Emily Mortimer: a biography and career

Emily Mortimer is a British actress who has performed more than fifty roles in films of various genres. The article draws attention to the biography, career growth and some of its work.

Biography: the beginning

Emily Mortimer (photo below) was born in 1971 in the western part of London - Hammersmith County. She grew up in a large family. After all, apart from her sister, she has stepbrothers and a sister from her father's previous relationship, the famous playwright John Mortimer.

Emily MortimerAs a child, Emily studied at the St. Paul's School for Girls in London, where she began to show promise by taking part in local performances. After school, she entered Oxford University, where she received a degree in Russian and English. But the cradle for the scene is not lost.

First roles

After several university performances and a couple of television multiseries projects, the girl received her first significant role in the Glass Virgin mini-series (1995).The plot is about a young girl, Annabella, who spent all her childhood in luxury and had no idea that she would ever be at the bottom.

This served as a strong impetus for her career to go uphill. Literally in four years, she appeared in several projects at once, the most popular of which are Sharpe's Saber (1995), “The Head of the Christmas Fun” (1996), “The Return Home” (1998).


But the really good roles of the actress Emily Mortimer began to get a little later. In 2000, she, together with Bruce Willis, starred in the family comedy “The Kid”. In “Charming and Attractive” (2001) she played the middle daughter of the main character, Jane, who decided on a weight loss operation. And in 2002, in the film “Formula 51,” the actress played a mercenary, sent to kill a chemist who crossed the road to a major drug trafficker.

Emily Mortimer Movies

Then she got the lead role in the dramatic comedy “Golden Youth” (2003) and the same year she released the drama “Dear Frankie”, where Emily Mortimer performed the role of a mother who for many years hides the truth about his father from her nine-year-old son.

Still ahead

In 2005, Woody Allen showed his new thriller “Match Point”, in which Emily entrusted one of the main roles.And 2007 was marked by the film “The Chaos Theory”, where she starred in a pair with Ryan Reynolds. In 2009, the film “Harry Brown” was released, where the actress played Lieutenant Alice Frampton.

Emily Mortimer photoNext came the iconic psychological thriller "Isle of the Damned" (2010). There, she played the infanticide Rachel Solando, who escaped from a mental hospital. Also, the actress remembered the role of the executive producer of the news program in the popular American TV series "News Service" (2012 - 2014).

Film directors still continue to invite Emily Mortimer to their projects. Films with her will still be shot. For example, in 2018, the fantasy musical “Mary Poppins Returns” will be released. And finally, let's pay attention to some popular projects with the participation of the actress.

Formula 51 (2002)

A crime comedy tells the story of a talented chemist who created a new synthetic drug and decided to make a lot of money on it. That's just a dangerous thing, because then you have to get around your distributor, a large drug dealer named Lizard.

actress emily mortimerFor the sale of goods, Elmo McElroy goes to Liverpool, where he soon finds a sufficient number of buyers of the substance, which he calls the "formula 51".It is unclear just whether he will be able to spend the money earned, because the Lizard sent a hired assassin in his guise as a pretty girl.

Match Point (2006)

In the dramatic thriller “Match Point” we are talking about tennis player - Chris Wilton, who gets a job at an elite sports club as a coach. There he meets Tom Hewitt. He introduces Chris to his parents and sister Chloe (Emily Mortimer), with whom he begins a relationship. But Chris is in love with another girl, Tom Nola Rice's girlfriend, which he literally starts to pursue. In the end, he achieves it, but his happiness does not last long, because Tom breaks up with Nola and the girl leaves.

Emily MortimerMeanwhile, Chris marries Chloe and becomes a very wealthy man - as a gift to the wedding, the newlyweds get a luxurious apartment and a good position. But a sudden meeting with Nola forces the guy to choose between her and the rich life he has always dreamed of.

"News Service" (2012-2014)

The television series talks about employees of the fictional news channel ACN. Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) is a popular evening news host, but management believes the show is long overdue.Therefore, they hire a new executive producer — Mackenzie McHale (Emily Mortimer) —and even allow her to take on her team, which she is used to working with.

Emily Mortimer MoviesMackenzie completely revises the format of the show and tries to make it more honest, not paying attention to the ratings. At first, everyone supports it, the first issues give good results. But after several statements towards some politicians and parties, the leadership begins to doubt its choice.

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