be 0.65 bar. The dimensions of the boiler are 672x627x266 mm. The volume of a water cavity is equivalent to 24 liters. The unit weighs 51 kg.

Overview of the boiler "Taiga Zh7-KS-GS-10 S"

Parapet boiler "Taiga" of the aforementioned model will cost 16099 rubles. The series is represented by a wide range of models, so the consumer will be able to choose a model depending on the requirements. The boilers are equipped with a multi-section atmospheric type-setting stainless steel burner. It is divided into several sections, which ensure the rapid and uniform distribution of gas over the fiery surface of the burner. This also indicates a uniform heating of the heat exchange surfaces.

The boiler is designed in such a way that its work is not accompanied by the release of harmful products. The operation is silent, there is no accumulation of soot in the combustion chamber. The manufacturer took care of the high quality of performance, it is possible to achieve the maximum efficiency. Pilot burner and Italian automation ensure safety and reliability. The series involves boilers with and without a hot water circuit.

Additional features

As an addition, an affordable price is available which makes boilers even more attractive. The size of the model mentioned above is 590x650x220 mm.The efficiency reaches 90%. Power equipment is 10 kW. Natural gas consumption is equivalent to 1.12 m.3/hour. The design provides one heat exchanger. The temperature of the combustion products at the outlet is 110 ° C. The working water pressure in the heating circuit is 0.2 MPa.

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