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Many dream of relaxing in the sea, falling asleep under the sound of sea waves, and when they wake up, run down the cool white sand to the gentle waves, hurrying towards the bright sun. All this can be found in Tunisia, the most famous resort in tourist circles. The sea here, as noted by tourists, beckons a bright blue, azure color. Algae swaying in its depths, between which golden fish glide. Decorates the seabed fancy pile of corals with grottoes and caves, beckoning with their mysteries. The Mediterranean water element is just perfect for diving. Sea water in the summer warms up to 28 degrees. The beaches are completely white, and none of the people step on the sand shod. At the entrances there are special stands for shoes. Such a rule applies to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, belonging to Tunisia.

el mouradi skanes 4 tunisia reviews

Where to live in Tunisia?

As in any maritime country, tourists are offered many hotels with expensive rooms, mini-hotels where housing prices are not so high. But perhaps better than the hotel El Mouradi Skanes 4 * (Tunisia), reviews of which we consider today, the overseas guest will not find anything. The hotel was built in a good location in the tourist area of ​​Mahdia, which is famous for its large annual number of tourists. In El Mouradi Mahdia 4 * you can not hear the noise of people, here you can hear the sea. The hotel can be reached by tourists in different ways:

  • Landing at the airport of Monastir, descending the ramp of the plane, the guest will easily overcome the distance of 45 kilometers on the transfer bus belonging to the hotel; the bus is waiting for guests at the airport.
  • If the flown person wishes to immediately plunge into an unfamiliar life, he will be able to use public transport.
  • You can hire a taxi and get to the hotel cheaply and comfortably.

Finally, arriving at the hotel. Remained simple formalities - a comfortable room at the disposal of the guest.

About El Mouradi Skanes 4 *

Those who visited Tunisia, strive to describe in detail their impressions of the exotic country and the overseas hotel El Mouradi Skanes 4 * on numerous travel sites:

  1. Tourists who value comfort above all else, pay attention to the home side of the rest. Employees in the hotel are polite, attentive, the whims of the guests are performed instantly, for example, the request to put the kettle is not fulfilled at all for tips, but the old-timers advise novices to leave the maids even occasionally in dinar. As seen by the guests, the rooms are cleaned daily, the beds change regularly, shampoo and gel in the showers and baths, decorated with marble, do not run out. The only problem is the language, but it is surmountable: there are many translators in the hotel staff who speak different languages, not only English, although it is more convenient for modern tourists to use the online dictionary for independent translation.
  2. The second plus rest in the hotel named: the opportunity to undergo a wellness course in the spa, enjoy a massage with jasmine oil. Among the procedures there is a real exotic, to match up with Tunisia itself - wrapping the "veil" of algae. You will not be bored on vacation - the animators will disperse the slightest sadness, organizing tirelessly games and water exercises for children and adults.
  3. In this hotel, children are happy to meet.For them, there are cots in the rooms, a mini-club, and a playground. Children for several hours can be left under the supervision of a nanny. This fact is often mentioned by grateful parents in their positive feedback.
  4. We also welcome disabled tourists here. They are provided with specially equipped cozy rooms.
  5. There is a place and visitors with animals.

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In fact

Hotel El Mouradi Skanes 4 * built recently, about twenty years ago. A few years after opening, the hotel was reconstructed. Two four-story buildings were added, against which a six-story central building stands out. It has a peculiar architecture - arched windows and vaulted ceilings. Here luxury reigns: a marble finish shines, illuminated by the flickering light of fancy lamps. The same rich decoration of hotel rooms, which are a little more than three hundred. Many rooms are decorated according to the Junior type: in them the living room is separated from the bedroom by a fancy arch. Seasoned tourists are advised not to choose the first floor. It does not have a clear view of the horizon, and Tunisia has a very beautiful sky, especially at night.But the guests of the first floor enjoy views of the sea and blue waters of the pool.

