Front brake calipers: description, installation and recommendations

The life of the driver and his passengers depends on whether the front brake calipers are intact. In addition, the caliper is the most important part in the whole brake mechanism. Very tough competition is created between automakers. Therefore, automakers are trying to get as many buyers as possible due to the growth of maximum speeds.

Historical facts

Experts believe that the first disc brake mechanism appeared around 1890. Developed by English engineer Frederick Lanchester. The Lanchester system was a caliper that gripped the pads. But then there were still no materials from which to make brake discs. This design is a thing of the past.front brake calipersThe fame and development of disc brakes throughout the automotive world is obliged to aviation production. During the Second World War, the landing gear was equipped with aircraft landing gear.In the early 50s, such systems began to be installed on sports cars. After some time, the front brake calipers began to appear on civilian cars. The first car that was equipped with a disc brake system was the 1949 Chrysler Crown Imperial.

How does the caliper, types, principle of operation

As structures evolved and developed, two types of these mechanisms emerged. These are fixed systems and devices with a floating-type bracket. Consider each view in more detail.

Fixed type support

These systems, according to the chronology, appeared earlier than elements with a floating bracket. This mechanism consisted of a body and cylinders on each side of the disk. The caliper body is firmly and firmly fixed on the front fist, and on some models - the rear suspension. When the driver of the car pressed the pedal, one block pressed against the disc on each side. In the open state, they were held using a special spring. To ensure the simultaneous actuation of the two pistons, brake fluid was supplied to the mechanism using a network of tubes in each of the cylinders.front brake caliper repair kitDue to the use of several cylinders, the operation of such a design was very effective. Such front brake calipers, and the rear mounted on heavy and sports cars. Systems of this level are made in specialized companies that produce sports parts.

Caliper with floating bracket

This mechanism differs from the above in that on one side the brake pad is always in one place. Calipers with a floating-type bracket consist of a mounting bracket and body. The latter is fixed on the inside of the wheel. In the case, one brake piston of the front caliper is installed more often. In the process of pressing the pedal, this element acts on the moving shoe. So, at first the block begins to move, and when it is pressed against the surface of the wild, the floating bracket moves the second block towards the piston.

Operating principle

The task that the front brake calipers perform is, in fact, braking when you press the corresponding pedal. It is worth considering in more detail the principle of operation of these devices.The work algorithm is that when the driver presses the pedal, the pressure in the system increases. The piston, located in the GTZ, moves from the beginning of the cylinder to its end, collecting the liquid in the tank. Due to the work of the piston, it is squeezed out. Then this fluid moves along the lines and, finally, the piston works. He presses on the pads.

Master cylinder

In order to understand how the brake caliper of the front WHA works, it is necessary to disassemble the GTZ design. The cylinder is a construction with a piston inside. The latter is fixed on the stock, which acts on it. When you press the pedal, this element moves forward. Accordingly, the brake fluid is shifted along with it.brake caliper front cornfieldYou need to know that it is impossible to compress. If there is pressure on the liquid, then it will press on something. Then the fluid will affect all working cylinders to which the system hoses are connected. After the slave cylinder is filled with fluid, the piston inside will be squeezed out and act on the block. The latter will crush the disc and the braking process will begin.

On the need for servicing calipers

Often motorists complain that the front brake caliper (“Niva” is this or another car - it doesn’t matter) is ineffective, it heats up and often sticks. At a certain point, the brakes, which used to delight their owner with clarity and dependability, suddenly became capricious. Such problems arise due to the lack of maintenance of these nodes. Restoration work begins only when the machine is not slow.front brake caliper repairIf, however, conduct maintenance more often, then repair of the front brake caliper is not needed. Let's consider the reasons for which the caliper can fail, how to maintain and change it.

Corrosion - the main trouble

These mechanisms are forced to work in very difficult conditions. When the driver actively brakes, the drive can heat up to 600 degrees. Other caliper parts suffer less. However, they also constantly heat up and cool down. And besides, the brake caliper front ("Toyota Majesta" including) is often exposed to water, sand, salt and various dirt. Naturally, the working cylinder in the caliper is securely protected by the anther, as well as the cuff. However, corrosion can occur on the piston and in the cylinder during operation.brake caliper front toyotaCauses - water and dirt that make their way through the damaged anthers.It is necessary to regularly monitor the condition of the anthers. And if they have collapsed, you should purchase a brake caliper front repair kit and replace the old part. Also due to heating / cooling cycles, condensation occurs inside. Corrode and the outer edges of the cylinders and pistons. Initially, the piston stroke is accompanied by a noticeable effort. Then this problem progresses and this inevitably affects the quality of the brake system in general. The driver presses the pedal, but it is very tight. With a stronger pressure, the brakes either work through time, or do not work at all. If the cylinder is in good condition, you can get rid of rust, then lubrication and then you can return to effective work. But this is not always the case.

Replace or restore?

If you do not regularly maintain the brake calipers, the pistons can stick in the cylinders. In this case, even the front brake caliper repair kit will not help, especially since it consists of an anther and a cuff. In this case it is necessary to repair and restore the surface of the cylinders.brake caliper front leftThe way to solve this problem depends on the caliper design, car model, as well as on the state of the mechanisms.For example, you have to buy a new piston or, in the worst case, acquire a new or used caliper. This is a very expensive pleasure - the brake caliper front right, and accordingly left for the VAZ-2108 will cost 2 500 rubles for each.

Symptoms of breakage and repair

The creak says that this mechanism will soon fail. This means that there is friction, which will slowly but surely destroy the mechanism. Creak caliper for several reasons. One of them is skewed pads. The second reason is worn discs. The good news is that this mechanism can be restored.front caliper brake pistonTo do this, you need to put the car on special supports and then remove the wheel. Next, remove the pads - this can be done by unscrewing the bottom bolt. Then unscrew the top. He holds the caliper itself. The field of this turn off the bolts that fasten the brackets on the fist and remove them. Next, remove the piston. To squeeze it, you need to squeeze the brake pedal. When the element has been removed, the brake line must be removed and plugged. For this fit the bolt at 12. The main thing - do not forget to remove it from there.brake caliper front vazThen the brake caliper front left or the one that failed, disassemble down to the screws. Each element is scrubbed to a shine with the help of cleaning products.Worn parts replace. Also before assembly, you need to prepare a repair kit - change all the gum (rings and anthers). This is what concerns repair. Replacing is even simpler - here the old part is simply thrown away, and the new one is installed in its place and twists on the bolts. You just have to install the pads in the guides and fix their position. By the way, the details changesystemsin pairs (left and right together).

Selection of calipers

The automotive market offers a ton of options. Need a budget brake caliper front? Its price is from 2 thousand rubles. If you need something more expensive and effective, you should pay attention to the mechanisms from JBT. Also, good reviews are written about the products of the domestic brand "Proma". A set of brakes with discs and four-piston calipers will cost 36 thousand rubles. For normal driving, you can buy regular calipers produced by AvtoVAZ.

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