Dolphinarium in Yeisk. Where is it located and how does it work?

Dolphinarium in Yeisk is a favorite vacation spot of its inhabitants. Our article will tell you about where it is located, what the cost of tickets is, how the performances take place here. We will also describe the dolphinarium artists - unique animals that demonstrate dexterity, intelligence and ability to learn.

Dolphinarium in Yeisk

Address, ticket price

The Yeysk Dolphinarium is located on 16/2 Schmidt Street, near the coast of the Azov Sea. It opened four years ago. Ticket price is low, depending on the place. A visit will cost 700-800 rubles. Kids up to three years old are absolutely free (without a separate place).

What is the schedule for a dolphinarium in Yeisk? Presentations give three times a day. Their time is 12:00, 16:00 and 20:00. This is the schedule for the season from 01.06 to 29.08. In the rest of the period only two views. The show at 20:00 is not held.


Dolphinarium artists are dolphins and fur seals. Each marine inhabitant has its own name to which it instantly responds.The favorable location of the dolphinarium near the beach attracts locals and tourists. Performances take place from May to September. And in the future, it closes for maintenance work. Presentation there lead professional artists. The main role is played by a clown. He conquers all his artistry.

About 500 people can be accommodated in dolphins. I would like to note that the hall is quite roomy and comfortable. At the entrance you can buy sweets and drinks. The show lasts about 40 minutes. This is quite enough to enjoy all the pleasures of the performance.

Dolphinarium Yeisk animal communication with the audience


Presentation runs with a variety of subjects. Use balls, hoops. Trainers conduct joint acrobatics. The most beautiful and exciting is the moment when dolphins jump high through the hoop without hitting it. More dolphins paint colors. The artist gives the command, after which the seaman takes the brush in his mouth and applies paint on a special sheet with smooth movements. It is very beautiful and looks bright. For those who want to have the opportunity to buy a drawing for a fee. It is not prohibited in dolphinariums to take pictures on the camera, to take a large number of pictures as a keepsake. It is felt that the staff loves its visitors.Dolphinarium staff not only show tricks with animals, but also very interestingly tell about their pets.

Swimming with dolphins

An unforgettable show program with the participation of marine animals will be pleasantly surprised and will leave only positive memories. After the performance open swimming sessions with dolphins are held. For a fee, and under the supervision of an instructor, visitors can be in the water near the dolphins, touch and swim with the dolphin, but also hold them for fins, iron. This service is expensive. For three laps with a dolphin will have to pay 3,000 rubles.

Jumping dolphins

Children are only allowed after ten years. You can not go swimming with dolphins for people who do not know how to swim, as the depth in the pool reaches five meters. Pregnant women and people who are intoxicated are not allowed to animals. No more restrictions.

Photo for memory

Dolphinarium in Yeisk was loved by many city residents and tourists. After the presentation, you can take pictures with dolphins. For a fee, a professional photographer will make you high-quality photos. Children love these sea animals.

There is no age limit for viewing the presentation. Even the youngest spectators can visit the dolphinarium in Yeisk. It should be borne in mind that during the presentation there will be very loud sounds. Some kids get scared of this and start crying. In advance it is necessary to set up the child that these animals express their emotions very loudly.


Visitors leave a lot of positive feedback about the Dolphinarium in Yeisk. They get a lot of emotion during a performance. Dolphins are good and unusually intelligent marine creatures. They are able to perform various tricks and delight the audience with their grace. At the cost of tickets this dolphinarium is inexpensive. Everyone can afford to visit it.

Dolphins are the smartest artists


In each dolphinarium programs are about the same, and in this it differs in that it involves clowns. They will make kids laugh and hold different contests in which kids and adults can take an active part. The location of the dolphinarium on the beach is a good idea of ​​the creators, as it is convenient for visiting tourists to come to Eisk on vacation.

In the Dolphinarium you can buy souvenirs for memory - statuettes in the form of dolphins with beautiful lighting, various balls and much more that attracts children and adults.These souvenirs will remind you of a trip to the Yeisk Dolphinarium. Be sure to visit it if you come to this city. You will not regret the money and time spent. Marine residents - artists will help you get unforgettable emotions and recharge positive for a long time.

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Dolphinarium in Yeisk. Where is and how it works 90

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Dolphinarium in Yeisk. Where is and how it works 10

Dolphinarium in Yeisk. Where is and how it works 86