Fat-burning drinks for weight loss: the most effective recipes, reviews of the results

So much has already been said about proper nutrition that it would seem there is nothing to add. But everyone who enters the path of a healthy lifestyle, strives to find the most correct, easy and useful way that will help maintain weight in the norm, without making serious efforts. Various cocktails come to mind that slender young men and girls drink in sports halls. But their cost is sometimes quite high. But fat-burning drinks can be prepared at home, from the most simple products. They will not only be less effective, but also beneficial for your body. After all, you yourself know exactly what is included in the composition.

general description

The first recommendation of a nutritionist to a person who wants to lose weight is to drink more water. On the one hand, it allows you to saturate the body with precious moisture, and on the other - to remove toxins and toxins, as well as to facilitate the breakdown of fat.There is one more thing: if the stomach is occupied with water, that is, it is not so much desirable. But today we are not talking about the benefits of clean water, but about fat burning drinks. It means that something must be dissolved in it.

The composition of such drinks almost always includes plant fiber. This is an indispensable product for weight loss. Once in the stomach, fiber increases in size and creates a feeling of satiety. Moreover, it is able to clean the intestines like a panicle, which regulates the work of all the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

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Cocktail classification

If you are just starting your way to a healthy diet and ideal weight, then it is a good idea to learn what cocktails are. Now we are not considering desserts and delicacies, we are only interested in those that help bring weight back to normal and keep the figure in perfect condition. This is not only fat burning cocktails.

Protein Drinks

To the body began to burn fat, nutritionists offer to deceive him. The proportion of protein products in the diet increases, while the amount of fat and carbohydrates decreases. The processing of protein consumes a huge amount of energy, sometimes the amount is barely enough to compensate for the costs. In addition, protein is very important for all organs and systems of our body.It is especially important to provide a sufficient amount of protein with intense sports loads.

The composition of such cocktails necessarily includes water, dairy and dairy products with a minimum amount of fat and protein components. Additionally, grapefruit, which is known for its ability to reduce hunger, can be used. Oatmeal, vegetables and fruits, greens, olive oil are recommended as the main diet.

The most popular recipe

If you are not a supporter of protein shakes from sports nutrition, but want to bring along a healthy and tasty snack, then pay attention to the fat burning drink made from kefir and cinnamon. It includes:

  • A glass of kefir minimum fat.
  • Ground cinnamon - 0.5 tsp.
  • Ginger - 0.5 tsp.
  • Red ground pepper - a little bit, on the tip of a knife.

It is recommended to drink such structure for the night. But if there are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in history, it is recommended to reduce the amount of pepper and other spices. The recipe has earned the trust of fitness instructors.

Drainage Drinks

This is the second group of drinks, which really well helps to get rid of excess weight.And the simplest and most effective among them is simple water. The purpose of drainage drinks is to remove excess fluid from the body. But contrary to the opinion of the majority, for this it is necessary not to reduce, but to increase the amount of the liquid you drink. Just not experiencing shortages, the body will begin to give excess.

During the day, you need to drink from 1.5 to 3 liters of water. But drinking water from the tap is not recommended. Be sure to heat it to room temperature.

Considering fat burning drinks for weight loss, in this group can be distinguished green tea with wild rose. The composition can be changed every three days so that its effectiveness is even higher:

  • Green tea - 1 glass.
  • Rose hips - a tablespoon.
  • Lemon - 1 slice.
  • Herbs that enhance the effect. It can be plantain or mint, dandelion or Althea root, anise or dill.

Brew in one container and drink throughout the day as regular tea.

Fat burning drink reviews

Features fat burning drinks for weight loss

Why are they called that? Everything is pretty transparent here. Due to the active components, they contribute to the acceleration of metabolism in the body and the release of toxins. Most compounds allow you to saturate the body with vitamins and minerals, trace elements.

Like everyone else, these drinks contain water. That is, contribute to the removal of toxins and toxins.Providing a drainage effect, they improve the function of the liver and intestines. A good assimilation of food will improve the appearance. And it is not only about the loss of extra pounds. Over time, improve skin color and condition of the hair, peeling and redness will disappear. Nails will become stronger. Agree, very attractive effects. Looking at the recipes, you can notice that they are all made up of simple products, and cooking does not take much time.

