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Campbell Scott is an American actor, producer, director and dubbing actor. Fame brought him the role of prosecutor Ethan Thomas in the religious horror "Six Demons Emily Rose". The actor also played Richard Parker in the action movie "New Spiderman," played the supporting role in the thriller "Fight."

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In 1961, the future actor Campbell Scott was born in New York. His biography began in a creative family: his father is the actor and director George Scott who won the Academy Award in the 1960s, and his mother is Canadian actress Colleen Dewhurst, known from the horror films When the Stranger Calls and the Exorcist 3.

In 1983, Scott graduated from Lawrence University (WI) and went to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

The path to glory

Campbell first appeared on the screen in 1987, playing the role of a policeman in the low-cost crime drama "Five Corners". Critics have positively responded to this picture, but the film was not particularly popular.

The next project in Campbell's career was the drama "Under the cover of heaven," the Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci.The original source for the film served as the novel of the same name by Paul Bose, and Campbell Scott played a major role - the role of George Tanner. Critics took the film well, the audience - is ambiguous. The picture "Under the cover of heaven" was awarded the "Oscar" for the best soundtrack. Thanks to this project, Campbell gained a certain fame.

In 1989, the actor received the lead role in the drama "A Close Friend" by Norman Rene. The film received rave reviews from critics, however, in commercial terms, it was not the most successful, barely paying for its small budget.

In 1991, American director Joel Schumacher began filming the drama "To Die Young." Julia Roberts and Campbell Scott were invited to the main roles. The films of Joel Schumacher after the resounding success of “Komatoznikov” were in great demand, and this one was no exception. The picture gathered at the box office more than 80 million dollars and brought Campbell Scott real fame.

Campbell Scott biography

The next ten years, Scott mainly worked in television, starred in sixteen films and TV shows.

Modern period

In 2005, the actor played the most important role in his career - played by prosecutor Ethan Thomas in the religious horror "Six Demons Emily Rose".The film was directed by Scott Derrikson, who previously worked on the films “And He Came,” “Hellraiser 5,” “City Legends 2”. The horror of "Six Demons Emily Rose" turned this then little-known director into a recognized master of horror.

The main character of the film is lawyer Erin Bruner. Without much desire, she is taken to defend the priest Richard Moore, who is accused of manslaughter of 19-year-old Emily Rose during an exorcism rite. Erin does not believe in supernatural forces, but the deeper she plunges into this business, the more she realizes that there is something mystical and incomprehensible in her. To save an innocent person from prison, she will have to believe in extraterrestrial forces, try to convince the prosecutor and jury that the deceased girl was really obsessed.

Campbell scott movies

The film received good reviews from the audience and was included in the TOP-100 of the worst films of all time. Jennifer Carpenter, who played the obsessive student so naturally, won the MTV Award for best thriller or horror actress. The box office was also successful - the picture gathered $ 144 million at the box office with a budget of a modest 19 million.

In 2007, Campbell appeared in the musical comedy "Out of sight, out of the chart - out." His partners in the frame were Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore.

In August 2009, the actor was approved for the role of Joe Tobin in the television series "Fight". Campbell regularly appeared on the screen throughout the third season.

In 2012, the actor played Richard Parker, the father of Peter Parker, in the superhero action movie "New Spider-Man." The picture became a box office hit, having collected more than $ 750 million at the box office.

Two years later, Campbell returned to the role of Richard Parker in the High Voltage sequel. This film, like the first, was a box office success.

Campbell Scott love life

Personal life

The actor was married to actress Ann Scott. In 1998, the couple had a son, Malcolm. In 2002, after 11 years of marriage, the couple divorced, Malcolm is raised by Father Campbell Scott. The personal life of the actor is not particularly remarkable now - in 2009, he married actress Kathleen McElfresh. The couple have a son Callan. Now Campbell Scott and his family live in Connecticut.

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