El Mouradi Skanes 4 *: All Inclusive

All residents use the “all inclusive” system, which is very convenient, because it takes time to understand the structure of life in Mahdia. It is difficult to list all that the named service includes:

  • in the rooms there are TVs that you will not see anyone already, air conditioners, hair dryers, but safes can be used for a fee;
  • Internet and Wi-Fi, familiar to all inhabitants of the globe, their absence causes many problems;
  • an exchange office where, without fuss and extra commissions, you can exchange European money for local money;
  • in the shops scattered around the territory, just for a few dinars, you can buy souvenirs, beach accessories, forgotten houses, a variety of dishes prepared according to local recipes;
  • for the bored various sports competitions are organized;
  • there is a functioning golf club not far from the hotel, so here, in the hotel, one can meet ordinary people, fans of this game, as well as celebrities;
  • in the hotel El Mouradi Skanes (Monastir, Tunisia), you can improve your health, which is important for guests: hammam, sauna, Turkish bath,SPA salon, gym; the fitness center, tennis court, volleyball courts, billiard room are popular, there are no restrictions for entry;
  • tourists are not afraid of bad weather: there is a hotel in El Mouradi Skanes 4 * pools - normal and heated, as well as shallow - for young guests;
  • for them, as favorites of the public, children of different ages, children's parties are organized daily;
  • El Mouradi Skanes 4 * is available for adults - nightclub, bars, discos.

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For businessmen

As noted in numerous reviews, El Mouradi Skanes 4 * (Tunisia) is not a simple hotel. Business meetings are often held here. In the world there are people who can not for a moment break away from their affairs and devote themselves entirely to rest. As a rule, powerful businessmen come in shiny black cars and park near the building on an equipped playground. By the way, you can park a rented car for any foreign visitor. Available at the El Mouradi Skanes 4 * business center, which has several conference rooms. Three of them can accommodate 60 visitors, the largest, called Africa, can accommodate over 500 entrepreneurs. This room is equipped with the latest technology.

Review rooms through the eyes of the administrator and tourist

Tourists have the right to choose their own apartments. Here is the description of El Mouradi Skanes 4 * rooms of different categories:

  1. At the disposal of the hotel - single, single rooms with sea views. At the request of the guests there will be a second bed. A room with a balcony, in it - a separate shower. TV is connected to two Russian channels. A safe with an electronic device at the El Mouradi Skanes 4 * hotel is a paid service, which upsets the guests a bit, but this money is returned at the end of the reservation - plus the hotel service system. Air conditioners are not connected to a common system, which is very convenient for guests. Room service every day. Change of linen in two days.
  2. The hotel also has double rooms with a sea view. Visitors are amazed by the extraordinary interior. From the small terrace you can admire the picturesque scenery. Private bathroom, equipped with everything necessary. Telephone, small fridge, satellite TV, air conditioning.
  3. The Junior Suites apartments are truly luxurious and elegant. Modern furniture: a luxurious bed, sofa, chairs, carpets.

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Nutrition Question

Tourists traveling to the coast of Africa, the question arises: what kind of food in Tunisia? After all, local cuisine is unusual for Europeans.It turns out that fears are superfluous; visitors are offered both European dishes and original local dishes. At the El Mouradi Skanes 4 * hotel, meals are made quite simple:

  1. You can order lunches, breakfasts and dinners in a large restaurant located on the second floor of the hotel.
  2. There is a second option - to visit two small restaurants.
  3. If you wish, you can have a snack in a cozy cafe, by the way, a hookah is offered to visitors here.
  4. Another option - five bars located on the territory, by the pool, on the beach. According to the tourists, there is a large selection of soft drinks in the bars, there is always chilled mineral water, all sorts of juices, syrups, delicious coffee, tea for every taste, hot chocolate. Those interested can have a mug of beer or something stronger.
  5. Those who go to the city have the opportunity to dine in the small, inexpensive dining halls that meet on the way. The dishes served there are as tasty as those cooked in the restaurant.

