"Felix Felicis" - good luck potion

If you are constantly haunted by failure, bad luck and, in general, thirty-three misfortunes, then you have come to the right place. With the help of this article you will be able to prepare "Felix Felitsis" - a complex in composition drink that brings good luck to the person who consumed it.Felix Felicis

The creator of the drink Zigmund Budge believes that "Liquid Luck" - his greatest creation. When applied, side effects may occur - overconfidence and dizziness.


With the help of the Half-Blood Prince textbook, Harry Potter managed to make the best in the classroom, “The Potion of Living Death,” and win a small bottle of Felix Felitsis’s potion from Professor Slynnort. In 1996, Potter pretended to pour some good luck potion into a drink to his friend, Ron Weasley, at breakfast before the exciting Quidditch match. The guy worked "placebo effect", and he performed great on the game. And only then it turned out that all the merits belonged to Ron himself.

Effect potion

But the real “Felix Felicis” Harry Potter used to find out what Professor Slynort was talking about with young Lord Volén de Mort.The remaining potion Potter shared with his friends on the eve of the battle with the Death Eaters when they attacked the school of magic.Felix Felicis Harry Potter

During the Potion of Luck action, Harry felt confident and had unlimited possibilities. Hermione Granger warned friends that she should not put high hopes on the drink because he would not protect the person who drank it from strong spells. The girl, as always, was right - the drink of luck did not help them see more clearly in the dark when Malfoy Jr. used the Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder to help the Death Eaters get into school.

So, we learned about the use of "Felix Felitsis", now let's move on to its manufacture.


The recipe "Felix Felitsis" does not work in practice, but only becomes familiar with it in theory, because the composition is considered the most difficult to prepare. The duration of the process is 8 hours, 15 days and 5 months.Potion Felix Felicis

So, we will need:

  • spring rain - 5 glasses;
  • poison bumslang (very poisonous snake);
  • claw of a magical creature - hippogriff;
  • Egyptian amphora mucus;
  • 6 moon stones (these magical artifacts are able to dissolve in the poison of boomslang and spring rain, forming an emulsion);
  • 3 eggs of elves;
  • 2 fruits of the bluebird of the south (blue flower);
  • the core of the unicorn's horn
  • 1 spoon of mist (pink, bluish or blue, collected from a stream at sunset);
  • fruits of the lash (tree marsh plant) - 8 pieces;
  • fruit of anthropogory (small shrub with purple fruits) - 1 piece;
  • no less than a pint of happiness potion.


To prepare a unique magic potion you will need a golden cauldron. Zelievar should have a lot of patience, as the process is long and rather laborious.felix felicis recipe

  • Pour the harvested amount of spring rain into a vessel and boil over low heat for half a day. After we throw moon stones into the cauldron - first 3 of them, a day later - the remaining 3.
  • Two days later, pour out at least a pint of poison bumslang and continue to cook another week.
  • We break the eggs of the elves and mix their contents with the crushed fruits of the lash. Keep the mixture in a separate vessel on fire.
  • About two weeks we evaporate with one pint of "Liquid happiness" the fruit of anthropogory. Let's connect all the mixes made by us. The finished mass is kept in an Egyptian amphora for one month. Do not forget that the pot with the brew should constantly boil (if necessary, you can add licorice buds so that the water does not flow out).
  • We pour out the mass that we got as a result of mixing two compositions to the main liquid and cook for one month.
  • We cut the seeds of the southern Sinyavka into pieces, pass the crushed product through an alchemical converter and at the output we obtain a viscous substance. Pour it into the pot and continue cooking for another month.
  • We grind a unicorn horn with a hippogriff claw, dry it for a week in the sun and get a powdery composition. It also needs to be poured into the pot. For five days, every 3 hours, stir the drink and boil until it acquires a platinum color.
  • If, after five months and fifteen days, the potion begins to release rainbow bubbles and gurgle, then proceed to the final stage of making a good luck potion.
  • Pour one spoonful of mist into the cauldron and remove from the heat. The potion must be scabbed. We shoot it with a knife made of silver. Gradually, the drink will acquire a golden color. Spill luck on the bubbles.

"Felix Felitsis" can not be used constantly, because it is too toxic, and its frequent use leads to a strong self-confidence and dizziness, which dulls the sense of self-preservation.The dose of taking the potion is calculated depending on the mass of the drinker and the period for which he wants to stock up on luck.

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