Eye drops "Aktipol": instructions, indications for use, reviews

Eye diseases such as conjunctivitis and keratitis may be of viral origin. To overcome the infection will only help special drugs for local use. One of these drugs is "Aktipol." Eye drops are composed of a special component that has a multifaceted effect. Let us consider in more detail the instructions of the drug, its composition, mechanism of action and features of the application.

Drug description

In ophthalmology, there are a huge number of various ailments that can affect the organs of vision. Eye diseases of viral etiology are considered to be among the most common and are equally common among both adults and children. With timely and proper drug therapy, they pass quite quickly and do not cause serious consequences.Means "Aktipol" will help to cope with such pathological processes. Eye drops instruction is positioned as a multi-combination drug that can affect the livelihoods of viruses.

Aktipol eye drops instruction

The development and production of a medicinal product intended for the treatment of ophthalmologic diseases is carried out by several domestic pharmaceutical companies. You can buy it in almost any pharmacy. Its average cost is 270-280 rubles.

Release form

You can find this medicine in the form of a solution (used for injections) and eye drops. "Actipol" in solution is packaged in 1 and 2 ml ampoules. In one package can be 5 or 10 ampoules. In the form of drops for the eyes, the drug is sold in vials with a dropper in 5 ml. In both cases, the clear medicinal liquid is colorless and odorless.


The active ingredient of the drug is para-aminobenzoic acid. 1 ml of the medicinal solution contains 0.07 mg of this substance. Additional ingredients are sodium chloride and water for injection.

Para-aminobenzoic acid enhances the synthesis in the body's own interferon, which fights specifically against viral pathogens. The substance stimulates the cells of tissues to recovery and development. In addition, the active ingredient destroys viruses that have DNA.

How does the medication work?

Instructions for use "Aktipol" (eye drops) reports that this drug has a number of therapeutic properties. The components that are contained in its composition, quickly absorbed into the tissue of the eyeball and have the following effects:

  • accelerate the regeneration of damaged cells of the cornea;
  • regulate water-salt balance;
  • eliminate puffiness caused by inflammatory processes;
  • promote healing of wounds;
  • detrimental effect on viruses;
  • improve immunity (locally).
Aktipol drops

It should be noted that with such a wide range of therapeutic effects, the drug does not adversely affect the body. The manufacturer claims that the Actipol eye drops are completely devoid of mutagenic, teratogenic and toxic effects.

The drug significantly improves the nutrition of the tissues of the eyeball due to the restoration of the transport of potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium ions through the cell membrane. A feature of the drug is its effect solely on diseased cells. The effect of the drug does not apply to healthy tissues.

Indications for appointment

When do I need to use "Aktipol"? The use of eye drops will be relevant in cases of viral damage to the organs of vision. These diseases are characterized by the appearance of puffiness and redness of the eyes, increased tearing, itching and burning. According to the instructions, the drug will help to deal with the symptoms of viral keratouveweitis, keratoconjunctivitis and conjunctivitis, provoked by adenoviruses, herpes simplex virus and shingles.

Actipol eye drops for children

The drug will also be effective in keratopathy of post-traumatic and postoperative genesis, mechanical injuries of the organs of vision, degeneration of the retina and cornea. With such pathologies, "Aktipol" acts as a regulator of cell reproduction and a stimulator of immunity.

Will it help with dry eyes?

Many people spend a lot of time behind computer monitors, which negatively affects the state of the organs of vision. One of the first signs is a feeling of dry eyes. It occurs due to insufficient moisture and may be accompanied by symptoms such as increased tearing, photophobia, decreased visual acuity, and a burning sensation. Will the Actipol eye drops help in this case?

eye drops Actipol

Instructions and feedback from experts suggest that this medication based on para-aminobenzoic acid can be used as a complex eye protection. The components of the drug will protect the cornea from the negative effects of radiation and stimulate the healing processes of damaged tissues. The drug can be used with other ophthalmic drops, ointments and gels.

Are children prescribed?

According to the instructions, "Actipol" (eye drops) is completely safe and can be used in pediatric practice. Drops can be prescribed as for the treatment of a specific ophthalmological ailment, confirmed by a specialist or in case of viral pathologies that provoked infection of the organs of vision. They will act only at the local level, increasing the production of interferon and eliminating viruses.If a bacterial infection joins a viral disease, a specialist will definitely prescribe an antibacterial agent for topical use.

The drug will be especially effective in viral conjunctivitis and infection of the organs of sight with the herpes virus. The dosage of the drug is selected depending on the age of the child and the stage of the disease.

How to apply?

Adults and children "Aktipol" (eye drops) is usually prescribed for drip in the conjunctival sac. The frequency of application can vary from three to eight times a day, and will depend on the severity of the inflammatory process. The dosage recommended by the manufacturer is 1-2 drops for each eye.

Aktipol eye drops instructions for use

For subconjunctival injections take 0.3 or 0.5 ml of solution. In some cases, it is recommended to combine injections and instillations (drip) with this medication. The duration of such therapy will depend on the diagnosis. In most uncomplicated cases, recovery occurs within 7-10 days.

In order to better absorb the active component of the ophthalmologic preparation, it is recommended to pre-clean the outer eyelid with clean water.


If the patient has intolerance to the constituent components, it is prohibited to use "Aktipol". If symptoms of hypersensitivity or an allergic reaction appear, the further use of the antiviral ophthalmic agent should be abandoned and a specialist should be consulted.

The drug can be administered in the period of lactation and childbirth. According to the results of clinical studies, the active components of the drug do not adversely affect the child’s body.

Side effects

Negative reactions of the body to the use of the drug "Aktipol" are extremely rare. Side effects may be associated with hypersensitivity to the components of the droplets. If you experience a burning sensation, severe redness, itching, you must stop further use of the drug and seek help from an ophthalmologist. If necessary, a specialist will select another medication for therapy.

Features of the drug "Actipol"

Eye drops can interact with other drugs and therefore you should know some features of their use.The instruction prohibits simultaneous use of drugs from the category of sulfonamides and the ophthalmologic medication in question.

actipol reviews

The group of sulfonamides is such a popular means, as "Albucid", which is also often used to treat diseases of the organs of vision. The drug is not prescribed simultaneously with metabolic drugs.

What can replace "Actipol" (eye drops)?

Analogs are often selected if the patient is diagnosed with intolerance to the active ingredients of the drug. Medications such as Poludan, Oftalmoferon, Okoferon, Oftan Idu have a similar therapeutic effect.

analogs of aktipol

Each of these drugs has specific indications for prescribing and age restrictions. Therefore, it is not recommended to use ophthalmic drops without expert advice.


Antiviral eye drops are used in medical practice quite often. With their help, it is possible to quickly restore the damaged cornea and strengthen the immune system at the local level. Reviews of eye drops "Actipol" confirm the high therapeutic efficacy of the drug.The components of the drug are absolutely safe for the body, but they are able to actively fight viruses.

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