Food is a favorite topic for tourists. Analyzing their numerous reviews, we can conclude that the food in Tunisia is extremely tasty. In the restaurant El Mouradi Skanes 4 * guests are admired by the prevailing diversity: the menu is always meat and fish, and there are different kinds of vegetables, vegetable salads and a lot of side dishes.Of all the main courses offered, children choose pasta for some reason. Breakfast is usual for everyone - tea, coffee, sandwiches, pastries. For lunch and dinner, sparkling wine is surely served - white, red and pink, beer, juices, drinks. By the way, the dessert is very tasty, the trays are constantly replenished with new cakes. Along with high-calorie dishes for dinner are fruits, watermelons, melons, grapes and dates. Very convenient service: in the hall, designed for three hundred people, a buffet is served three times a day, and visitors choose dishes according to their taste. If someone wants to replace dinner with a cup of tea and coffee, you need to go to a cafe.

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El Mouradi Skanes 4 *: beach

After breakfast, some tourists go to see the sights of Mahdia, most are going to the beach. You can get there only from the hotel, spending five minutes on the way. Meeting with the sea pleases everyone. The seabed is smooth, without algae, only depth lovers have to walk for a long time, watching the water gradually envelop the legs, the body. And for children such a shallow sea is just to their liking: they are ready to spend the whole day in it. The beach accommodates everyone.The only negative is that those who do not want to lie directly on the hot sand, you need to come to the sea coast early to take a lounger. But the sea air in the early morning is more useful than a red-hot dry heat. The body quietly saturated with iodine vapor. So you shouldn’t complain about the temporary inconvenience, because everyone who lives in the hotel El Mouradi Skanes (Monastir, Tunisia) can use the sun beds, umbrellas and inflatable mattresses (the “All Inclusive” moment continues). Beach shoes are issued and fresh towels, but on bail. In the evening they should be handed over to the laundry in order to be taken again in the morning. After returning from a trip, tourists delightedly say that the beach of the hotel where they lived was the most beautiful and cleanest in the city.

The sea sometimes presents surprises: jellyfish appear in August water. On the advice of tourists who are faced with this, you should not take vouchers for the end of summer. But you can’t argue with nature, jellyfish "occupy" all the coastal waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Having a rest it is necessary to be content with walks along the coast, and to bathe in the pools belonging to the hotel.

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Local Attractions

You can not spend your entire vacation in El Mouradi Skanes 4 * and not see the local sights. There are many places to visit:

  1. On the advice of seasoned newcomers go for souvenirs at the local market of Medina in Mahdia. On market days, the area looks like a hive: many sellers, and even more buyers. It seems that all the nations of the world spoke together. Mahdia has been famous all over the world silk masterpieces, which, by the way, and today are handmade on ancient looms. Prices of goods are quite high, but why not purchase a gift beautiful small tippet or a funny T-shirt? Attract and olive oil, as in Tunisia operates a global company Zouila for the production of products of the olives, as well as bricks handmade soap. Market prices are much lower than store prices, and you can bargain.
  2. There are a lot of interesting and very Mahdia: an old mosque, which bears the name of Mustafa Hamza. A visit to the fortress will cost the guest about $ 100. An interesting and collection of clothes of local residents, collected over several centuries, exhibited in the City Museum.
  3. For only one hundred and twenty rubles you can visit the fortress Bordj-el-Kebir.The ancient fortification is located on Cape Africa.
  4. The city of Monastir, located north of the hotel, just will not let the visitor. After all, here is the current Great Mosque and the oldest and largest fortress in Africa, called a female name - Ribat.
  5. From Mahdia you can quickly get to Carthage, to the age-old ruins; to walk among the ruins, to stroke the rough stones of the structures erected two thousand years ago. By the way, not far from the ruins one can see the summer residence of the President of the State of Tunisia.
  6. Not far from Carthage is a city named after Saint Said. Sidi Bou Said is like a museum where everyone is allowed to live. Travelers call it the “blue kingdom”: all architecture sparkles with azure blue. The city is also famous for its source throwing water splashes high up.
  7. An interesting and unforgettable two-day trip to the Sahara. Extremes go there accompanied by local residents who offer very unusual means of transportation: double-humped camels or tetracycles. In the hot sands you need to stay until sunset in order to observe how the desert “blooms” in the rays of the setting sun.On the way to the Sahara will meet the Colosseum, for the entrance to which you need to pay a symbolic amount. Here attention is attracted by the amphitheater, the stones of which are covered with gray antiquity.
  8. Guests with children will be more interesting in the zoo, which contains all the animals living in the wild nature of Africa. In the dolphinarium there is an opportunity to frolic with a dolphin. From this trip, all return not only with a lot of emotions, but also with a lot of pictures. In their opinion, Tunisia is a country in which you need to go only for impressions from excursions. By the way, the price is the same, that in the Sahara, in the zoo: for one family member will have to spend 12,000 rubles. Excursion to Carthage is much cheaper, only 4000 rubles per person.

