Ford Tourneo Connect: technical specifications, reviews, photos, repairs

Ford Tourneo Connect is a new generation car. He absorbed all the most brilliant ideas of developers. In fact, there are many changes that make this car not like its predecessors. This is a new design, level of comfort, etc. Many, of course, can say that for a commercial car the most important thing is the interior space, and they will be right. But you want to buy a car that is good from all sides, from the exterior to the tourneo connect

Already a passenger car

Among the commercial cars of the company "Ford" you will not find the Ford Tourneo Connect. Now this car belongs to cars. In principle, for those who have already traveled by Ford cars once, everything will be pretty familiar. Nevertheless, this car has its own distinctive features. Huge doors that allow you to easily enter and exit the car, competent glazing and, as a result, excellent visibility on the road.As for maneuverability, everything is in order here. In general, the car pulls on the middle class passenger car, which is not bad for this price range. The company clearly makes bets on large families, moreover, Ford specialists say that it is more than a classic compact van. Is it really, you will learn in our albeit small, but detailed review.

External and inner world

As for the design of the exterior and interior, there are a lot of new things waiting for us. In appearance, the front part of the car changed, flat sidewalls were added with stamping. Behind the car looks, as before, somewhat resembling a square. But if you want a lot of space in the cabin, then this will have to put up. Several models are available to buyers for purchase: standard and with an extended wheelbase. The last modification is called "Grand Tourneo Connect." We are going to consider the classic five-seat “Tourneo Connect”.ford tourneo connect reviews

As for the interior, then there is an order of magnitude more changes. Firstly, all hints, even the smallest ones, on the commercial origin of cars are removed. Rather, there is a feeling of "mix".Ford designers did their best; they managed to make a classic car in terms of the interior. The steering column is adjustable, the seats - too. A small on-board computer, as well as the dashboard, are viewed very well, which is the strength of the car. The buttons on the console, though a lot, but they are all necessary, moreover, are placed very competently and conveniently.

Little about ergonomics

It is worth paying your attention to the fact that the Ford Tourneo Connect, whose characteristics in terms of roominess are simply surprising, has excellent ergonomics. The car has a good overview due to the large mugs. In addition, the side view mirrors allow you to see the “dead zones” and always control the situation on the road 100%.

Pleasantly surprised by the ergonomics of the front doors. The armrest has a slight slope, making it very comfortable. Large pockets allow you to put everything your heart desires. The front doors are equipped with electric windows and have a “one touch” function. By the way, oddly enough, but the passengers had the opportunity to lower the windows. This is not possible in commercial models, but we are dealing with a passenger car. The seats of the second and third row have a large clearance.Therefore, even passengers with the longest legs will feel comfortable there. In general, there is everything you need for a long trip: lights, retractable tables, tourneo connect specifications

Ford Tourneo Connect: technical specifications

No less interesting, this machine is technically. There is installed a three-cylinder liter engine. It may seem that for such a car is very small. But 100 horsepower makes the "Ford" quite frisky. Up to a hundred, it accelerates in 14 seconds, is able to pick up speed of 160 km / hour, which is quite a lot. In general, the engine is very economical. Consumption per hundred - only 6.5 liters. As for the gearbox, the engine is paired with a manual 5-speed gearbox.

In addition, the company offers a more advanced and powerful option. This is a gasoline engine for 150 horses of 1.6 liters. The motor is paired with a 6-speed "automatic". By the way, overclocking to a hundred here already takes not 14 seconds, but 10.9. Maximum speed - 173 km / h. The fuel consumption here, however, is also higher - 8 liters per hundred. Turbo diesel is preferred for commercial use. The manufacturer offers it in three versions: 75, 95 and 115 tourneo connect photo

Ford Tourneo Connect: consumer reviews

Interestingly, the test drive shows some results, but consumers are talking about something else entirely. In particular, many owners of such cars are advised to buy a complete set with a trubodiesel, as it helps a lot with the maximum load of the car. Although if you do not plan to transport cargo, but only passengers, then you can limit your engine to 1.6 liters. Mostly positive reviews about this car. Emphasis is placed on a large trunk. By the way, it is really roomy. In more detail, then 1029 liters. If you fold the seat, it is already 2410 liters. Agree, you can put quite a lot of luggage here. Of course, there are consumers who speak about cars very discreetly, but there are very few of these, because all the efforts and efforts of engineers and designers are in the Ford Tourneo Connect. Feedback is once again confirmed.

ford tourneo connect specifications

Little about security

Special attention was paid to the strength and rigidity of the structure. The frame is made of high-strength alloys containing boron. And all this despite the fact that the body of this model and its predecessor is very similar. Nevertheless, high-strength steels were used here.The developers made a loud statement that in terms of safety, this car has no equal, and this is true. There are airbags, inflatable curtains, Active City Stop, which can dramatically slow down the Ford Tourneo Connect. Repair, therefore, you do not need, and all thanks to the efforts of developers.


Now let's summarize. In principle, this is a good car for good people. There are practically no flaws. True, the liter engine may not please, but you always have a more rational choice. The machine is suitable for family long-distance travel, as there is a lot of space for people and luggage, and for work. In this case, it is enough to fold the seats - and you get just a huge trunk.

ford tourneo connect repair

Basically, that's all you can say about the Ford Tourneo Connect. Photos of the machine you can find in this article and make sure that it is a pretty good car from all sides. Of course, despite the fact that this car is in the "passenger" section, it is often used as a commercial one. But for family travel this is the perfect solution. Here you will find everything you need for a comfortable trip: comfortable seating, lighting, great glazing, plenty of space, and much more.

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