Expose! Are the priests so fat?

Yesterday we discussed the topic"Why priests are fat"and there was a couple of very popular photos on the Internet, which for about 10 years have been going online.
Here, for example, this photo at the beginning of the post. All of her probably when they saw.
The photograph shows Igumen Stefan from Novosibirsk.
As they say, the cleverest and kindest man, a real monk and priest. At about. Stephen's terrible endocrine disease. A man tormented, you will not wish the enemy.
And the real photo looks like this:

There is a difference?
The second popular photo with him was also changed:

Well, for nonsense, in which you already do not believe a lot of course everyone in the network, which they are trying to pass off as the original:

This is a photojob contest at Artemy Lebedev on Live Journal:

But of course there were also famous "zafotoseplenny watches":

And hereExplained why there were more people on the official snapshot:

So that's all:

Maybe missed some famous case of the "Orthodox Photoshop"?
And here we have another topic:Nothing holy just business. Here's what they say The most famous in the history of manipulation of photographs, but this is just not the same "photoshop."

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