Ekaterina Kuznetsova: filmography and personal life

Many beautiful girls dream of becoming models, actresses or singers. Russian cinema is filled with a variety of female beauty. Many of them came from other countries, so Ekaterina Kuznetsova appeared in our country. The filmography of the girl is not very rich, but all her roles are memorable. She is not just a beautiful woman, but also a talented actress.

Ekaterina Kuznetsova: filmography, personal life

Ekaterina Kuznetsova filmography

Many celebrities build their families through work. These are busy people, and it’s much easier for them to meet your soul mate on the set. So Catherine Kuznetsova met her love. The filmography of the girl keeps the picture, on the set of which she met her future husband.

It was on the set of the Russian-Ukrainian series “You Can’t Serve Your Heart,” Kuznetsova and Yevgeny Pronin met there. They began to meet, but since they lived in different capitals, they had to fly on dates.Katya lived at that time in Kiev, and Zhenya lived in Moscow, but kept the relationship at such a distance.

Moving to the beloved

Ekaterina Kuznetsova filmography husband

In two thousand and ten, the girl moved from Kiev to Moscow, in her career this was reflected only in a positive direction (see the section "Ekaterina Kuznetsova: Filmography"). The husband, still a civilian, fully supported the girl, was happy that her beloved finally decided on such a difficult move. He persuaded her for a long time, but Kate was difficult to make such a serious decision. After all, Kiev is the birthplace of her native city, the place where Yekaterina Kuznetsova was born and grew up. Filmography of the girl at a frenzied pace began to replenish her reserves, her career sought higher and higher.

Ekaterina had a lot of proposals for shooting films, she was ready to work around the clock, without interruptions for sleep and lunch. Sometimes I had to work in several films at once, but the actress was not tired, she liked it. When work is a part of you, you do not feel fatigue, you want to live and breathe it.

Short family life

Catherine Kuznetsova Filmography Private Life

Ekaterina Kuznetsova moved to Moscow in two thousand and nine, and she and Yevgeny immediately began to live together.The couple was happy, young people everywhere appeared together. They looked great, and many were jealous of such happiness. After all, with such work, especially when both are busy, it is difficult to maintain relationships, make plans and future.

For most stars, novels do not last long; something happens all the time: now it’s another love, now a divergence of opinions about the work done, then just fatigue and cold feelings.

Katya and Zhenya were different. They had one opinion, one view of work, life and family. Every day their feelings only grew stronger, love became stronger.

After four years of such cohabitation, young people submitted an application to the registry office. In the fall of two thousand and fourteenth year, they formalized their relationship, played the wedding, and became even happier. None of them could have foreseen that the marriage would be short-lived, because after four years of marriage together, you won’t even think about it.

Everything turned out to be not as trite as that of many divorcing couples. Just Catherine - a patriot of his country, and Eugene - his own. When problems began between Russia and Ukraine, each of them had his own opinion in favor of his homeland.They began to swear because of this and even could not talk for a long time. Each of them defended a personal opinion about politics.

It so happened that the discord of countries contributed to the discord in a strong family, where the spouses really loved each other. But they quarreled so much because of different views on what was happening, that they decided to leave. The marriage of this family lasted less than a year - only nine months.

Ekaterina Kuznetsova: filmography

actress Catherine Kuznetsova filmography

Many will remember the girl on the comedy series "Kitchen". There she played Sasha - a restaurant waitress and a girl of the main character. All the roles of this girl are strong and characteristic. Such a role has Ekaterina Kuznetsova. The filmography of this actress was born, like the girl herself, in Ukraine, but she began to gain momentum in Russia. Consider the list of films where Kuznetsova played:

  • "Psycho".
  • "A big difference".
  • "Lawless Heart".
  • "The best 3D movie."
  • "Give me a Sunday."
  • "Kitchen".
  • "Queen of thugs".
  • "The water is clean at the source."
  • "Year in Tuscany".
  • "War of the sexes".
  • "Anka from Moldovan".

All films deserve attention, they are filled with energy and life. We wish the actress a successful career, interesting roles.And, of course, happiness and success in your personal life.

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