Gangster saga: the plot and the actors "The Godfather"

In 1972, the film "The Godfather" directed by Francis Coppola. The actors of The Godfather - Marlon Brando and Al Pacino - were involved in the lead roles. The plot of the film is known to almost everyone, and those who are not familiar with it can read the famous saga about the life of the Italian mafia in the first half of the twentieth century. The author of the work is Mario Puzo. In Soviet times, this book was banned, but amateurs still printed it by hand and read it.actors godfather

Such films were and remain classics of the genre. Literally from the first minutes of the viewer absorbs the atmosphere of the forties of the last century. The actors of The Godfather were chosen the best way possible. The viewer sympathizes with Michael Corleone, who does not want to follow in his father’s footsteps, but is forced to do so.

Movie creator

In 2014, the famous film director Francis Ford Coppole celebrated his 75th birthday. His father was a musician, and so the family often moved from town to town, and Francis had to change 25 schools. In the family besides him there were four more children.Children were brought up in the spirit that Italians are called to be carriers of culture.marlon brando godfather

At nine years old, the boy wrote a note to his mother that he really wants to get rich, but does not believe that this will come true. And at the age of ten, he suffers from polio, which makes him bedridden for a whole year. Throughout this period, Francis listened to the radio, watched TV and lived in an unreal world where technology played a significant role. Then this skill was useful to him when he became a director.

“The Godfather” is a film based on the book by Mario Puzo, he decides to shoot at 32 years old, but he rewrites the plot in many ways, since he was a good writer. At the head of the film, he puts the family.


The company Paramount Pictures proposes Coppola to become a director not by chance. It takes into account its Italian origin, the ability to use inexpensive technology and, of course, literary abilities.

The actors of The Godfather and the producers were satisfied with the director’s work, although they spent up to five million dollars on the film’s budget. But the rental reimbursed all costs. As a result, the film received an income of 86 million dollars. It was a breakthrough in American cinema.godfather movie

With the presentation of the annual award for the best male role, received an Oscar Marlon Brando. The Godfather won the main award for the best script.

Al Pacino

The actor Al Pacino, then unknown to anyone, was invited to the role of Vito Corleone’s son. The future idol of all women was born in 1940, April 25. The father left the family early, and the mother had to work a lot to feed his son, so the boy grew up with his grandmother. He was not allowed to play with his peers for a long time on the street. At six years old, little Al (Alfred) already dreamed of becoming an actor, and in order not to be bored, he played sketches in front of a mirror.

In the early 60s, Al Pacino entered the Actors Studio by Lee Strasberg, but he did not manage to study there for a long time, as there was nothing to live for. By that time, his mother had died, and no one could support the young man.

He has to earn money on the stage of small Broadway theaters. Glory came after Al Pacino got the role of Michael the son of Don Corleone in the Coppola film. The Godfather became his ticket to the world of Hollywood films.

The rest of the characters in the movie

Diane Keaton, who got the role of Michael Corleone’s wife, was born in 1946, January 5th.She studied at the theater school in Neighborhood Playhouse in New York, and in 1968 she already played in the musical “Hair”, as she had quite good vocal abilities.

Her heroine is Kay Adams, the only American woman who gained access to the Corleone family. At first, she loves her sensitive, educated husband, who then turns into a ruthless man who looks like a monster. Unable to bear such a life, Kay leaves Michael. Her life position is very different from the position of her pachino godfather

The actors of The Godfather did their best, but the music in the film became a separate and equally important character. Composer Nino Roth fully reflected the idea of ​​the director. His music fills the film. From unobtrusive sound to drama. Although the Soviet audience was able to see the film twenty years later, the music of the movie broke even through the iron curtain.

It is necessary to note the work of the wonderful operator Gordon Willis. Before this film, he worked only in one famous film. For him, the tandem with Francis Coppola became a painful ordeal. Before The Godfather, the operators only worked with a bright light, but Coppola required that shooting in some scenes be in the semi-darkness.The producers were nervous, until they saw skillfully filmed scenes in the plots "Wedding - Cabinet" and so on.

Coppola forced Willis to shoot from different angles, and he was used to the front and profile. The operator admitted that he learned a lot from the director.

Continuation of the “Godfather”

Marlon Brando (The Godfather was one of his best works), when he saw the film for the first time, he noticed a lot of his own mistakes. But twenty years later, once again looking at the picture, he summarized: “The film turned out to be successful.”

In 1974, Coppola shoots a sequel to The Godfather 2, which in the same year receives six Oscars. For the best work of artists, the best film version, music, direction and for the best film of the year. And for the supporting role the already famous actor Robert De Niro received an Oscar. Al Pacino is awarded the prize in Britain for the best acting work.actors godfather

In 1990, the third and last film about the Godfather appeared. This picture is dedicated to the revenge of Michael Corleone for the murder of his first wife, which occurred in Sicily. This film ends the gangster saga, filmed by the genius Francis Coppola.

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