Emma Thompson: one of the greatest actresses of our time

Emma Thompson is one of those women, looking at whom, it seems that they manage to do whatever they want to do. And indeed it is. She perfectly brings up children, very precisely gets used to the characters of the heroines of romantic comedies and Shakespearean plays, writes interesting children's books, speaks fluently in two languages ​​- French and Spanish, develops scripts for serials.

Many publications consider her one of the greatest actresses of all time. Having collected several prestigious film awards at home, she is going to continue to replenish this collection.

Cloudless sky of Britain

The whole life story of this amazing woman is completely different from the well-known story of the shy Cinderella. She never had to count the last penny. Emma Thompson was born in a fairly respectable family, which was closely connected with show business, art, the world of cinema.Emma Thompson

The future owner of the Emmy Award was born in mid-April 1959 in London, near the famous Paddington station in the capital. Running a little ahead, it can be noted that her younger sister is also quite a lucky actress. And my mother often appeared with Emma in one shot. All the ladies live on the same street and still communicate very warmly and at home, periodically asking each other for advice on a given occasion. In an interview six years ago, the actress admitted that her family plays a huge role in her life. She said that in the form of the center of human life - the family is not always a matter of kinship. Rather, it is an indestructible bond that forever unites people with common views or principles. But in her case, everything happened in a classic way.

Study and hope

Future actress Emma Thompsonwent to a school for girls, and spent her vacation time in a Scottish village where her mother’s parents lived. As a teenager, she became interested in English literature and dreamed that she herself would someday write books. To make her dream come true as soon as possible, after graduating from school, she enters the college at the University of Cambridge, where she begins to study philology.Then, however, Emma Thompson, whose photo often appears on the pages of glossy magazines, admitted that after raising the family of her parents - Phillida and Eric - she did not have a single chance to choose a different profession other than acting.

At university, she becomes one of the members of the Footlights troupe (there were many famous comedians in different years). She develops her talent to make people laugh literally in a couple of minutes, going on stage in comic roles. By the way, as part of the troupe, she is the only lady, which unequivocally speaks of her determination. At the same time, she becomes a feminist, begins to wear a short hairstyle (having dyed her hair red). Now Emma rides a motorcycle at great speed with pleasure.

Happiness and sorrow go side by side

It is Emma Thompsonmade the creator of an interesting trio, which included the comedians Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie (yes, the same doctor from the series). For a while, Emma and Hugh were a couple. That period was for Thompson a time of constant, every minute happiness. Emma participated in the creation of the first female production of “The Time of Women”, was the winner at theater festivals.

emma thompson movies

But 1982 came, which turned out to be too cruel for her. Suddenly and unexpectedly, Emma's father died.In order to somehow heal herself from the pain, she plunges into the work. Later she said that she was very sad about him and regretted that this was the case. But at the same time he understands: if dad were still alive, she would never have had the strength and courage to change something in his life.

Now Emma Thompson has become a successful theater actress. She plays both in serious Shakespeare plays and in comedy sketches. Begins his work on television. It is thanks to her that the comedy program "Outdoors" appeared, which instantly, from the first issues, came to taste of many viewers. Thompson also began to play in the historical series of the Air Force channel. Participation in the project “The vicissitudes of war” and in the black comedy “Tutti Frutti” brought her the first significant awards: Emma was recognized as the best actress according to the version of the British Film Academy.

Emma Thompson Big Movie

Her debut feature film was telecommedia “There’s nothing to worry about!”, Followed by a number of similar projects. Then there were more works, one of which was called the "Big Man". It was a melodrama, and Emma's character was Kate Lemmon, a slightly eccentric nurse.

And the world recognition came to the actress after the cinema duet with Anthony Hopkins himself in the social drama about love “At the End of the Day” and the historical picture “Howard End”. At the same time came out and made a furor story based on purely biographical data Thompson - "In the name of the father." All these pictures brought Emma prestigious film awards. Now she began to be invited to shoot and foreign film studios.

Emma Thompson Photos

In Hollywood, she went on the set with Antonio Banderas (thriller “Dreaming of Argentina”), with Arnie Schwarzenegger and Denis de Vito (comedy “Junior”). She even tried on the image of the first lady of the United States, becoming for a while the screen wife of John Travolta in the political tragicomedy "Primary colors".

These are the successful first steps made by actress Emma Thompson, whose films won the hearts of viewers of different generations.

Terrible nanny and professor Trelawney: is it really Emma Thompson?

Thanks to the film "Reason and Feelings", Emma Thompson became the first person to be nominated for an Oscar not only for the best acting game, but also for the best screenplay. For five years she tried to adapt the novel for the cinema. In addition, when she played in the picture, the woman was already 36, and her heroine was only 19. After this, there were more than enough roles for Emma.She played in “The Kiss of Judas”, “Real Love” and many other films, shocking viewers and critics with magnificent self-irony and aristocratic play.

And then two roles appeared in her creative biography, thanks to which even those who by some ridiculous chance did not watch her other works appeared.

For nearly a decade, Emma Thompson, whose filmography affects most of the film critics with her widest range, prepared an interesting comedy script for the whole family - “My terrible nanny”, which was released 12 years ago, in 2005. She herself called the film a classic western, in which, instead of the sheriff, there is an unusual nanny. And indeed, her character was a little strange, even, it seems, a little magical. And insanely interesting.

Emma Thompson Filmography

The second role happened a little later, when the children (and adults) politely took a great interest in the adventures of an ordinary boy, who turned out to be the only survivor after meeting the evil wizard. Emma Thompson herself admitted to journalists that she agreed to the role of Professor Trelawney in the third part of the Harry Potter saga and the prisoner of Azkaban only for the sake of her daughter.Her character was a kind but somewhat eccentric teacher of predictions. Emma’s role was almost comedic, which she didn’t like very much. She wanted to bring in the image of the highlight, to stop the character in the jewel. But she was not allowed to. The work in the project seemed to her not interesting enough, because modern technologies of computer animation replaced some part of the real interaction of the actors on the set. But at the same time, she said with a smile that the best actors played in the story of the boy who survived. Therefore, she would be offended, not having received an invitation to join the team.

Personal life

Her first husband was actor Kenneth Branagh. They lived together for only six years, without exposing the details of their personal life for all to see. The separation was painful for Emma. She was cured only while she was working on Mind and Feelings, when she began a relationship with actor Greg Wise, who was several years younger than her. At 39 years old, she gave birth to a daughter Gayu from Greg, and four years later they officially married. In this marriage, there is another child - an adopted young man from Rwanda.

actress emma thompson

Now the actress is actively involved in the work of Greenpeace and many other charitable and human rights organizations.

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