Garnier Color Naturals: palette and reviews

Garnier offers women several types of inks designed for fashionable dyeing and toning hair. All of them are highly resistant and have an affordable price. Special consideration deserves the dye from Garnier - Color Naturals. This is a modern high-quality product, which contains a set of caring natural components and has a rich palette of shades.

garnier color naturals

Dye Features

The popularity of the product is due to several factors. First of all, the tool has a unique formula, enriched with natural ingredients. It consists of shea butter, olive and avocado. They provide deep care even to severely damaged hair, restore water balance, protect from UV radiation, give silkiness, softness to curls. Also, the product Garnier - Color Naturals - is great for painting even 100% gray hair. It is one of the most resistant dyes. At observance of all nuances of coloring the saturation of a shade remains to 8 weeks. The texture of the product is creamy, which greatly simplifies the process of applying the mixture to the hair, even at home.It does not flow, mixes quickly with oxidant and easily falls on curls.

paint garnier color naturals

Garnier Color Naturals: Palette

The range of colors of the dye is represented by 30 colors: from the classic black to the super-luminous blond. For lovers of dark brown, chocolate shades there is a good choice. For example, rich colors are represented not only by traditional black, but also by blue-black, coal, glossy blueberries. The product offers a fairly wide range of light and natural shades. The colors of the super-luminous series are especially popular; they are cold beige blond, white sand and a sunny beach.

The palette of Garnier Color Naturals also includes the popular now light brown shades: sand, alder, cappuccino and sandy beach. For red-haired ladies, the palette offers several bright copper and red colors: amber, captivating copper, golden. Chestnut, purple and chocolate shades are also diverse and in great demand, for example, hot espresso or frosty chestnut.

garnier color naturals palette

Shades for blondes

As mentioned above, the Garnier Color Naturals palette offers a wide selection of tones for blonde young ladies. Of the thirty colors presented in the palette, thirteen are blond shades. Light tones here can be divided into classic light and super-luminous.The first group is intended for coloring tone to tone and clarification on 2 levels. It is a sunny beach, light-gray ashy, white sun. The second group of shades is intended for intensive clarification at 4-5 levels of tone. These are nuances: mother-of-pearl blond, super-luminous platinum, super blond and cold beige. Paint Garnier Color Naturals (the palette was presented above) allows the mixing of nuances among themselves. For example, to get a less intense cold shade of light ash, it can be diluted with a nuance of a sunny beach.

Terms of use

To obtain a quality result, it is necessary to follow the basic guidelines for staining. The dwell time of the coloring mixture on the curls should not exceed 35 minutes, this also applies to gray hair. For light shades, this time is increased to 45 minutes, this also applies to the tones of the super-luminous series. Paint Garnier Color Naturals despite the lasting result, carefully cares for hair, making them docile. However, exceeding the prescribed exposure time can not only change the desired shade, but also have a bad effect on the quality of the hair. It is also not recommended to reduce the required time of the dye,since the chemical reaction does not have time to occur, and this will negatively affect the result.

The balm mask is included in the set for coloring. Its use completes the process of dyeing, fills the hair with moisturizing ingredients, closes the scales of curls, gives them shine and smoothness.

garnier color naturals reviews

Garnier Color Naturals: reviews

First of all, the product has gained popularity among women who regularly tint gray hair. As you know, such hair needs good care and careful selection of the dye. The composition of the product is enriched with useful components that nourish the hair along its entire length, not only during dyeing, but also after. A lot has been said about the durability of the product. In addition, the set of coloring includes additional care, giving the curls smoothness and shine. The combination of these factors makes hair well-groomed and gives them a healthy shine, rich tone.

Also, the dye came to taste the young ladies who paint curls in chocolate and chestnut shades. Firstly, the palette of this product offers unique tones that are not found in other manufacturers. Secondly, the dye is washed out gradually, over a period of 6-8 weeks, which is very convenient, and the hair looks as if it had just been dyed.

Garnier dyes not only care about their hair, but also offer modern technologies designed to make them better and healthier. Therefore, choosing the means of this manufacturer, you can be confident in the quality result.

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