Fashionable cardigan: photos of trend models

The cardigan is one of the varieties of jackets. Initially, he looked like a fitted wool jacket with no collar and button closures. However, since its inception, this wardrobe detail has undergone a lot of changes. Today we will dwell in more detail on women's fashionable cardigans. Photos of them, a description of current trends in the fashion world, colors and materials - all this will be described in the article. We will also tell you how and with what to wear this wardrobe item to always look stylish and elegant.

Female cardigan: fashion trends and photos

An elongated jacket with a neckline, which is customarily worn wide-open or buttoned up, is now in trend. Many famous designers are trying to include fashionable women's cardigans in their new collections. On the world podiums presented a huge number of interesting styles and models. They are so different that any woman can pick up 2-3 cardigans at once.This will allow her to always look stylish, no matter where she goes: to work in the office or for a walk with children or a dog.

fashion cardigan

Today, cardigans are in fashion not only from wool, but also from other materials. Especially relevant knitted models of different lengths and styles. And about the variety of colors you can talk for hours. We will dwell on these moments in more detail.

Colors and materials

Classic black cardigans are in fashion today. But this does not mean that models of other colors will be less in demand. Beige, cream, cream, as well as discreet shades of gray will also be relevant this season. Different colors of fashionable cardigans (pictured) fit almost any clothing.

fashion cardigans photos

But what about lovers of bright colors? Red, saturated turquoise, emerald and purple are also in trend. Do not neglect the models with interesting prints on the fabric, with a pattern in a cage or a strip, products with ethnic motifs.

As for the materials, the classic is still wool. In addition, cardigans made of fine knitwear, natural or artificial fur, synthetic fabrics, including translucent ones, will be relevant this season.However, despite the large variety of materials, knitted wool products are still in demand. We will talk about them.

Trendy Knit Cardigans

Comfort, comfort, warmth and softness - such sensations can give these products to their owners. In a fashion as thick and dense cardigans, and products of large knitting, through which you can see the main clothes. Pattern for knitting can also choose any. Photos of fashionable knitted cardigans can be seen below.

cardigan fashion trends photo

Let's stop on styles. Today, in the trend as short models on the buttons, and long to the floor. For fur lovers, designers create models with a fluffy finish. For this can be used both natural and artificial materials.

Traditionally, cardigans are made either without a fastener in the form of a cape, or on buttons. The second option is considered more practical because it allows you to shelter from wind or weather. Although it all depends on the selected material. However, for those who want to be in trend, the designers have come up with a new version of fasteners. More often, cardigans make zippers.

As for the sleeves, depending on the season, you can choose different options. For example, for spring or warm autumn, three-quarter length will do.For cold weather, choose a classic long sleeve.

Elements of decor and features

In the trend of the model with stripes, sequins, rhinestones and applications. It all depends on the imagination of the designer and your own, because any clothing can always be further decorated to your taste. A fashionable cardigan can be decorated with floral motifs. It can be both separately connected flowers, and the sewn applications from other fabric.

fashion knitted cardigans

Today, long and voluminous oversized cardigans are in fashion. Such products are usually 2-3 sizes larger than necessary. To look stylish, it is recommended to fix them with a thin strap-belt. A practical element of any cardigan are pockets. Their size depends on the length of the product itself. Voluminous cardigans to the floor look stylish if they have large and roomy pockets.

Hooded Cardigan

Fashionable element of the wardrobe in the new season is the hood. Hooded cardigan, many women prefer to buy as an alternative to demi-season clothing (jackets and coats). Designers offer both elongated and shortened models far above the knee.At the same time, cardigans can be either free cut or fitted. Shades, as a rule, are chosen restrained and classic: black, beige, gray.

Despite the fact that a fashionable hooded cardigan is most often chosen for a street look, this thing looks good in an office too. In this case, you should pick up classic tight pants and a fitted blouse. Shoes should be chosen on high heels. If a hooded cardigan is bought for a casual look, then it can be worn with jeans, a free-cut T-shirt, and sneakers or sneakers. Everything here also depends on the length of the product and the material used in sewing (knitting).

What to wear with a cardigan?

In order to look stylish, you need to learn how to properly combine this part of the wardrobe with other things. In this case, everything depends directly on the most fashionable cardigan: what it is made of, what color, texture.

women's fashion cardigans

If we are talking about a light and translucent product, then it can be worn with shorts and with a short top. Under the dress straight cut, you can pick up a shortened model or medium length with cutouts on the sides.The image will be feminine, airy and romantic. A warm and voluminous cardigan looks good with a short dress in a sporty style. In this case, the length of the product must be at least to the knee.

A feature of the cardigan is that it can perform the function of both top and casual wear. In the fall it is a jacket or coat, and in the winter - an element of office wardrobe. And do not be afraid to experiment, because to ruin your image with a cardigan is almost impossible.

Fashion combinations

Cardigan can be considered a universal part of the wardrobe. It is suitable for women of all shapes and ages. It combines with almost any clothing in the wardrobe. The most successful combinations in which the fashionable cardigan participates are the following:

women's fashion cardigans photo

  1. If the length of the product is below the knee, you can safely wear a dress and classic high-heeled shoes under a cardigan. You will look both stylish and elegant.
  2. A long cardigan goes well with tight jeans or pants and an elongated top (t-shirt or blouse).
  3. To create a feminine look, wear a cardigan with a fitted silhouette or a pencil skirt with a romantic blouse.
  4. Complement the image with stylish accessories: voluminous beads and bracelets, as well as large bags.
  5. Knitted cardigan discreet colors can easily replace the jacket in the office style.

Hook or knitting needles?

Needlewoman would not be difficult to knit a cardigan on their own. Depending on the model chosen, you can use a hook or knitting needles for this. The latter should be used to create oversized cardigan in oversized style. It is with the help of the needles of a certain size that you can create original patterns in the form of braids or cones. These cardigans look very stylish and relevant. You can wear them with a classic suit and blouse, and with skinny jeans or leggings. For medium-sized mid-length cardigans, it is better to choose shoes on a wedge or on a platform.

photos of fashionable knitted cardigans

Products associated with the hook, are easy. A stylish cardigan with lace patterns will be a great complement to the summer look. For girls with an ideal figure, it will allow to emphasize attractive forms, and for magnificent women it will give lightness and self-confidence.

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