Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson: biography and photo

The uniqueness and uniqueness of events in the life of people is described by each biography. Sarah Margaret Ferguson, the photo of which is in this article, is an aristocrat, duchess and simultaneously a British writer. She is a great speaker and popular TV star. The life of this woman is closely connected with the royal court.


Sarah Ferguson, whose biography is described in this article, was born on October 15, 1959 in the capital of Great Britain. The girl was the second child in the family. Her mother, Susan Mary Wright, and father, Ronald Ferguson, divorced in 1972. Sarah was only 13 years old at the time. Susan is married to Getor Barrantes, a polo player. They moved to Argentina. Sarah stayed with her father. He married again in 1976, and from his second marriage he had three more children.Sarah Ferguson

Sarah almost did not communicate with her mother. Calling to Argentina was an expensive pleasure, and it was not possible to see at all. Then the Falklands War began.This circumstance did not allow Susan Marie to come to her daughter, and Sarah all her life held a grudge against her mother.

Aristocratic roots

The girl called her family “moneyless nobles”. Interestingly, despite the aristocratic roots, she was not considered a noblewoman. Nevertheless, in the pedigree of Sarah are closely intertwined the dynasties of the Stuarts and the Tudors. Margaret is in distant kinship with the King of England, Charles the Second, and on the grandmother's line - with Elizabeth II.


First, Sarah Ferguson studied in boarding schools. Then she was transferred to the school of art in the county of Burkshire. There she was fascinated by ballet. The girl was very curious, she loved art and dancing. Sarah has preserved her love for them until her mature age. When she was 18 years old, she graduated from the secretary courses that were held at the Royal College.Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York

First job

After receiving her first specialty, Sarah got a job at a public relations firm. After some time, moved to the art gallery, and then to the publishing house. Sarah lived quite modestly, often barely making ends meet, but this did not prevent her from leading an active life and rejoicing in her.Periodically, the girl could even afford to ski in Switzerland.

Personal life

There, Sarah began an affair with Peddie McNally, a race car driver. Their relationship lasted almost three years. During this time, Sarah repeatedly offered Peddie to formalize official relations, but Macnelli did not agree. Their relationship ended in 1985, Sarah gave Macnelli an ultimatum: either they marry, or she leaves him. Peddy chose the second option.Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York Photo

In 1985, Sarah Ferguson renewed her acquaintance with Prince Andrew. Helped the development of their romance Princess Diana. She even organized a visit to the ship on which Andrew served, and took Sarah on a trip as her maid of honor. Roman Ferguson and the prince developed quickly, and a year later they were married. After the marriage from Elizabeth, the Second Prince was granted the title of Duke of York, who automatically transferred to his spouse.

But the marriage was unsuccessful and short. First, Sarah won the favor of the royal family. Many of the aristocrats were convinced that she was the wrong spouse for the prince. The titles "Your Highness" and the Duchess greatly elevated Ferguson over the nobility.

Sarah began to actively use all the privileges of her position - she stopped for free in the most luxurious hotels, traveled in expensive limousines, flew only first class, etc.But she did not have time to do her royal duties, for the year she was able to fulfill only a tenth part. The Duchess has always been distinguished by its liveliness, love of life, finding good even in negative situations.sara ferguson biography

But loneliness due to the constant travels of her husband began to show. Sarah wanted to have a full-fledged family, but it turned out that she was more immersed in a bunch of responsibilities. Gradually differences began between the spouses. Sarah Ferguson tried to save the marriage, but this was not facilitated by the frequent absences of her husband. Andrew responded to the claims of his wife that he was first of all a prince, then an officer, and only after that was her husband. In marriage, he and Sarah were born two daughters - Beatrice and Eugene, but this did not save the relationship.

By the early 1990s. Sarah and Andrew no longer lived together. The prince was in constant business travels, which were necessary for him by status as a member of the royal family. The Duchess, in response, increasingly began to appear in company with other men, among whom was American multimillionaire Steve Wyatt. This caused ambiguous judgments not only among the royal family, but also among his subjects.


In March 1992, Sarahand Andrew announced termination of their relationship.This happened less than 6 years after the wedding. The spouses did not hurry to formalize the divorce, therefore the photographs of Sarah in D. Bryan’s society caused a lot of talk and negative reviews in the society. Duchess was attributed treason to her husband. She had to go through many public accusations before the spouses announced a final divorce in 1996.biography of sara margaret ferguson

New life

In the period from 1992-1996. Their Highnesses' relations were rather complex. Despite the fact that everyone had their own personal lives, they lived in a single mansion for several years, raising their daughters. During this period, Sarah and Andrew almost did not communicate, while other members of the royal family treated the duchess very coldly. After the divorce, Ferguson decided to leave her native Britain and moved to live in America.

Change in life

In the US, the Duchess of York began a new biography. Sarah Margaret Ferguson during the marital relationship became very stout and decided to regain the lost figure. She quickly dropped the extra pounds and developed a violent activity. At first she became a leading TV program, participated in charity movements.She especially tried to help children who had problems with obesity.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, plunged into a new life. She constantly appeared on various talk shows, starred in small TV shows, collaborated with cosmetic companies and was a representative of several brands. Became a producer of the film "Young Victoria". In this film, Beatrice, daughter of the Duchess, starred in one of the episodes. Since Sarah, when divorcing, did not sign the documents on non-disclosure of her biography, she published it and appeared in a reality show.biography of sara margaret ferguson photo

Return to the royal family

In 1997, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (her photo is in this article), reconciled with her ex-husband. They decided to try to arrange a ruined marriage. Began a model life. Spouses celebrated holidays together, lived together. At the same time, Andrew often appeared in public with models and wealthy heirs, and Sarah - in the company of aristocrats and businessmen.

The parting of the Duchess with her husband put everything in its place. Sarah and Andrew realized that they loved each other and decided not to part anymore. The queen always sympathized with Sarah and was not against supporting the daughter-in-law,since she makes the prince happy. Began a change for the better. For 13 years, Sarah was not allowed to go to Balmoral Castle, and in 2005 she was graciously allowed to stay there for several days. Relations with the royal family also improved. In 2008, Sarah Ferguson received an invitation for breakfast from Elizabeth II.

In 2013, there were reports in the media that there was a possibility that the Duchess and Prince Andrew would marry again. The daughters were delighted with the prospect of a parent reunion. So far, the couple maintain friendly and warm relations, but once again officially formalize the relationship in no hurry.

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