Gas heating of a private house. Autonomous gas heating

In many operating characteristics, gas heating of a private house is superior to electric, solid fuel and diesel. If we compare different power systems with each other, heating with main gas will have the lowest cost.

Special features

Gas heating of a private house can be called the most popular solution. For implementation, you will need a well-thought-out chimney exhaust system, a special boiler, as well as qualified specialists who have the appropriate permission to carry out this kind of work.gas heating of a private house


  1. Multi-level security system.
  2. Noiseless workflow.
  3. Independent gas heating of a private house is perfect for large areas (from 100 m2and more).
  4. Fuel consumption and maintaining the optimum temperature is regulated independently of pressure, automatically, and not with your own hands, according to the developed scheme.
  5. The relatively low cost of energy.autonomous gas heating of a private house


Autonomous gas heating of a private house, like any other technological system, has its drawbacks:

  1. Obtaining permission from local officials to conduct relevant communications.
  2. High costs for the purchase of boiler equipment.

All this can pay off only after 3-5 years. However, some voiced the figure of 10-15 years, but such statements require verification for each case. In addition, to date, forecasts regarding the cost of gas are rather disappointing: analyzes predict a significant increase.

Liquefied gas

If there is no possibility to connect to the gas pipeline, you can use liquefied gas. On the site is a special capacity - gas tank. The cost of liquefied gas is located between diesel fuel and firewood. And most importantly, if in the future it becomes possible to connect to the gas supply network, then a large-scale reorganization of the heating equipment will not be needed - it will only be necessary to replace the nozzles in the boiler.private house heating gas boiler

Gas heating of a private house with cylinders is not only environmentally friendly, efficient, but also a fully autonomous heating system, which will not depend on maintenance or accidents on the gas main. On average, one gas station refueling should be enough for a year.

Strapping scheme

Gas heating of a private house with the use of cylinders has the following disadvantages: due to the small volume, frequent replacement (refilling) of empty cylinders is required, as well as difficulties in controlling the quality of the fuel being filled. Gas cylinders for heating a country house can be considered as a temporary solution before installing a complete system or as a backup option.gas heating private house Price

In the process of burning natural gas soot and soot are not formed, respectively, you do not have to constantly clean the boiler and chimneys. There is an incredible selection of models of gas equipment - single-circuit, dual-circuit, atmospheric, turbo, floor and wall boilers. Having chosen the most optimal model, you will manage to organize in a country house not only a high-quality heating system, but also hot water supply.

Essential elements

Gas heating of a private house in terms of automation is in no way inferior to electric. The process of controlling the operation of gas equipment can be organized by means of programmable room sensors and weather-dependent automation, remote control - using SMS messages.

Any boiler is necessarily equipped with a protection system in case of cessation of electricity and gas. The most advanced models are equipped with a code alert function and self-diagnostic programs.private house gas heating reviews

To protect against power outages, a stabilizer is required. To prevent the boiler from stopping when the power supply is completely stopped, it is advisable to install an uninterruptible power supply.

Installation requirements

The gas heating system of a private house should be as safe as possible. In this regard, the premises of the boiler room in which the equipment is located and the gas supply networks are carried out are subject to rather strict requirements. Failure to comply may trigger a critical decrease in security. The boiler room must be equipped with good ventilation.window openings for natural lighting, a gas analyzer, a valve for automatically stopping the supply of gas to the boiler equipment, easy access to all appliances and devices, and the fencing structures must have a certain level of fire resistance, etc.

It is undesirable to arrange a boiler room in the basement. Since natural gas is significantly heavier than air, in the event of a leak, it will begin to accumulate, forming an explosive mixture when combined with atmospheric oxygen.

For equipment with an open combustion chamber in the room should be a chimney of a certain design. Taking into account the large dimensions of the chimney, it must be taken into account even at the design stage. Coppers with the closed combustion chambers do not demand bulky and expensive chimneys with natural draft. In such devices, forced traction is used, in connection with this, a pipeline with a diameter of 10 cm is sufficient for removal of combustion products.private house gas heating system

To carry out gas heating of a private house (expert reviews confirm this) safely, it is advisable to use the services of exclusively certified specialists.Design, selection of a heating scheme, selection of gas equipment, and installation of the system should be carried out professionally and in full compliance with the requirements of SNiPs, GOSTs and fire safety regulations. Before starting to operate a new heating system, one should obtain an official permit from the regional or district gas organization.

Autonomous gas heating

If you purchased or built, for example, a cottage or a mansion, you will definitely need gas autonomous heating of a private house, a gas boiler, which will become an integral part of it. Modern housing without autonomous heating is simply impossible to imagine. And in general, how can people be there if in winter time the temperature in the room will differ little from that on the street?

When installing your own heating system, you will be able to lower or increase the level of heating yourself. Yes, and what to heat - wood briquettes, diesel fuel, gas - you also choose yourself.gas central heating of a private house

Autonomous heating with liquefied gases

The best option for heating your own home is to equip the boiler room with the necessary components. In this case, the main task should be not just the organization of heating, but the installation of a profitable and economical heating system. For equipment, you should choose the optimal power and other maximum permissible parameters. It is worth noting that a lot depends on the choice of fuel too. For example, gas heating of a private house (the price depends on the type of selected fuel) can operate on gas, diesel, coal or electric energy.

Today, autonomous heating can be called the most profitable from an economical point of view. And most importantly, the indisputable advantage of such a system is its safety for the environment.

Selection of the most effective option

When choosing a heating system, the main incentive is adequate cost. We will try to choose a less expensive heating system. Note that this is a superficial and average cost estimate.

1. Scheme of gas heating of a private house.

The cost of an autonomous gas heating system for private houses can reach a decent amount.For example, for gasification of a house with a reservoir of 2700 liters and an area of ​​150 m2the optimal solution will result in an average of 210,000 rubles. This includes:

  • 20 m of gas pipeline, crane and valves, pressure regulator, base plate.
  • Delivery of equipment, departure specialist, laying and entering the pipeline into the room, installation of the tank, start the system and the subsequent warranty service.gas heating scheme of a private house

2. Electric heating.

The cost of such a heating system for 1 m2make from 1 500 rubles. The price includes the following equipment and services:

  • Installation and commissioning.
  • Cable and fasteners, the use of thermostats self-off or turn on the system, thermal insulation work.

3. Water heating.

The heating system without the use of electricity and gas is not very popular today, most companies for water systems, as a rule, still partially use these sources of energy. As a result, the building in 100 m2the total cost of the most efficient option of water heating will be approximately 170,000 rubles. (including installation and additional services). But this system is not equipped with automation, pipelines are made from cheap polypropylene and without a boiler.

4. Air heating.

This heating option is the most expensive. For the construction of a system for heating a room at 100 m2(including installation work and the necessary materials) will need 273,000 rubles.

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