Eyebrow wax: how to use, features, types and recommendations

More recently, a collection of make-up artists and stylists replenished with another styling tool, which in a short time gained great popularity. This is a new wax for brows. Now it is not only a means for hair removal on the face. However, the new product performs a completely different function: the eyebrow wax helps to give them the necessary shape, that is, like hairspray, fixes hairs in the right direction. In parallel with this, he can still paint them in a light shade.

So, eyebrow wax: how to use, how to choose, what to prefer? Read this article.

eyebrow wax

Types of wax

Eyebrow wax is classified by purpose and composition. By use, the following types of this tool are distinguished:

  • Modeling. It is he who performs eyebrow correction with wax. This type of cosmetic product is used to quickly correct the shape of this part of the face.Most girls are used to using tweezers for such purposes, but with such an instrument the procedure can take a long time. In addition, eyebrow wax provides pain relief.
  • Fixing. If the eyebrows are well shaped, however, it is difficult to style, then you should use a special styling tool. For example, wax gel or pencil.

Of course, these two cosmetics differ significantly in composition, with the exception of one component - beeswax.

eyebrow wax how to use

  • Shading.This type is used by ladies who are not enough natural brow color. As a rule, this product is black, dark brown, brown and light brown. However, some companies that produce cosmetics, produce products in a more original color palette: blue, green, red and other colors. How to wax eyebrows, read below.
  • Transparent.It is used if you simply fix the hairs. In addition, this tool is often used as a locking shadow.
  • Therapeutic.Few people know that eyebrow wax itself is a pretty good thing.It has many nutritional properties, and is also able to ensure the restoration of hairs and stop their loss. There are foods that are additionally fortified with vitamins and panthenol.
  • Dry.Wax and eyebrow powder based on it is also very popular. She guarantees a strong fixation, not sticking together the hairs. In addition, eyebrow shadows with wax are prone to shattering, but no powder.

Why do I need wax in eyebrow makeup?

Immediately make a reservation: we will not talk about the wax strips needed for hair removal. The subject of the conversation will be the correction of eyebrows with wax, which is sold, as a rule, in the form of powder or a pencil. What will give you the use of this cosmetic?

You can quickly shape the eyebrows, smooth even the most disobedient and stubborn hairs, fix the given shape for a long time, and also tint the eyebrows in the desired shade.

eyebrow shadows with wax

Who needs this cosmetic?

As practice has shown, wax for eyebrows, reviews about which left thousands of women experiencing various difficulties due to individual characteristics, allowed to leave in the past the following problems:

  • individual hairs living their own lives;
  • hard hairs that are difficult to comb and fix;
  • dry hairs that can not be combed;
  • hairs growing faster than others and breaking the perfect line;
  • efforts to give shape, lost due to oily skin, rain, gust of strong wind or careless movement.

Wax Selection Criteria

So, you decide to include this useful tool in your cosmetic bag to look perfect regardless of the circumstances. How to choose a wax for eyebrows, the effect of which will please the very first time? There are certain criteria by which you can navigate in order to purchase a suitable vehicle for yourself.

eyebrow correction with wax

Examine the rating

Find a brand and country of origin that you trust. Decide on how much money you are willing to spend: you can purchase a budget option and save money, or you can use premium eyebrow wax, the price of which will end in three zeros.


After this sorting out, you should have a list of 3-4 funds. Now look at the reviews of each product, eliminating in parallel the options that have fewer advantages than disadvantages.


It's time to go shopping! Immediately warn that the markets, supermarkets and online shopping - these are not the best places to buy cosmetics. You need to see it firsthand, touch it, smell it. It is better to go to branded stores and boutiques - there they will definitely not sell you a fake.


Be sure to read all the information you can find on the packaging. Pay special attention to expiration date. Check if there are too many preservatives and parabens in the product you have chosen.

Suitable shade

If you choose a tinted wax, think once again about whether it suits you according to the color type. Here a colorless remedy will be a win-win option. The perfect color for brunettes will be black, and blondes and brown-haired women will have brown and its shades. Better try the color on the back of your hand.

If you have any doubts or questions, ask the sales assistant.

Now you know how to choose a cosmetic such as eyebrow wax. How to use this product?

Eyebrow Wax Rules

Our tips on how to properly use eyebrow wax, even for beginners, will help you to feel all the advantages and beauty of using this cosmetic product.In order not to be disappointed ahead of time, follow the recommendations below.

how to paint eyebrows wax

  1. The first step is to carefully comb the eyebrows with a special brush in the direction of their growth line. This is necessary to ensure that the wax is neatly and evenly distributed, which will guarantee a well-groomed appearance.
  2. Apply the wax on the eyebrows, in parallel giving them the desired shape and desired direction with non-intensive, non-pressing movements. Any wax in itself goes well. If necessary, it is always possible to deepen the shade, but it will be very problematic to reduce its saturation.
  3. Do not worry about asymmetry or flaws: if you do not have the necessary skills, they can not be avoided. Therefore, immediately after applying wax on the eyebrows, before it has dried, remove any excess material with a cotton swab.
  4. The next step will be to lightly comb through the already finished eyebrows. This will make the shade more uniform, remove excess product, and also give your appearance a natural and natural look.

It is in this sequence correctly apply wax for eyebrows, regardless of whether it is powder or a pencil.If you follow these tips, you will never again have to regularly tweak hairs that are out of the perfect line during the day.

Let's talk about eyebrow shadows

Eyebrow shades have several advantages compared with a pencil. For example, they lie down easier, evenly painting the entire eyebrow from the inside, which later looks more natural. If a girl who has naturally short hairs decides to dye them with a pencil, the result will be sloppy and unnatural. Therefore, in such cases, eyebrow shades are your best friends.

eyebrow wax reviews

If it is necessary to dye narrow eyebrows, then it is better to use a pencil, since, unfortunately, you cannot create a thin line with shadows if you wish, and they will slightly go beyond the hairs when applied.

In addition, modern fashion preaches the standards of natural beauty, and, as a result, the natural width of the eyebrows, and for this the shadows are perfect.

How to paint eyebrows shadows with wax?

In order to answer this question, it is necessary to pay attention to the tool with which you are going to be painted. As such, it is necessary to use only brushes with a beveled edge and brushes-combs.

Shadows should be applied to the entire surface of the eyebrow.In the event that your eyes are close planted, then there is a reason to make the edge of the eyebrow brighter.

It is better for girls with wide-set eyes to use the reverse stroke: eyebrows near the nose should be brighter and more saturated.

how to paint eyebrows shadows with wax

To color eyebrows shadows with wax, you must do the following:

  1. Comb eyebrow.
  2. Dial some shadows on the brush.
  3. Spread the shadows along the hairline, then shade the pigment between them.
  4. Comb eyebrows, removing excess cosmetics behind the line of eyebrows.
  5. In front of the eyebrow line draw a line of bright shadows, enhancing the contrast.

Done! Your brows are perfect and look good.

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Eyebrow wax: how to use, features, types and recommendations 8

Eyebrow wax: how to use, features, types and recommendations 100

Eyebrow wax: how to use, features, types and recommendations 60

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Eyebrow wax: how to use, features, types and recommendations 4

Eyebrow wax: how to use, features, types and recommendations 26

Eyebrow wax: how to use, features, types and recommendations 45