Drobysheva Nina: strong but vulnerable

The heroine of this article was an excellent actress of Soviet cinema. In her youth, she had incredible beauty, talent, and was very organic in her work. Despite all these moments, when, it would seem, life should sparkle with a bright rainbow, its fate was rather difficult. So, Drobysheva Nina- The actress, which will be discussed below.


The future actress was born in Leningrad in July 1939, before the war. She was still a baby when her father died at the front. Mom had to work a lot, because it was necessary to support her family. Little Drobysheva Ninaoften stayed with her grandmother, who raised her. When the girl was 13 years old, her grandmother died.

The first years of her life were filled with horrific events of the war. She still remembers much of what she had to see. When the terrible blockade began, the Drobyshevs family was evacuated from their hometown. After their return to Leningrad, the girl went to school.She studied well and was quite keen on theater, which was the impetus for visiting the drama group at the Palace of Pioneers. True, Nina did not think about the fact that this could become her profession.

The first steps in the movie

Nina Drobysheva, actresstalented and famous, played her first role, even when she was a very young lady. This happened in 1955. When the film “Two Captains” was being shot, she was put on the role of Sasha, the younger sister Sani Grigoriev. The shooting was her first, albeit small, victory. On the one hand, the picture went off with a bang, on the other - the girl managed to cope with her understandable excitement and she looked in the role quite organically and interestingly.

Drobysheva Nina

She charmed audiences, film critics and directors so much that it didn't take long for Nina to be invited to her next film called The Way of Truth.

Study and work

After receiving the school certificate Drobysheva Nina becomes a student drama studio at the Leningrad Tyuz. She ends her studies in 1960. But even earlier, when she was still a “yellow girl” freshman, the girl was enrolled in the theater troupe.In the second year, she already played a major role in the play "Romeo and Juliet." Moreover, contemporaries said that the deafening success of the performance was largely due to the fact that Juliet played Nina.

Nina Drobysheva actress

Drobysheva was not only talented, but also hardworking. From her youth she worked a lot. In some incomprehensible way she knew how to combine theatrical work, study in the studio and shooting in movies, and in those years interesting pictures with her participation came out: “The street is full of surprises”, “Fathers and children”, “Immortal song”. And in each of her roles she was very sincere and real.

the main role

The role in the movie Drobysheva Nina played not so much. “Russian Forest”, “The Enemy of the People — Bukharin”, “Lingering Exam” ... Yes, they are not so famous that absolutely everyone knows them. But in the theater she could show the full power of her talent. Her role is a characteristic lyric-dramatic actress. She played Mary, the mother of Christ, Cleopatra, Edith Piaf, Eurydice, Gertrude ... You can list for a very long time. Theatrists of that generation knew her well precisely because of these characters. And yet, the notorious "wake up famous" happened to her after the next cinematic filming.

In 1960, Grigory Chukhrai began work on the painting "Clear Sky".Drobysheva comes to the screen tests, passes them very successfully and gets the main role. The fate of this film was not very simple, because it was anti-Stalinist. But this is no less remarkable. Nina Drobysheva, whose biography is an amazing mixture of moments of happy and bitter moments, was the partner of the favorite of the Soviet spectator Yevgeny Urbansky, who played the pilot Astakhov, on the set. His character on the script passes German captivity and Stalin's camps. He manages to escape only thanks to the love of tender and fragile Sasha.

Nina Drobysheva biography

After the release of the picture on the screens of the actress won the first three awards at international film festivals, she was able to travel almost the whole world. Her acting data admired and amazed millions of viewers. Unfortunately, it was in the cinema that another such same role did not happen.

And on the stage, she played a lot and often, having served in the Theater of the Moscow Council for more than half a century. These were interesting roles in “Singing Sands”, “Riot of Women”, “The Seagull”, “The Yellow Angel” and many others. It was within these walls that she was able to realize her creative potential that was not wasted in the film industry.

Her family

As an actress, Nina Drobysheva fully managed to take place. Her personal life was not as cloudless as work on the stage.

With her first spouse, actor Vitaly Konyaev, she lived for nine years. Their acquaintance took place during the filming of "Clear Sky". In this marriage in 1964, the spouses had a daughter, Elena. At 16, she changed her father's name to her mother's. Now the two of them go onto the same theatrical stage, very harmoniously combining experience and youth.

Nina Drobysheva personal life

She met her second husband Drobysheva at work. It was the actor of the Theater of the Moscow Council Vyacheslav Butenko. They had a daughter, Christina. But this union ended in rupture.

Until now, the actress is in a creative search, possessing undying enthusiasm and cheerfulness. She still goes on stage, however, not so often. And Nina Ivanovna devotes her spare time to her hobby - she is engaged in mosaic. And knowledgeable people are confident that her work is quite professional and quite unusual.

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