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At the foot of the southern spurs of the Ural Mountains stretches the Russian city of Orsk. It has an active cultural life. In the village, which is 1800 km south-east of Moscow, there are houses of creativity, a library, a children's art gallery, a local history museum, the local KVN League, a laboratory of archaeological research, a brass band, the Blue Bird Studio and other cultural objects. Among them, a worthy place is occupied by the Orsk State Drama Theater named after A. Pushkin, which is described in detail in the article.


Drama Theater Orsk ticket price

Orsk Drama Theater is located in a new modern building in the heart of the city. After major repairs and large-scale reconstruction carried out in 2012-2014, the theater received not only an updated interior, but also a new scene. Its technical equipment, according to experts, is one of the best in the country. Unique stage features allow directors to embody their wildest fantasies on the stage.

The Drama Theater (Orsk) has repeatedly participated in various festivals and competitions, including international ones. Confirmation of the high results of his work has been many awards and prizes.

The touring geography of the theater is very extensive: Novgorod, Poltava, Kharkov, Novosibirsk, Karaganda, Volgograd, Magnitogorsk, Abakan, Aktyubinsk, Orenburg, Buguruslan.

In addition to performances in the Melpomene temple, various events take place:

  • performance of pianist Denis Matsuev;
  • concert of the Italian composer Roberto Corliano;
  • a performance by the legendary State Movement Folk Dance Ensemble named after I. Moiseev;
  • performance given by the Moscow Virtuosi State Chamber Orchestra;
  • others.


Drama Theater Orsk

At the beginning of the 20th century, Orsk began to develop rapidly and turn into an industrial center of the Southern Urals. Then many people began to stay in the city - specialists, workers, members of their families. Such population growth made it necessary to create and develop a cultural stronghold here, which the drama theater became. Orsk received his professional stage in November 1937, which was marked by the premiere of the play "On the banks of the Neva".In 1943, the theater was named after Pushkin, in September 1949, the first tour of a professional troupe took place, in 1969 the theater moved to a new building, which is still located today.

In October 2016, the theater opened the anniversary 80th season with the play "The Master and Margarita" in the eponymous Bulgakov novel. The performance was a staggering success, there were constant notices. This suggests that over the years the Drama Theater (Orsk) does not lose its position, but only sharpens talent and skill.


Drama Theater Orsk playbill

The theater team is united by the general idea of ​​serving the arts. Talented actors work here:

  • Inessa Gerashchenko.
  • Tatyana Gorelova.
  • Andrey Efimov.
  • Tatyana Ivleva.
  • Ekaterina Barysheva.
  • Alexander Kabaev.
  • Ernest Kornyshev.
  • Pavel Belkov.
  • Oleg Kuchin.
  • Alexey Malanin.
  • Ilya Tokarev.
  • Alexander Shishulkin.
  • Tatyana Poteryaeva.
  • Ekaterina Tarasova.
  • And others.

The director of the theater is V. Doroshenko, and the artistic director is Honored Artist of Russia Adgur Kove.


Orsk State Drama Theater named after A. Pushkin

The Drama Theater (Orsk) is looking forward to its audience. Poster announces such performances:

  • "Emigrants".
  • "Madam! You are a millionaire!"
  • "A very simple story."
  • "The Pokrovsky Gate".
  • "Cripple from Inishmaan".
  • "Unusual Concert".
  • "Don Quixote".

In total, during the existence of the theater, hundreds of performances were played on its stage!

What else can surprise the drama theater (Orsk)? The poster presents performances for the youngest viewers:

  • "Princess Frog".
  • "Little Muck".
  • "Snowman".
  • "Ali Baba and 40 thieves."
  • "Three piglets".

All presentations are ranked by age and are categorized as 0+, 12+, 16+, or 18+. All spectators - both adults and young ones - are awaited by the drama theater (Orsk). The price of tickets varies from 250 to 700 rubles and depends on the duration of the performance, its technical complexity, the time of holding, the place in the hall.

Where is

At this address you can find the Drama Theater: Orsk, Lenin Avenue, Building 27. You can reach it by public transport (Komsomolskaya Square stop):

  • on trams No. 5, or 6, 4, or 4-A, as well as 3, 2, 1 or 1-A;
  • on buses: 50, 15-П, 15-А or 15, and also 12, 6, 4, or 3, 2-А, or 2;
  • on route taxis number 101, 55, 41, as well as 38, 37, 36, or 35, 26, 25, 24, 23-A, 16-A, 16, or 12-A.

Anyone who visits the Orsk Drama Theater carries with it a vivid impression of a wonderful production, an excellent play of actors, and the beautiful interior of the building itself.

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