"DotA 2": artifacts for heroes

It is not so easy to calculate the total number of artifacts in “DotA 2”, what can we say about the ability to understand them. That is why most beginners experience various difficulties associated with this important aspect of the game. However, we are in a hurry to reassure our readers: you can deal with Dota items! The main thing is to know the basics and not be afraid to experiment.

What it is?

Let's start with the most simple and basic information. What is called artifacts in "DotA 2"? These are items of equipment that in some certain way help the characters of the game. They can be bought and sold in various shops, in exchange for gold coins. The inventory of each character holds six artifacts, so each player must be wise to fill the available slots.

Objects have a wide variety of characteristics, so they may differ from each other. They are consumable, activated, cheap, expensive, etc. However, according to the traditional division, basically all artifacts form two categories: simple and complex.Initially, users receive only simple items from which complex items can later be collected. At first, for all the necessary information relating to a particular assembly, you can contact the internal interface of "Dota 2".

DotA 2: artifacts

About assembly

Collecting an artifact yourself is not so difficult, the main thing is to fill the inventory with necessary items. Sometimes an additional condition is to buy the appropriate recipe. As we said earlier, the process of assembling artifacts in "DotA 2" is a simple matter, but it is worth remembering that a one-time purchase of all items takes a fairly decent amount of gold. Very often it will not be missed at all, therefore it is so important to think through the sequence of purchases in advance.

For example, a user needs to acquire a null mascot. Its current capital totals about three hundred gold coins, which is an insufficient amount for making a purchase. As a result, for the beginning, you can purchase only two items: the Mantle of Intellect and the Circlet. The remaining funds are better to save for later in order to accumulate them for the purchase of a prescription. If you do it earlier and spend the money on the recipe in the first place, then the user will not be able to get a bonus from the base item.This is very important, especially at an early stage of the game, where you need to use all the available bonuses.

The game "Dota 2": artifacts

Extra help

All newcomers who are just learning the fascinating world of Dota 2 are strongly recommended to look into the built-in guides (and as often as possible). In such guides collected a large amount of really useful information, which is useful for the first time. Once a player has become familiar with all the basics, he can move on to third-party user guides — they contain recommendations for artifacts that are appropriate for specific characters.

In time, experience also comes. As Dota 2 proceeds, artifacts and other game features will no longer represent such a big problem as they were at the start. With each new update, developers add new artifacts to Dota 2. Additional content allows you to constantly experiment on the battlefield and develop the character's abilities from different angles.

New artifacts in Dota 2

"Artifact" - a card game for "DotA 2"

Recently, fans of the Dota universe have become associated with the word "artifact" not only with in-game items.The fact is that very soon a new project from the Valve studio called Artifact should appear on the gaming market.

The card game "Dota 2: Artifact" rightfully took the place of the main announcement at last year's tournament The International. The presentation of the project was on behalf of Gabe Newell himself - the president of Velv, the creator of the popular Steam digital platform and a real living legend of the gaming entertainment industry. Fans of DotA and other games from Valve are well aware of what a long wait is, because the developers have not made any new announcements for a long time. That Dota 2 was the final project that came out from under the wing of Gabe in 2013.

And now, after five long years, “Velv” is ready to present its new creation to the gaming audience - the “Artefact” card game for “Dota 2”.

What is known: general information

& quot; DotA 2: Artifact & quot; card game

Artifact promises to be an exciting and addictive card game that focuses a lot of attention on the exchange of virtual cards. The developers took the digital format as the basis of the gameplay, and the “Steam” trading platform acts as the main platform. You should not worry about the visual component - the work on its creation was assigned to the well-known game designer Richard Garfield, the creator of such successful projects as Magic: The Gathering and Spectromancer.

If we analyze all the material provided by the Velv companies today, it becomes clear that Artifact is to be made the canonical part of the universe of Dota 2. This means that most of the characters, as well as the stories of their relationships and events, somehow migrate from Doty "in" Artifact.

Card games are a certain popularity. Currently, there are two projects of this genre that have gained much love from gamers around the world: the aforementioned Magic: The Gathering and the Witcher's Gwent. Can artifact be with them? He has every chance of it. Even before the release, the game gathered a huge fanbase, consisting of both fans of the genre, and of loyal fans and fans of Dota 2. Great support from the public and a strong reputation of the development company should at least ensure a strong start to sales.

Card game & quot; DotA 2: Artifact & quot; release date

In the "Artifact" already announced the presence of 280 cards and 44 characters from Dota 2 (+ three unique). Users will be able to play for the horned demon Kann, the human-like wolf with the sword of Ricks, the red-skinned warrior Sorlu Khan, as well as other exclusive heroes who will be added in the future.Nothing is yet known about the reverse transfer of this unique troika to Dot 2.

Artifact will be distributed on a paid basis through the Steam platform (there is no information about the price yet). In addition to the main version of the game, users will be able to purchase separately several sets with new maps. The project promises to have the support of eleven languages, including Russian.

About the gameplay

As for the gameplay part, Valve’s “Artifact” will be similar to other card games (it’s about creatures and spells), and it can bring something of its own into the genre. At the same time, users can take control of five characters. As we have said, most of the heroes of Artifact are directly connected with the Dota universe.

Under the placement of creatures were created three special boards, representing the strip card. All characters have unique abilities that are available to the player for use during matches (they also came to the project from Dota 2). The main gameplay is to move cards from one plane to another.

& quot; DotA 2: Artifact & quot; card game

As soon as a player manages to destroy an enemy hero (one or several), he is rewarded with a golden currency.With the help of earned capital, you can buy various "item cards", which are then used to equip characters. In addition, some cards may have a special effect that may in some way affect the bands, which adds additional interest to the game.

Are you planning to beta test the project? Valve has not yet received any official statements regarding this issue, however, knowing the company’s policy, there’s no need to lose hope.

Card game "Dota 2: Artifact": release date

At the moment, the exact release dates are not yet known. However, based on the information provided in numerous thematic sources, it can be concluded that the release date of Artifact is scheduled for 2018.

DotA 2: Artifact: Released


Valve has not yet made any statements about which platforms will receive the “attention” of their future project. What exactly there is no doubt, it is in the output of "Artifact" for personal computers. Other platforms can also wait for the release of the card game, but there can be no guarantee before the official release of the project.

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