Do I need a visa for Egypt for Russians?

Once the Russians were able to travel, allrushed to discover new countries. And warm countries caused more enthusiasm. Egypt is one of the most democratic countries in terms of the cost of travel. This, of course, very happy Russian tourists. For a long time to enter the country did not need a visa. This fact simplified travel, reduced costs. The decision to include Russia in the list of countries for citizens who do not need to issue documents in advance, was taken back in 2002.Do I need a visa in Egypt?

But the visa must be issued at the point of entry. That is for Russian citizens - at the airport. Therefore, now the question: "Do you need a visa to Egypt, issued before departure?", One can not answer unequivocally. There are several options that are discussed below.

Do I need a visa to Egypt if a person goes torelatives, going to move around the country, do their own things. Yes, in this case a visa is required. Moreover, it must be registered at the embassy or consulate of the country. Required documents:

  • international passport;
  • the questionnaire;
  • photo (3 by 4 cm);
  • a photocopy of the document on registration in the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • a photocopy of birth certificates for children;
  • tourist voucher;
  • medical insurance.

Do I need a visa for Egypt for a tourist who will beto move around the country? Yes, such a visa is needed. If the tourist is going to book excursions to Cairo, Alexandria, wants to see the pyramids and monuments of antiquity, then it is necessary to issue a tourist visa valid for one month. You can issue it right at the point of entry, that is, for Russians in the airport building. Required documents:

  • international passport;
  • medical insurance;
  • tourist voucher.

The cost of such a visa is $ 15.

how much does a visa in egyptDo I need a visa to Egypt for a tourist whois going to spend all the time in his hotel on the Sinai Peninsula. No, I do not. More precisely in this case, a special Sinai visa is issued. It is completely free. Employees of the visa department at the airport a little bit of a soul when they say that you can not leave the hotel with a Sinai visa. This is understandable, the Egyptians just want to earn more on visas. But actually it is not. The Sinai visa gives you the right to move freely within the Sinai Peninsula. This is not so little. If a tourist is going to Cairo or Alexandria, then it does not make sense for him to pay for a visa at $ 15. In this case, it is enough to issue a Sinai visa. The truth is that it only lasts 15 days. That is, if the voucher for 16 or more days, then make out a general visa will still have to.

visa in egypt for belarusiansThus, the question: "How much does a visa for Egypt?" Also can not be given an unambiguous answer. If it's a Sinai visa, then it's free, and if the visa is in the country, then its cost will be $ 15.

Visa to Egypt for Belarusians at the entrance to the countrynot formalized. In any case, they need to apply to the consulate, regardless of the time and quality of their stay in Egypt. At the same time, Belarusians should have a stamp of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in their passports. This permission to travel abroad.

Egypt will be attractive to travelers always, despite any visa regimes. But the possibility of entering the country under a simplified scheme attracts additional tourists.

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Do I need a visa for Egypt for Russians Do I need a visa for Egypt for Russians Do I need a visa for Egypt for Russians Do I need a visa for Egypt for Russians Do I need a visa for Egypt for Russians