Exciting hunt and fishing in Yakutia

Yakutia has long attracted both local andvisiting fishermen and hunters. Clean air, the beauty of nature and the amazing diversity of fauna contribute to the growth of the popularity of the region. Hunting and fishing in Yakutia are known all over the world. Hundreds of professionals and amateurs come here for this.

hunting and fishing in Yakutia

Fans of meat hunting every year are looking forward to the opening of the season. Especially St. John's wort likes to walk on elk, hare, ducks, deer, roe deer and other species of animals.

Hunting for a hare

Belyak, who lives in Yakutia, has somedifferences from his brother from the European part of Russia. It is light weight - up to three kilograms. It is distinguished by shortened ears, inclined forward. The tail of the hare is all white, like the body itself, because of which it is difficult to distinguish against the background of snow, so they hunt for it more often in a corral way, which is also facilitated by local vegetation - tundra shrubs. Dogs usually help dogs to kick the beast, but sometimes they do without them, in this case part of the hunters becomes beaters.

winter fishing in Yakutia

The population of whites is subject to fluctuations, to differentyears and in different regions of Yakutia the number of individuals can differ several times. Experienced hunters know these cycles well and go fishing in those areas where the density of hares is maximum. Hunting for a hare in Yakutia can deliver a lot of positive emotions.

Duck hunting

Ducks - a popular object of commercial and sportshunting, prefer small backwaters with dense vegetation. They usually hunt without dogs. Duck - the bird is shy and with good hearing. When a hunter appears, she immediately takes off, and there is a good chance to shoot her. The main thing is not to hesitate, it's a little late with the reaction - and everything, the bird flew away.

Yakutia is rich in ducks.A large number of these birds contribute to a large number of rivers with lush vegetation along the coast. It is convenient to hunt in pairs. The first hunter is from the right bank, the other from the left. Birds should be scared, and at the stage of their take-off you can start shooting. Padded carcasses are collected each from its side of the river.

fishing in Yakutia in winter

In places of rest and feeding ducks are commonhunting for them with the use of skradkov. Skradok is a hidden hiding place for a hunter, like a hut, and allows hunters to get as close to the birds as possible. In the spring months, hunting is solely on the drake. The officially permitted way is to hunt for ducks in Yakutia with a poultry, using camouflage.

We take out the fishing rods

Hunting and fishing in Yakutia will please everyone whonot indifferent to active rest. The republic is famous for its clean rivers and lakes full of fish of all kinds. Local fish is tasty and nutritious. In addition to fishing, sport fishing is also popular, and the object of fishing is:

  • taimen,
  • flax,
  • pike,
  • grayling,
  • perch,
  • dace.

And this is not a complete list, the Yakut rivers are rich in fish. Hunting and fishing in Yakutia are available at any time of the year. The main thing is to stock up on the necessary outfit.

fishing for pike in Yakutia


Catch taimen - good luck for the fisherman, especially largecopies can reach a weight of 30 kg, and lengths - one and a half meters. Taimen is a representative of the salmon family. This fish lives only in the cleanest water, prefers fast mountain rivers, and also lakes.

The best time for taimen catching is right afterspawning, late May - early June. Not bad caught in the fall, with the arrival of September and right up to the first frosts. Summer biting is weak. The main way to catch is by spinning the bait.


This is a typical Siberian fish.It is famous for its colorful huge fin. The habitat of grayling depends on the season and weather. In the spring season and in the first summer weeks the fish rises to spawn. He prefers pure water. Unlike taimen, grayling is a schooling fish. Fishing is available in Yakutia in winter and in summer.

The main ways of catching depending on the time of year - biting for a fly, catching in a wiring for a sponge or a larva, as well as a light spinning.


This is the most common fish in Yakutia.The average weight of small - 2-3 kg. Large specimens are infrequent. Like grayling, lenok is a schooling fish. The meat is delicious, has good nutritional value.

I can catch this fish from the lastdays of May and until mid-July. As the temperature rises, the glue weakens, at this time it is better to look for lenok in cold, fast mountain rivers. At the end of summer and with the beginning of autumn the fish again starts to be caught better. After heavy rains and the rising of water in the mountain rivers, the lenok moves to the big rivers.

Catch from the shore by the method of running, as well as fly fishing. In large rivers, spinning can be used. Winter fishing in Yakutia is also known all over Russia.


Pike is the most common predator inreservoirs of Yakutia. The pike is caught lighter than taimen, grayling or lenok. A small fish prefers shallow water off the coast, closer to the thickets, and large individuals like places deeper. Pikes aged can reach a large size and weight up to 50 kg. The time of spawning at the pike comes with the arrival of spring.

Pike hunts not only on small fish, but also on small waterfowl, as well as frogs.

Fishing for pike in Yakutia is carried out with the help of spinning. As a bait they use a spinner, wobblers. In small rivers it is possible to catch pike on a frog.

Winter fishing

hunting for ducks in Yakutia

Many fishermen prefer harsh winter fishing. In Yakutia, three different ways of catching fish in winter have spread:

  • munch,
  • kuyuur,
  • fishing rod.

Munha - ice fishing with the help ofseine. For this purpose, a polynyas is sought or made, from which the nets are lowered under the ice. At the same time, you need to do another wormwood, from which the network will be pulled out. Between the two polynyas on both sides, small holes are drilled for pulling the nets. If the catch is small, the networks run again.

hunting for a hare in Yakutia

Kuyuur is a tackle that resembleslarge net. This way of fishing is suitable for fishing on a small fish. First you should find the right place where the fish spend the winter. After that, the hole is drilled, into which the fishing gear is lowered and rotates there. The resulting water vortex captures the fish and carries it into the net. After the kuyuur is filled, it is extracted, the catch is taken out and lowered again into the hole.

Fishing rod - this is the most traditionalway of winter fishing. You can use a smaller spinning with a coil. It is important to choose the right fishing rod and additional accessories (hooks, floats). At the selected spot, the fisherman bores a hole into which the bait rod with bait is lowered. It is impossible to admit icing rigging.

hunting and fishing in Yakutia

Hunting and fishing in Yakutia is a great holiday forall admirers of fishing rods and rifles. Come to these picturesque places and see for yourself! The republic will provide many opportunities for every holidaymaker. There are boarding houses that are located on the banks of rivers. Everyone will find something suitable for themselves, friends and family.

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