Gabriela Goldsmith: biography of the actress

It is difficult, probably, to find a person who did not watch, or at least did not hear about the Mexican TV series “Just Maria”. In the nineties, half the country ran to the blue screens to see the story of a Mexican seamstress Maria. And not only because she is beautiful and with a broken heart achieves success in the sewing business. No. Spectators were intrigued by the fights between the simple village girl and the despotic Lorena del Villar.

Gabriela Goldsmith

That's really not to miss anyone! José Ignacio will kidnap the child, or the collection of the unfortunate Maria Lopez will be cut, and then the pregnant mistress of the husband will be pulled down the stairs without any regrets. Who is this woman, so talented and brilliantly played the "monster"? What is it in real life, and not on the TV screen? Good-natured, modest and sweet. Such is the Mexican actress Gabriela Goldsmith.

Biography of the actress

Gabriela was born in Mexico City on September 11, 1963. The father, Gabriel Goldsmith, is the Mexican judo champion, the mother of the actress is Cuban Carmen Campos.Their ancestors are immigrants from Catalonia and Hungary. Gabriela has loved sports since childhood. She, the only child in the family, was lonely, so she was happy to attend school, where she had the opportunity to communicate and play with her peers. At school, she was always among the best students. He is fluent in English and speaks good Italian. Gabriela Goldsmith married at sixteen. But the marriage broke up after the birth of her daughter. Early marriage and motherhood did not prevent her from enrolling in the National Vocational School.

Center of acting

As a student, in the sixth semester, she began working as a model and took part in the “Model of the Year” competition. The victory in this competition and determined its further fate. Among the awards was a scholarship to study at the Center for Art Education of the company Televisa (CEA) in Mexico City, where they teach acting.

gabriela goldsmith just maria

Gabriela decided to seriously devote her life to art. So, by the will of fate, Gabriela Goldsmith turned out to be a CEA listener, which was quite difficult to get into. About 5,000 requests from all over the world come to the Center annually, and after passing the appropriate selection, only 40 lucky people are accepted for training.In parallel, the girl successfully graduated from the National School, receiving a diploma as a dental surgeon.

Professional activity

In 1984 she graduated from CEA and appeared on the stage of the theater as yet unknown Gabriel Goldsmith. Films with her participation are now watched in many countries of the world. She starred in more than forty films and telenovelas. Countless times the actress has been leading on television and radio as a licensed announcer. She played in the theater more than twelve performances and even staged four plays as a theater director.

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The most vivid and memorable work Gabriela considers the role of Lorena in the telenovela “Just Maria”. Perhaps this is true. Despite the fact that the heroine of the film is a negative character, she is very sorry. Still, you have to be a very strong woman in order to survive one blow after another. The girl who worried most about the family tree of her family, where she was raised and raised, suddenly turns out to be a non-native child. The husband found himself a mistress, his daughter died. And these endless reincarnations: change of hairstyle, style! Gabriela Goldsmith superbly cope with this role.The talented actress played like that, which many viewers of Lauren aroused sincere sympathy, despite the fact that she was an arrogant and cruel crazy person.

Gabriela Goldsmith Movies

The most popular films and television series, known to Russian-speaking viewers, in which Gabriela Goldsmith starred in:

  • "Simply Maria";
  • "My little Soledad";
  • "Without you";
  • "Maria Mercedes";
  • "Camilla";
  • "These are these women";
  • "Tomorrow is forever."


Gabriela Goldsmith earned a master’s degree in social work from Universidad Anáhuac. In 2005, she founded and leads the social organization Código Ayuda, A.C., which provides assistance to children and adolescents living in extreme poverty. In every way helps those who live on the street and do not have their own homes. Gabriela deserved the love and recognition of the public, not only as a wonderful actress, but also as a sympathetic person. Let's wish her good luck in all her endeavors!

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