Drug "Hondrolon", reviews

The drug "Hondrolon" refers to the drugmeans belonging to the group of chondroprotectors. The action of the drug normalizes metabolic processes in the hyaline cartilage. The drug "Hondrolon", reviews on the application of which for various pathologies of the musculoskeletal system are positive, prescribed for injuries of various origins, osteoarthritis, osteoarthrosis and arthropathy. Active active ingredient of the drug is chondroitin sulfate. This substance - one of the components of human joints, it serves for the normal functioning and regeneration of cartilage, as well as ligaments.

In the process of vital activity of the body, healththe musculoskeletal system is exposed to various negative influences. Their consequence is the destruction of cartilaginous tissue, the emergence of inflammatory processes in the joints and impaired mobility. All these processes are expressed in the pain syndrome. Reception of the drug "Hondrolon", the reviews of which indicate its ability to eliminate inflammation, reduces the rate of destruction of cartilage and optimizes its therapy.

The form of the drug ispowder. When passing through a course of treatment, a solution for injection is made from it. The use of the drug "Hondrolon", the injections of which must be prescribed by a specialist, has a lasting and lasting result. The drug normalizes the biosynthesis of glucosaminoglycans. As a result, the cartilage tissue and the joint bag are restored.

The main active substance of the drug ishigh-molecular carbohydrate compound. It takes an active part in the formation of chondroitin, the main element of bone and cartilaginous tissue. Reception of the drug "Hondrolon", the experts' reviews of which speak of its ability to cure the symptoms of inflammation of the synovium, contributes to an increase in the volume of motor functions of the affected joint. The drug reduces the rate of destruction and accelerates the function of cells that help repair chemical damage and rupture in DNA molecules. The drug acts on the body as an analgesic and analgesic medication.

Drug "Hondrolon", instruction forwhich indicates the main area of ​​its use, is prescribed in the treatment of pathologies, when it becomes necessary to restore the joint bag and cartilaginous tissue. It is recommended for degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The drug is widely used in the course of treatment of intervertebral osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis, as well as arthropathy. The use of the drug is effective during rehabilitation after operations on the osteoarticular system, as well as after various injuries and fractures. In this case, the medication is used to form a callus. Effective use of the drug and after physical overload in case of joint damage.

Drug "Hondrolon", reviews aboutthe use of which indicates the likelihood of undesirable side effects, may cause allergic reactions, as well as hemorrhages in the field of injection. The course of treatment with the drug in this case should be immediately canceled. The drug is not assigned with a special sensitivity to its components, as well as a tendency to bleeding and the appearance of thrombophlebitis. It is not recommended to use the drug to treat pregnant and lactating women.

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