Dry cough treatment is imperative

Treatment methods

For proper and quick recovery, it is necessary to know the reasons that caused this unpleasant disease. You also need to know exactly how to act correctly in certain symptoms. Cough is divided into two main types: dry and wet.dry cough treatment

Why is it necessary to treat the disease

The appearance of cough may indicate a protective reaction of the body to remove unwanted substances from the respiratory tract. That is, a person needs to cough up, it is the natural and proper action of the body to get rid of foreign bodies. But it’s very important that such a process can take quite a long time, because the formed sputum has a viscousdry cough seizuresconsistency, and getting rid of it is difficult. In cases where the substance starts to stagnate, this can lead to more active development of infection and damage to the bronchi. Also a great concern to the patient can be a dry barking cough, a variation of which is whooping cough.A similar phenomenon occurs during stimulation of receptors in the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and during mechanical, thermal and chemical excitation. It happens that in the initial period of inflammation no “material” for coughing up has accumulated (there are also other diseases in which a clot should not be observed at all), so a dry cough is noticed in the victim, after which no improvement occurs. With abundant and frequent coughing, there is a risk of developing diseases such as pneumothorax and pneumomediastinum, after which subcutaneous emphysema begins to develop. Based on this, you need to take the most active treatment of dry cough.

Obstacles to the development of wet cough

When disarming unhealthy manifestations of drugs mainly destroy the main symptom - sputum. Therefore, treating agents act by reducing the strong concentration of the harmful substance, making it more liquid, or increasing the volume of secretion of the formation. Treatment of dry cough is radically different from this method.

Necessary resistance to dry cough

dry barking coughThe source of this formation is the irritation of some cough receptors. Therefore, in such cases, means are used to stop reflex cough. In this case, you can even say that such manifestations do not have a positive effect on the body, but vice versa. Treating agents are classified into 2 types: having a central and peripheral effect. The medulla oblongata is mainly involved in the cessation of the cough reflex, to which the action of the drugs is directed when dry cough treatment is carried out. Some medicines are not strongly recommended for use in children under two years old, as they have a strong effect and can complicate the inflammatory process.


It should be borne in mind that the use of drugs in the case when the treatment of dry cough, is only part of the overall treatment, because the cause of cough may be a disease, to eliminate which should be directed efforts.

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