Dysfunctional family: do not be indifferent

Life is not always the way we areimagine it. An ideal cozy home, loving parents, talented children, good work - often all this is just a picture from a glossy magazine. And what if the start from the outset is spoiled, if a troubled family poisons all hopes? Can anyone help? And who should do this? How strong should state control be, and how much is social responsibility?

First, it is necessary to define the concept.dysfunctional familyDysfunctional family - this is not alwayspoor or incomplete. Children can have both parents, wealth can be, but if at home violence and humiliation, if the father or mother drinks or takes drugs, if anyone is in prison, all this testifies to the profound dysfunctionality of such a "social unit". Street orphans, beggars immediately striking. And it becomes clear to us that only a dysfunctional family could allow children to be essentially left to themselves and take care of their own survival. But what if everything is hidden behind the facade of decency? If tragedies occur behind a high fence and metal doors? After all, social services do not take care of a child from such a family: parents do not ask for benefits, children are not expelled to the street. Problems that cripple the psyche for life, are not visible at first sight. So, alcoholism and, moreover, drug addiction - this is the lot of not only "dregs of society". These are diseases that can affect anyone. And domestic violence does not always happen only in slums.

In addition, if in the past a dysfunctional familycould rely on active intervention of public services - there were systems of compulsory treatment of alcoholism, sobering-up centers, help was providedchildren from socially disadvantaged familiesfor free - now these opportunities are limited. And there is a paradoxical situation: at the governmental level, an international scandal is fomenting: "Our children are being killed by evil Americans!", But inside the country there is no problem either, or they reliably close their eyes. The experience of other states shows that a high standard of living does not protect against pathologies, from socially significant diseases. An unsuccessful family needs psychological support and help rather than material support. Who should pay attention to this, who should be concerned about the fate of the child?

Children from socially disadvantaged families often have huge psychological problems. They have a high level of anxiety, they may lag behind in development, they have no conditions for obtainingchildren in dysfunctional familiesquality education. First of all, such problems can and should be noticed by people from the closest circle: neighbors, relatives, school employees. Indifference and non-interference are the reasons why an unsuccessful family is deprived of the possibility of receiving assistance. In many countries, social advertising is widely distributed, aimed at protection from violence. In addition to public assistance programs, the state and non-profit organizations provide consulting, housing, and psychological support. For example, the centers of crisis situations or telephone lines of trust justify itself. An unsuccessful family is not a private matter. People suffering from violence, alcoholism, drug addiction, relatives, should know where to turn for help. And most importantly: in the public consciousness it is necessary to form an installation for the protection of the weak. After all, children in dysfunctional families very often suffer in silence, do not believe anyone and can not share their problems. Crisis centers provide victims of violence to the table and shelter, help to solve legal and legal problems. People need to know that in the most difficult situation they have where to turn for help.

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Dysfunctional family: do not be indifferent Dysfunctional family: do not be indifferent Dysfunctional family: do not be indifferent Dysfunctional family: do not be indifferent Dysfunctional family: do not be indifferent Dysfunctional family: do not be indifferent Dysfunctional family: do not be indifferent Dysfunctional family: do not be indifferent