Directed by Anna Parmas

Anna Parmas is a modern Russian filmmaker and screenwriter. The author of such projects as "Caution, modern", "Coco".

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Directed by Anna Parmas was born in 1970. Her hometown is St. Petersburg. As a child, Anna dreamed of acting career. However, the parents were against it. So the future director chose the profession of an engineer. After receiving the diploma, Anna Parmas did not work in the specialty.

Carier start

Anna Parmas, whose biography began in the cityon the Neva, began her career as an ordinary member of the Lenfilm. Namely - assistant director. At the famous film studio Parnas did not work long. Soon she went to television, where she became one of the co-authors of the project "Caution, modern".

In 2004, a team that worked severalyears on the popular program, broke up. After that, for three years, Anna Parmas worked as a screenwriter and director at the studio "Belarusfilm", where she took part in the creation of the "Tender Winter".

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Once the filmmaker Avdotya Smirnova Annesuggested writing a script together for a new film. As a result, a small comedy was shot, and then the films "Coco" and "Two Days". Both works were noted by critics. And their creators were awarded prizes "Nika", "Golden Eagle".

In the film "Coco" also took an actingthe debut of Anna Parmas. In the film, she played one of the secondary roles. What other works are present in the track record of such a talented and creative personality as Anna Parmas?


As director and scriptwriter Parmas spoke in the creation of the following projects:

  1. "Full Modern".
  2. "Watch out, modern!"
  3. "Once in the evening".
  4. «The Manor House».
  5. "A tender winter".
  6. "What for you, girls?".
  7. "Leningrad stories."

Anna Parmas also wrote scripts for the series "On the Hook" and "Watch Out, Zadov."

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"Watch out, modern!"

The history of the project began with small issues,who appeared on the television of St. Petersburg. The title "Cautious, modern!" The series was in 1996, when each series began to be created lasting twenty-five minutes and received an independent story.


In this social tragicomedy, the main roles were performed by Ian Troyanov and Anna Mikhalkova. The premiere took place in 2012. What does the series "Coco"?

Provincial of Vic comes to St. Petersburg, where he meets a staff member of the Kunstkamera named Liza. A native inhabitant of the northern capital offers a new acquaintance to live temporarily at her house.

Through the efforts of a young and energetic provincial, the life of a museum worker turns into a series of endless and cheerful parties. A nascent friendship turns into a conflict.

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"Be careful, Zadov!"

This humorous series narrates about liferough and uncouth ensign. The main action takes place in the same place where the events from the life of the heroes of the project "Caution, modernity -2". But the narrative somewhat expanded. The action takes place in the store, and on the street, and in part of the colorful ensign named Zadov.

According to press assessments, a new multiseriesthe film is deprived habitual spectators of charming and bright heroes. The plot is excessively stretched. And, unlike the TV series "Caution, modern", this project is filled with too much scabrous jokes. That is why he is inferior to the previous work of Smirnova and Parmas.

"On hook"

The heroine of the series is a figure skating coach. Her name is Rita and she suffers from the infidelity of her lover. He left her to marry in accordance with the calculation. Rita decides to take revenge on the failed husband. And for this, it creates an insidious plan, according to which, first of all, it is necessary to fall in love with Vlasov, a rich and influential relative of Rita's rival.

But the trouble is that no one knows what it looks likea man whose money and social position do not give rest to the former bridegroom of the main character. However, there is information that Vlasov is fond of diving, and spend most of his free time in Thailand. In search of this mysterious man, Rita is promoted by journalist Konstantin. Together with him, the girl goes on a long journey.

"Two days"

This comedy melodrama was released in 2011year. The protagonist of the series is Peter Drozdov. He is an important metropolitan official who once visits a provincial museum of a Russian writer whose name has long been forgotten. Drozdov supports the plans of the governor of the region, who dreams of demolishing an unnecessary museum and erecting a new residence in his place. But then a fateful meeting with an intelligent and educated girl takes place. Maria works in the museum. She is a literary critic by profession. Drozdov gradually changes his views not only about the fate of the museum, but also on life in general. And, of course, falls in love with a young employee of the institution.

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Directed by Anna Parmas Directed by Anna Parmas Directed by Anna Parmas Directed by Anna Parmas Directed by Anna Parmas Directed by Anna Parmas Directed by Anna Parmas Directed by Anna Parmas