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Let's learn how to make fat burning beverages at home. And the next one on our list is an invigorating and tonic cocktail based on kiwi, lemon and greens. Judging by the reviews, not everyone likes it. The taste is original, fresh, but not for everybody. If you like it, you can count on reducing the weight by 1-3 kg in 10 days. To do this, drink one glass in the morning, before breakfast, and before bedtime. It is desirable that dinner was 2-3 hours before.

  • Kiwi - 1 pc. If small, you can take two.
  • Lemon - a few slices to taste.
  • Parsley and mint - in a small bunch. For reference, you can take 10 stalks of both.
  • Water - 100 ml.

For this drink it is best to take cold water.

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Vegetable Cocktail

Fat burning recipes are not only fruit-based. Vegetables are a storehouse of vitamins and fiber, as well as a minimum of calories. Therefore, they need to be included in the diet in sufficient quantities, and in the form of cocktails as well. Another recipe involves the preparation of a sharp drink. This imposes a certain restriction on those with a sore stomach.

If there are no restrictions, you can take this drink 1-2 times a day. With a reasonable diet, you can get rid of 3-5 kg ​​in 10 days. Great option. You will need:

  • Big Tomato
  • Celery - 2 pcs. For a sharp taste, not everyone loves it, but for weight loss, it is simply necessary.
  • Red pepper - half. If very sharp, then you can reduce the amount.
  • Any green is a small bunch.
  • Sea salt is a pinch.
  • Adjika or any other hot sauce - 1/2 tsp.

All ingredients shake in a blender. Drink before breakfast and lunch for 20 minutes.

Fat-burning drinks at home

Real delicacy

That is what characterize this recipe reviews. Fat burning drink is not only simple, but also very tasty. This cocktail drink on an empty stomach, before breakfast. But it is not necessary to wait, you can eat right away.This is very popular with busy people.

You will need:

  • Pineapple - 50 g or 4 ringlets, if you take canned.
  • Grapefruit - half.
  • Honey - 1-2 tsp.
  • Ice.

All ingredients need to be loaded into a blender and beat well. Try a little. Some say that this cocktail is too rich for them, so they dilute it with clean water. Pour into a glass and add ice. Drinking one glass a day, you can get rid of 3-4 kg in 7 days, even without changing your usual diet.

Fat burning drinks for weight loss reviews

Summer gift

By August, watermelons begin to be sold massively. Why not spend a fasting week, dropping at the same time up to 5 kg and pampering yourself with delicious food? So how do you make a fat burning drink? It is not difficult, it is recommended to beat it just before taking. For one serving you will need to take:

  • Watermelon - 200 g
  • Kiwi - 2 pcs.
  • Ice.

Mix the fruit in the blender bowl and add ice. Many people like the drink due to its freshness. If you do not like spices and herbs, then this is your option.

Fat burning drinks for weight loss

Hot drinks

Above, we looked at cold cocktails. They quite effectively help fight excess weight, but can not be compared with hot drinks. In addition, they activate the removal of excess fluid from the body.This makes the effect of losing weight even more noticeable.

This option is good for winter. At this time, the body wants something to warm up and requires food. But it can be fooled by replacing food with warming drinks. Acceptance of one such cocktail 20 minutes before a meal significantly reduces appetite. You can drink fat burning drink at night, replacing it with dinner. Then the effect will be even more noticeable. On average, judging by the reviews, you can lose from 1 to 5 kg per week. We offer the following options:

  • Green tea with pineapple slices. Stimulates metabolism, warms and tones.
  • Lemon mint tea. To prepare, take 200 ml of water, juice of half a lemon, a teaspoon of honey. Heat, add mint - and you can drink.
  • Punch. This time without alcohol. To prepare, take a glass of apple juice and the same amount of black elderberry juice. Add 2 sticks of cloves and a little cinnamon, as well as a tablespoon of lemon. Bring to a boil, strain and drink in two doses.
  • Apple Cider Try, perfectly helps in the fight against excess weight. Judging by the reviews, fat burning drinks for weight loss are rarely so tasty. To prepare in arbitrary proportions take concentrated apple juice, diced apples, cinnamon, cloves and anise.All this must be brought to a boil. You can add another silent lemon juice.
Fat burning drink at night

Instead of conclusion

All listed recipes are tested and tried many times. But keep in mind that without removing the cause of the appearance of excess weight, it is difficult to wait for good results. Therefore, in parallel with the use of cocktails, you need to adjust the diet and increase the amount of physical activity. Then the result will not only appear faster, but will also be more pronounced. And most importantly, it will not disappear after the abolition of cocktails.

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