European shorthair cat: breed description, character, price

These graceful, affectionate, sometimes wayward animals from ancient times live next to a man. European shorthair cat is considered one of the first to settle in a man’s house. Her ancestors are wild European and Nubian breeds. She very quickly adapted to the requirements that the person presented to her.european shorthair cat

History of origin

The appearance of this animal belongs to the ancient times, when their Egyptian ancestors, who were considered sacred, spread throughout the world. According to researchers, the European shorthair cat is a direct descendant of African steppe. European individuals to the XVI century were shorthair. Later from Persia and Turkey began to bring cats with long hair.

The first European standard was drawn up in 140 AD. According to this document, an animal of this breed must have excellent hearing and vision, a long (not docked) tail, healthy teeth and claws.

External features

Celtic cat (European shorthair) - quite a powerful animal. Her body is massive, large build. The chest of these cats is wide, the paws are strong. The head is conical, oblong, with well-marked cheeks. Medium sized ears set high. The large eyes are round, widely set. The neck is muscular, strong, of medium length. The hair of the representatives of this breed is thick, soft and shiny, of different colors. The exceptions are lilac, brown chocolate and white spots and blotches.european shorthair cat Price

Celtic cat has a strong immunity to many infectious diseases and excellent health. However, this does not mean that these animals do not need prophylactic vaccinations. Vaccination is necessary for all pets. In addition, your pet needs a regular veterinarian check-ups.

European shorthair cat: colors

These animals have a variety of coat colors. In 1946, the German breeder Elizabeth Muller led the cat, which became the progenitor of silver cats - tiger, marble, spotted. In addition, an absolutely white color was bred in Germany; on its basis, animals were later bred with a predominance of white.

Today, the breed standard allows 35 varieties of color.There are many color combinations - black, white, cream, cream-striped, tiger, smoky, tortoise, color-points, gold, etc.

European shorthair cat: character

Judging by the reviews of the owners, Celtic cats are very quiet, affectionate and intelligent creatures. They do not need complex care. They quickly get used to the new "living conditions", are very attached to their owner.

european shorthair cat character

Quite often, "Europeans" are very active, endowed with a cheerful and playful character. It happens that they show it and try to be very independent. This cat will suit the owner, who will appreciate in the animal its natural qualities and beauty.

In an unfamiliar environment, an adult individual is initially lost a little and is looking for a secluded corner to be less noticeable to others. When the cat is nervous, her nose, ears and toes of the paws turn red, they even become wet. In a familiar home environment, the “European” behaves freely - runs, plays, and she doesn’t need a company at all, she can entertain herself.

Celtic or European cat - a completely unique animal. Many owners claim that it can cure as well as a real doctor. And her mind and innate tact cause admiration.European shorthair cat gets on well in families with small children. In addition, she gets along well with her fellows. When a “European” is upset or dissatisfied with something, she demonstrates it with a hiss, but will never scratch or bite a person.

This cat is friendly, sociable, contact and will not impose its society if the owner does not want it. Until old age, she remains sanguine.


Due to its origin, the European Shorthair cat has good health. But we must not forget that in the conditions of living in a city apartment she needs minimal care - for wool, ears, eyes and, of course, claws.european shorthair colors

Wool "Europeans" needs to be combed and washed. It is necessary to bathe her infrequently, as far as pollution. An exhibition individual should not be bathed just before the show. It is advisable to do this a few days before the exhibition. This is required so that in a few days the fur will take the desired shape and, as the professionals say, become a bit “oily”. For combing it is better to use a metal brush, and it is better to refuse plastic - the hairs are electrified, and this can cause pain to the animal.

Cat ears need to be cleaned often - once a week.Wash the eyes with an aqueous solution using a cotton swab - this procedure is the prevention of inflammatory diseases.


Accurate information about what the European cat eats in the wild, no. These are probably small rodents, amphibians.

At home, it is often fed dry food, because it is very convenient for the owner. If you have made a choice in favor of such food, then try to buy its high quality.

Those who prefer to feed their pet with natural products need to take into account many subtleties in the preparation of the cat diet. It should include:

  • fish (preferably sea) - once a week;
  • liver (beef or chicken) - once a week;
  • boiled vegetables;
  • meat (beef, veal, chicken) boiled or scalded with boiling water.

european shorthair celtic cat

Cost of a kitten

Probably it would be useful to remind you that if you want to buy a pet of this breed, you should not buy a kitten on the market. It is better to do this in a specialized nursery. European shorthair cat, the price of which varies from 300 to 1000 y. e., must have all the accompanying documents that you provide only a professional breeder.

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