Dmitry Karpachev - leading, surpassed Malakhov?

Dmitry Karpachev is a mysterious figure on Ukrainian television. He positions himself as a professional psychologist, skillfully solving family and personal problems, resolves conflicts and even conducts trainings outside the blue screen. For him, any hidden and private information becomes apparent. Although everything related to his own life, carefully hidden from prying eyes.

What is known about Dmitry Karpachev?

Dmitry Karpachev

The photo of Dmitry Karpachev is much easier to find than at least the date of his birth. Careful searches can lead you only to its official pages, where it is indicated - December 1978. The date remains a mystery.

But it is authentically known that Dmitry was born in Kirovograd (Ukraine). According to "official" sources, there he received his first education - a marketer. He mastered the specialty of a psychologist and a coach in Kiev already. He also has a diploma in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).In the biography of Karpachev indicated the passage of many courses and trainings. In a recent investigation by journalists, it turned out that the fact of receiving far from all certificates and diplomas is confirmed.

Under the curtain of the riddle is the personal life of the presenter. It is only known that he is married and has the only son of Svyatoyr (with him, Dmitriy "lit up" in the social video for the STB channel). But his wife Irina Karpachev hides from the general public. The only thing that guesses led to was her place of work. Presumably, Irina is a yoga instructor. Since 2009, the couple lives and works in the capital.

Dmitry Karpachev TV career

Dmitry Karpachev became known to a wide circle of people precisely as a TV presenter. Prior to hitting the “blue screen,” he worked exclusively in Kirovograd, conducting psychological training and counseling.

His television career began in 2009. At first, the role was relatively minor - a psychologist in the show “Schuster Live”. Perhaps this kind of work did not bring major earnings and any fame, but it became the first step towards building a successful career.

In 2011, Karpachev from Channel One moved to STB. It was definitely the right move, because it was here that he declared himself as a presenter and psychologist, and gained a wide circle of fans. It is not surprising, because a calm, ironic and attractive man was difficult not to love. Dmitry was ideally suited as a judge in various social projects. The reality show “Honey, we kill children,” an analogue of the English project Honey, We're Killing the Kids, was dedicated to problem families (currently closed).

photo of Dmitry Karpachev

Further, Dmitry's popularity grew exponentially - “Lie Detector”, “Pregnant at 16”, “One for All”, “Daughters-Mothers”, “Save Our Family”. Each of these programs collected a wide audience of viewers. A considerable part of the merit of such success is the participation of Karpachev. He deals with conflicts skillfully and tactfully, “exposing”, however, the feelings of not only the specialist, but the father, a living person. According to insider information, the presenter rarely uses the prepared texts, and improvises “in the course of actions”.

In addition to a TV presenter's career, Dmitry Karpachev is actively working as a trainer in NLP, psychology, and conducts seminars.

"Lie Detector" with Dmitry Karpachev

 lie detector with Dmitry Karpachev

This is another analogue of the foreign project (The Moment of Truth). In it, people from different categories of the population are forced to answer very delicate questions. Who keeps to the very end and remains honest even in the face of loved ones, gets a valuable prize. “Lie Detector” with Dmitry Karpachev in Russian is popular with the audience.

Answers to questions are checked on a polygraph, from where the name for transfer came. In the first seasons only ordinary people became participants, but later celebrities began to come to the show.

A psychologist or a charlatan?

Dmitry Karpachev was recently at the center of the investigation. By fateful coincidence, one of the project participants on STB TV channel committed suicide 2 weeks after the shooting. This made some people doubt the professional level of the presenter.

lie detector with Dmitry Karpachev in Russian

Having initiated the checks, the journalists found out that he was never listed in some training centers from the list of Dmitry’s education. These facts have led to doubt that Karpachev is indeed a certified psychologist and NLP trainer. Official comments from the most leading or leadership of the channel did not arrive.

"Honey, we are killing children!"

For the first time in all seven seasons, the usually calm and seasoned psychologist refused to deal with the problem of one of the participating families. Another famous project led by Dmitry Karpachev - “Honey, we kill children!”. The plot of the transfer is known to everyone. But for many it was a surprise that the leader also has its “boiling point”.

The Okhtem family turned out to be so indifferent and indifferent that even Karpachov’s extensive experience and practice did not help. This is the only case when the team of the TV channel refused to parents of the problem child.

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