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Most often, speaking of sports nutrition, people imagine dairy. In fact, milk is not the only source of protein. Today, there is also soy and casein, a complex protein. Egg in this series is not the first place, but in vain, because it is the best and most effective product for sports nutrition. Today we will discuss with you its advantages and disadvantages so that you can easily make your choice.

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The standard of sports nutrition

Many athletes do not have a question about whether protein is necessary for serious physical exertion. Egg or some other - this is the second question that needs to be addressed together. And the first reason we want to cite the statement of dietitians. They argue that it is egg white - the standard among all types of proteins. The biological value of the product is 100%, so it is recommended for athletes who have enormous loads on their shoulders.Egg protein is relatively cheap, it has the perfect amino acid composition. In addition, it does not contain lactose, and therefore suitable for athletes of any level.egg protein reviews

Why egg white

In order for the muscles to grow, and the body has enough energy, even taking into account the high activity, it is necessary to consume a lot of protein, and without excess ballast, which is fat. Therefore, for a long time athletes, even starting to practice at home, try to eat more eggs. This is the most effective way to get the necessary protein without overloading the body with calories. However, it should be borne in mind that a raw egg is digested only by 50%, a boiled one approximately by 85%, and only egg protein can be digested at 100%. It turns out that in order to get a daily dose of protein, you will need very little of it. This is used by those who want to lose weight, because protein provides satiety for a long time.

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Egg protein or whey?

Despite the availability of information, today athletes continue to overcome this difficult choice. In fact, much depends on the manufacturer and product quality, so pay attention primarily to the packaging.More recently, athletes used only egg protein. Reviews suggest that today he has not lost its popularity among professionals. There are a number of reasons for this. Such a product is an excellent source of protein, with its help muscle fibers build up faster than with any other of those that are on the market today. Therefore, the results of training will be noticeable much faster. It is easily digested and provides the body with energy, and also has a long period of decay. That is, after exercise the muscles will be provided with nutrients. It does not contain such harmful components as lactose, cholesterol and fats, it is completely natural and safe. It contains unique amino acids with high sulfur content. Excellent taste makes it one of the best supplements. The disadvantage can only be considered a high price.

egg protein or whey

Whey Protein

Whey proteins have replaced egg, having conquered athletes in the first place the speed of assimilation. These are the leaders of their kind, which instantly give a huge charge of energy for the muscles. But there is a minus here: just as fast, whey proteins are eliminated from the body,so you need to take them often enough. This is a terrific source of amino acids that are essential for building muscle. In addition to amino acids, there are not many peptides and calcium. Whey proteins have another property: they increase protein synthesis in the body.

Summing up, we can say that both whey and egg proteins are extremely important for sports nutrition, both of them are easily prepared and absorbed, have a natural and harmless basis.

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Famous Brands

If you choose the best egg protein, then, of course, you need to collect information about leading companies and brands. One of the most famous is Egg Protein from Optimum Nutrition. This is a high-quality product from the world famous manufacturer of sports nutrition. One portion of it contains 110 calories, 2 grams of carbohydrates and 24 grams of protein mixture. Protein does not contain lactose, which means it is ideal for people with its intolerance. The cost of one package (908 g) is about 2990 rubles.

The second most popular is Egg White Protein from Body First. This is another stunning brand that is considered the benchmark for quality. One serving of the product contains 75 calories, 0.9 g of carbohydrates and 16 g of protein.A large amount of vitamins and amino acids is a support for the body under the most serious loads. The cost of one package (454 g) - 2100 rubles. As you can see, egg protein is quite expensive. For this money you can buy a much larger amount of whey protein. But professional athletes often trust the proven egg white.

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Preparing sports nutrition at home

If you have time and desire to experiment, you can cook egg protein at home. To do this, you need a lot of eggs, so buy a few trays in advance. In fact, there is nothing difficult in this, it is enough to collect enough plastic pallets and find a suitable drying cabinet. The point is simple: eggs are whipped in a blender and the resulting mass is spread in a thin layer on a tray. Now it must be put to dry. You can make a wooden lattice and install it above the central heating system. On it you place the pallets, and the hot air will do its job. Others put them on the refrigerator, as close as possible to the wall. Heat from the compressor will become a drying cabinet.Soon the egg film will crack, and it can be collected in a bucket from under mayonnaise.

Store powdered powder better in the refrigerator. To fill one can (330 g of powder) about 25 eggs will go away. It remains to grind it - and can be used for its intended purpose. Just one tablespoon will replace two eggs. This protein powder can be used by athletes, and also it is perfect for culinary creations. Before use, it is enough to mix with water and let it brew for about 10 minutes. It is especially good if such a powder is made from homemade eggs that are not stuffed with "chemistry".

Let's sum up

Egg protein is the best food for an athlete who wants to achieve results, but cares about his health. Despite all the advantages of whey proteins, it gives a much faster and better result. Muscles grow faster, and the athlete maintains vigor and good mood. The price of them is higher than all the others, but the result is worth it.

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