Front wheel hub. Front wheel bearing

The hub, if we talk about it in general terms, is a particle of various kinds of parts located in the center of the structure and having a special hole in it designed to create a movable joint between the part and the shaft. In addition, this device can provide a nozzle on the surface of the shaft, such as a pulley, flywheel, gear mobile communications options, etc. The hole itself may have a number of features that serve as an additional mount for mobile communication (spline profile or a hole for the locking key). In the absence of such mounts, the hub, as a rule, is fixed with the help of plugs, which are gently pressed between the shaft and the part. In other cases, rolling bearings are used for this purpose.

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Front wheel hub with locking bearing

It is these bearings that are used in cars as a mount for a hub mounted on an axle shaft.The hub itself is usually a rounded part located on top of the mobile connection with the shaft and having a diameter twice that of the bearing part. If you need reliable protection from the skew of the part, its length should at least be equal to the length of the hole in the hub. These sizes will serve as a guarantee of durability and reliability. In addition, you should consider the front wheel hub bearing used in the part, the model and strength of which should be changed in connection with the tasks.

front wheel hub

How to determine the failure of the hub in the car

Like any part in road transport, the front wheel hub wears out over time and can break. Since this device is an important part in the power devices of the machine, it needs good supervision, as well as timely repair. It is quite simple to determine the damage to the hub, as if there are problems with it, the car begins to vibrate vigorously while driving, producing a dull and unpleasant noise from under the front wheels of the car. Often the cause of this behavior is the auto wheel bearing front wheel, which is either not configured, or completely broken.In addition, there is another symptom of failure - too fast tire wear on the front wheels.

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Independent inspection of the wheel bearing

If you have a need to independently check the hub and determine which side is broken, then you should make a test drive by car. While driving it is necessary not to gain great speed, it will be enough for the most minimal one. When driving, and especially when turning, you should pay attention to the sounds that will produce your car. Unhealthy knock or the sound of gnash, friction, as well as strong vibrations are the main signs of a bearing failure on the shaft. If the above sounds are audible while turning to the right, then the left hub can be repaired, and if you find this problem when turning to the left, the problem lies in the right bearing.

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Causes of malfunctioning front wheel hub

In addition to normal wear and tear, the front wheel hub may malfunction due to knocked down or poor adjustment of the bearing. In addition, the bearing itself can become clogged or burst, go downhill. Such defects, as a rule, lead to problems with this part.

If you find any signs of breakage in your car, replacing the front wheel hub bearing is not the best and only correct option. You should not immediately take the car to an expensive replacement of parts, as there is a possibility that the bearings simply strayed from the standard adjustment, due to which vibration is manifested, and also “unhealthy” sounds are heard. In this case, if desired, and the availability of the necessary tools, you can independently adjust the hub.

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Tools and preparatory work before adjusting hub bearings

If your plans - bearing adjustment, then you need to stock up on a minimum set of tools that will allow to carry out this kind of work. The front wheel hub, the price of which is quite considerable, is “patient” quite complex in design, but it will not be necessary to repair any special or expensive devices. For the minimum setting of the hub, you need a normal set of wrenches of various sizes, from 8 to 32. In addition, there is a need for strong screwdrivers for installation work.You will need a hammer and a chisel to churn and adjust, as well as the adjustment itself. To lift the wheels of the car you need to use a jack. Replacing the front wheel hub bearing is a better option than a complete replacement of parts, which requires more costs and effort.

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Adjusting the front wheel bearing without the involvement of auto mechanics

The following describes the work on setting up the hub and bearing in the car. It is necessary to adhere to the proposed plan and be careful.

  1. With the help of a jack, lift that part of the machine where the unhealthy sound or strong vibration came from.
  2. Dismantle the wheel by removing it from the carrier shaft.
  3. Then you come across a special cap, under which the hub is located. It serves as a bearing protection against external negative factors. It can be easily removed using a chisel and hammer.
  4. Next you will need to mount back the previously removed wheel. In this case, it is necessary to leave open access to the bearing and not to wear a protective cap. The wheel must be firmly installed. For this, it is diametrically fixed with bolts.Fasteners should be carefully and, fixing the first bolt, the second fasten in front of him. Thus it is necessary to tighten all the bolts. This will allow the wheel to be accurately and evenly mounted on the shaft.
  5. Next you need to straighten the flange, located on the nut of the hub, after which you will be able to dismantle the nut, which you need to do. It is necessary to unscrew with a socket wrench with a rather large nozzle - “27”. This nut often also serves as a problem of the frustrated bearing.
  6. After you need to install a new nut for adjustment. It should be pulled down with an effort of approximately 20 kg by one cm. During the tightening, you should not forget that you need to rotate the wheel in two directions vertically, which will create a slight play, which is necessary for bearing calibration.
  7. Then you need to loosen the fastening of the nut on the thread again, and then tighten it with less effort, equal to only 0.7 kg per centimeter.
  8. After the work done, the adjusting nut should be lowered for some distance. Usually it is 25 degrees. After loosening, it will be necessary to shake the wheel again, which will produce a slight backlash.But everything is planned, no need to be afraid.
  9. After all the work done, the nut is fixed in the resulting position. To do this, it is necessary to bend the fastening in a special groove, which can be seen at the ends of the pin. The pin itself is located on the steering knuckle and is quite easy to detect.
  10. After that, the wheel should be removed again, the cap for protection should be replaced and the wheel should be fixed in place.


If you want to make sure that the hub is working after the work done, then make a test drive, the principle of which does not differ from the previously described test drive. This method will help you ensure that there is no noise and unhealthy vibrations, which serves as a guarantee that the front wheel hub is in good condition. "VAZ" is checked the same way. But if the adjustment of the bearing was made, and signs of a malfunction remained, then it is necessary to use the services of the service center, since there is a serious breakdown of one of the parts of the car. It is then that the replacement of the front wheel hub is a necessary measure.

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