Restaurant "Dream": description, menu, prices and reviews

One of the best places in Moscow is the Dream restaurant on Paveletskaya. It has a wonderful atmosphere, ideal for cheerful meetings with friends, warm family lunches and dinners, as well as for a romantic date with your dream moscow where

Restaurant location

"Dream" is located in the very center of the capital of Russia, on Sadovnicheskaya Embankment, not far from the Paveletskaya metro station. The restaurant is located inside a three-story building that was built in the middle of the 19th century - the unusual location of the place attracts the attention of not only locals, but also tourists who come to Moscow.


Inside the restaurant "Dream" everything is very well organized. That is why 500 people can be lodged in its halls at a time. In the halls of the restaurant is upholstered furniture, and the floors are covered with carpets. In the main hall of the restaurant a small functional fireplace is installed, which not only is a local decor, but also warms the visitors of the establishment during the cold season, creating an atmosphere of home comfort.In the same room is an open grill, which serves some dishes from the dream menu and prices

In the large hall of the restaurant "Dream" there is karaoke, where guests can demonstrate their vocal abilities. It also has excellent sound equipment, which makes the voice even brighter.

Guests of the restaurant can take a seat on the colored soft sofas that stand at the tables made of wood.

Inside the restaurant, all the furnishings are made in a classic style: here on the floor there is a parquet of natural oak board, and the walls are decorated with dream reviews and prices


European, Japanese and Mediterranean dishes are served at the Dream Restaurant. The menu of this institution is quite varied, filled with delicious European dishes. Here you can taste interesting cold (red tuna tartar with croutons, salmon carpaccio with grainy red caviar, bacon with garlic and Borodino bread, Buratino cheese with tomatoes) and hot snacks (baked crab phalanx, ravioli, wasabi shrimp, julienne of crab with avocado), salads (with fried salmon, chicken liver, "Greek", grilled vegetables with balsamic dressing and parmesan cheese).At first, there are several options for soups (sorrel soup, lamb lamb, noodle soup with chicken, soup with porcini mushrooms), and most of all hot meat (meat in French, duck cutlets, chicken fillet and walnut sauce) , marbled meat steak with soy beans and fish dishes (pike cutlets, Murmansk cod fillets, crab cutlets with chuka and avocado salad). The restaurant "Dream" also serves grilled dishes (shrimp, scallop, octopus, dorado, squid, salmon steak, kebab, rib-eye steak).dream restaurant reviews

Italian dishes here are represented by a small variety of pasta (black spaghetti with slices of salmon and spinach leaves, papardelli with porcini mushrooms, fettuccini with pesto, classic carbonara or Milanese).restaurant dream menu

The institution also prepares oriental and Japanese dishes. Here you can taste delicious Kutabs, Manti with lamb, pilaf and samsa.

The Japanese menu features miso soup with salmon, chuka salad, sashimi (salmon, red tuna, eel), a large variety of rolls and sushi, which are also sharp here.

For the sweet tooth in the "Dream" there is also a good selection of original dishes,in particular, cakes (Dream, Prague, Napoleon with black currant sorbet), cheesecake, Milfey with strawberries, as well as sorbet are very popular among visitors to the establishment.Dream Restaurant on Paveletskaya


Each guest of the institution can take advantage of a special offer that is valid throughout the day and is called "Breakfast". In the menu of this offer there are several options for preparing eggs, which are supplied from the farm of Evgeny Savatov from the village of Orlya (Kaluga region). Also in this small assortment there is a burger with Prime cutlet, curd cheese cakes, oatmeal and yogurt with cherry jam. The cost of a complete set, which may consist of breakfast, is about 500 dream contacts


The bar list of the restaurant is represented by a good selection of alcohol (brandy, whiskey, rum, vodka, tequila, champagne), there is a separate wine list.

In the restaurant "Dream", lemonade ("Tropical", "White", "Duchess", "Ginger and raspberry") and fruit drinks are prepared according to company recipes. The bar map also has a large selection of coffee and tea.

As for cocktails, in the bar places can be prepared as drinks that are known all over the world ("Sex on the Beach", "Manila", "Veil","Russian Martinez", "Purple Lady", "Wild Land"), and those that are popular in the capital of Russia ("Moscow Mule", "Isaev", "Whiskey Saur").dream restaurant

Conditions for children

Restaurant "Dream" is a family institution, since it is here that all suitable conditions for staying with children are created. On the territory of the institution there is a separate children's room in which visitors can leave their children during their stay at the restaurant. Here kids can watch entertainment programs and cartoons, play educational games and get acquainted with their peers. Small guests are supervised by an animator and professional nanny.

Every weekend, from one o'clock in the afternoon until 10 o'clock in the evening, the institution hosts entertainment programs for children.

Banquet facilities

A wonderful place to celebrate certain events can be a restaurant "Dream". Prices and reviews left by customers of the celebrations, contribute to the growth of the number of people who wish to order a banquet in this institution.

At the disposal of customers of events, “Dream” provides a huge area, equipped with modern light and sound equipment, a karaoke zone and a DJ-console.To organize a banquet, you should contact the administration of the establishment - experienced staff will certainly take care that the celebration was excellent.

As for the cost of banquets, the minimum order for one person here is 2500 rubles. In the case of a birthday celebration, the customer receives a discount of 20% of the bill.

Price policy

In the list of dishes offered in the institution, there is a rather high price policy. However, it should be noted that the menu items and prices in the restaurant "Dream" are very well correlated with each other, since the quality of the prepared dishes is simply superb. Here are the cost of some popular dishes:

  • salad with Kamchatka crab meat with avocado and aioli sauce - 950 rubles;
  • dumplings with marbled beef - 540 rubles;
  • pumpkin cream soup with cherries and marsilla - 380 rub.
  • fillet of Murmansk cod with carrot purée with spices - 780 rubles;
  • buckwheat with mushrooms - 250 rubles;
  • chocolate flan - 380 rubles

The average bill per person in this institution is about 1500-2000 rubles.Dream Restaurant Moscow

Visitor reviews

This establishment does not leave indifferent any guest who visited him. The results of their visit to the restaurant "Dream" people often leave feedback on social networks and on sites with reviews.

Often gourmets praise the flavor bouquet of dishes prepared here. According to them, the food cooked in the kitchen of this restaurant is a real work of culinary art. The maximum number of excellent grades are received in the address of such dishes as soup with porcini mushrooms, marbled beef tartar with oyster mushrooms, and strawberry “Milfey”.

Visitors are satisfied with the quality service of the waiters. In the reviews about the restaurant "Dream" it says that attentive and helpful waiters work here, who can always advise on the menu and help determine the order, based on the individual preferences of the client.

Often, on the positive side, guests consider the possibility of a family holiday in a restaurant, since all the conditions for children's stay are created here - a kids club, a separate menu and animators who can entertain young guests.dream restaurant how to get

Facility's address and mode of operation

Restaurant "Dream" is located at the address: Moscow, Sadovnicheskaya embankment, 84, building 3/7. It is near the metro station "Paveletskaya", near the Small Krasnokholmsky bridge.

The administration strongly recommends before visitingbook a table. Contacts of the restaurant "Dream" are listed on its official website and on pages in social networks.

The institution is ready to receive guests in its walls on any day of the week, 24 hours a day.

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