Dress for mother of the bride

The choice of a bridal wedding dress is givenmost of the time in preparation for the celebration, but the dress for the mother of the bride requires no less attention. It is important to observe several basic requirements. The main thing is comfort. After all, on the shoulders of the mother in the process of the wedding, a lot of hassle, sometimes completely unforeseen, falls, so the comfort of the dress plays an important role in this matter. But at the same time it should be beautiful and elegant, because the attention of the guests is secondarily focused on the parents of the newlyweds. The optimal dress length for the mother of the bride is considered to be the length to the middle of the calf or, at the extreme, to the knee. It will look like a spectacular evening gown, and at the same time it will not interfere with the solution of numerous small problems.

Undoubtedly, the wedding of the daughter is the mosta solemn event for the mother, requiring a particularly beautiful dress. But it is necessary to take into account all admissible norms of decency. Vulgar will look too short dress or, conversely, very long. Ugly will look superficially frank dress or absolutely closed. In any case, there should be a sense of proportion when choosing a dress.

That's why it's best to chooseclassic cocktail dress. A tight dress can be worn by the owner of a well-preserved figure. Free cut is suitable for women who want to disguise some of the shortcomings, for example, wide hips. Full hands and shoulders help to hide a light lace cape. We must always remember that skillfully selected clothes can emphasize the merits of the figure and hide its shortcomings.

No less important is color. It is believed that the dress for the mother of the bride of white color should not be, as well as the shade of ivory or champagne. These shades are intended solely for the bride's dress. It is unacceptable to wear a black dress for a wedding, since it was and remains mourning, the more it is unacceptable at a wedding celebration for a mother who gives her daughter in marriage. Inappropriate will look and dress calling tones, such as, for example, bright red, which has always been considered a color temptation. Do not forget that the dress for the mother of the bride should attract her elegance, elegance. It must necessarily match the style and age of the woman.

The most suitable shades for the weddingcelebrations are considered such tones as gentle-lilac, peachy, pale pink. Very elegant will look a dress of a shade of burgundy, dark green and dark blue. Luxuriously it will look a silver-gray color for the bride's mother.

Attractive will look like the parents of the bride,who pay special attention not only to the style of their costumes, but also to the color scheme. For example, a man's shirt, tie or flower in the buttonhole can be in the tone of the wedding dress.

But in any case, a matched dress for the bride's mother in no way should compete with the bride's dress.

After the choice has already been made,think about shoes and accessories. Here, too, a style match must be considered. When choosing accessories, excesses are inappropriate. Excessive abundance of sequins, as well as many decorative finishes look at least ridiculous. Very handy will be a small handbag or cosmetic bag, where you can put paper handkerchiefs, necessary cosmetics and other small things.

Dress for mother of the bride needs to be combined withshoes. Of course, it should be comfortable, and to avoid any incidents during the celebration, it must first be worn at home, so that it, if possible, maximizes the shape of the foot. By color, the shoes are selected according to the tone of the dress.

Of course, the wedding is very excitingan event for both the newlyweds and their parents. Therefore, when choosing a dress, you need to think through all the details, so that for a long time the memories of this significant day are preserved.

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