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Guest reviews

According to reviews of the guests of the El Mouradi Skanes 4 * hotel, the service here is high-class. Here are a few points mentioned by guests in reviews:

  1. If you have to come to the place of new residence in the morning, it does not matter. Despite the early time, the hotel administrator will find a comfortable clean and quiet room, cleaned by maids daily.
  2. Hotel staff is multilingual. This greatly reduces the chance of a language barrier.This fact, many tourists noted in their positive reviews.
  3. On the issue of food opinion of tourists unanimously. A rich and tasty lunch, where a huge selection of meat dishes from chicken, turkey, pork, fish, various side dishes for them, reigns real abundance of fruits and drinks.
  4. On vacation is busy every day: sea, beach, travel. Sometimes, when you want silence, you can go to the far pool, while in the pond near the stage is always noisy: animators perform.
  5. You can plunge into the nightlife: dancing, karaoke, concerts, nightclubs, enjoy the familiar Russian music.
  6. Surprise excursions: they are organized by the hotel itself, as well as travel agencies. Travel prices are very reasonable, but all the attractions of Tunisia is simply impossible to see.
  7. The only inconvenience is considered an Internet connection. From midnight until the morning it “flies”, in the daytime it connects somewhat slowly. On the advice of tourists, it is better to purchase a local SIM card.
  8. In the hotel El Mouradi Skanes 4 * parking is paid, but well guarded. This fact is rarely mentioned in positive reviews. He rather causes some indignation. But this rule works in many hotels, and it’s hard to argue with him.

Many, going to Tunisia for the first time, book the hotel El Mouradi Skanes 4 * (Monastir) on the advice of friends. The hotel surprises with antiquity and historical color, which is impossible to immediately cover. Every day during the inspection of buildings, something new is found. At sea, you can plenty to jump on the waves. If a jellyfish touches the foot, it is not fatal - medical assistance will be provided immediately. When it is time for the first dinner, the abundance of dishes amazes all the Russian guests - and this is not window dressing. In the morning at an early hour many tasty dishes are already prepared. Even from a rabbit! And what drinks are sweet! And the wines are different every day, you will not try them all! Some visitors are interested in how cooks manage to cook so quickly. In response, they just smile. Bored young and tourists in the age of once: constant meeting new people and talk until the morning. When it comes time to buy souvenirs, it turns out that shops are very close, and prices are quite low. Travelers are satisfied with all the nuances of the service. In reviews posted on social networks, a warning sounds to newly minted tourists: do not believe the bad reviews about the hotel El Mouradi Skanes 4 * (Monastir).

Last notes

Many people who are going on a long trip abroad, frightened by the fact of living in an unfamiliar environment. At the end of the vacation the opinion changes:

  • The staff does everything to make visitors feel comfortable in the room, and on site. Any maid will gladly give the necessary advice such as: how to pass or how to drive.
  • You can dine in the restaurants of the hotel; if tourists are on excursions, then you can go to any dining room of the resort town.
  • The rooms are equipped perfectly, so fear that there will not be something familiar will be in vain.
  • The concierge service of the hotel will help you decide on a guided tour. She organizes not only walking-shopping, but also automobile.

As noted in numerous reviews, in El Mouradi Skanes 4 * (Tunisia), the rest is going with a bang. I do not want to say goodbye to the African state. Many tourists who have been to El Mouradi Skanes 4 * (Tunisia), rarely leave negative feedback. Most of them are ready to return here next year and once again plunge into the atmosphere of homeliness and comfort. After all, as noted in the responses, everything has to rest here, and the caring staff makes every effort to ensure that everyone here is not spoiled by minor troubles.

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