Diathesis in adults. How to treat diathesis in adults

Many believe that diathesis is only a children's disease, resulting from the use of certain foods and manifested in the form of pruritus. In fact, it is something else.

general information

Diathesis is an abnormality of the organism, in which a person has a tendency to certain diseases. Often in childhood this pathology acts as a synonym for an allergic reaction. Growing up, the children's body becomes less sensitive to many surrounding substances. Parents think that this attack has passed the child.diathesis in adults

Diathesis in adults is an ongoing predisposition of the body to various kinds of ailments. In childhood, the main factor for the manifestation of an allergic reaction is insufficient development of the immune system. In the adult state, a regular impetus to the development of this problem can be regular stressful situations, and the intake of certain groups of drugs. Currently, doctors continue to actively explore the mechanism of this anomaly.

Diathesis in adults is not a disease. This condition is considered congenital and is fixed exclusively at the genetic level. As a result, over time it does not pass. However, in an adult, the digestive and immune systems become more sophisticated, they successfully perform their first priority work. Indeed, many food allergies with age pass and do not bother the patient. Diathesis remains forever and, under certain circumstances, can again announce its presence.


If a small child has such an anomaly due to the immaturity of some systems of internal organs, then the diathesis in adults just does not occur, you need a whole combination of several provoking factors. When imposing them on each other, the body, as a rule, reacts with the release into the blood of a significant number of substances provoking the formation of allergic reactions.

What can affect balance

  • Diseases of some systems of internal organs, including chronicdiathesis exudativeof nature (gastritis, infectious diseases, etc.).
  • Improper nutrition.Eating fried / fatty foods, large amounts of fruits and vegetables, alcoholic beverages and spicy dishes.
  • Having bad habits has a negative effect on the immune system.
  • Diseases, provoking disturbances at the hormonal level (diabetes, diseases of the adrenal glands).
  • Regular stressful situations and frequent experiences.

It is very important to determine in time what exactly provokes diathesis in adults. Treatment can only be prescribed after identifying the underlying cause that provoked this pathology.


Many people mistakenly believe that this problem has common clinical signs in both adults and children. In fact, not only is the location of the lesions, but also the nature of the changes on the skin. In addition, adult patients have time to "get" associated diseases, which significantly change the overall picture.

The classic manifestation of diathesis is considered to be dermatitis. At the initial stages of development, dryness of the skin is observed, which, even with minor irritations, will certainly respond to severe itching.Over time, the affected areas change their color to burgundy. Diathesis on the face in adults is manifested not only in the form of the above signs. There are also elements of a rash with crusts, under which bright erosion is hidden. Severe itching often causes patients to comb the affected areas, which is not recommended. This can only aggravate the course of the problem.

Very often with diathesis there is a skin lesion in the area of ​​the eyelids, conjunctivitis. Patients complain of a burning sensation in the eye area, constant discharge of tears.diathesis photo in adults

Taking into account the fact that a regular attack provokes food allergens, many patients over time pick up the direct connection between the food consumed and their own problems. In this case, it is recommended to record all products that you ate on the eve of the onset of the primary symptoms, so that you can inform the doctor afterwards


  • Neuro-arthritic diathesis. Patients have rapid excitability, have problems with the central nervous system or metabolic disorders. Such people are very worried about any problem, as a result of which there are rashes on the skin.
  • Lymphohypoplastic diathesis. Most often, this species is diagnosed in patients prone to infectious diseases and allergies. There may be problems with adenoids and tonsils. Such people most often catch cold, suffer from a cold.
  • Diathesis exudative. Patients show a predisposition to the occurrence of allergic reactions. The fact is that the body initially reacts incorrectly to many substances. This problem manifests itself in the form of rashes on the skin, itching and peeling.


Dermatologists and allergists are studying the diathesis, the main reasons that provoke it. When the primary symptoms, which were discussed above, you should consult with these specialists. When it becomes clear that there is no pathogen in the body, and skin tests give a positive result for certain substances, doctors suspect an allergy caused by diathesis. Family history can also speak in favor of such a diagnosis, that is, the presence of this problem in the next of kin.neuro-arthritic diathesis

Necessary therapy

First of all, it should be noted that in the initial stages this problem is perfectly treatable.It is very important to seek help from a doctor in a timely manner, who will recommend competent therapy. How to treat diathesis in adults?

Medicines. With the help of drugs you can not only stop the development of diathesis, but also eliminate the unpleasant symptoms in the form of burning and peeling. They are available in the form of tablets or ointments. These drugs help reduce the sensitivity of the skin to the possible action of allergens. Ointments with herbal ingredients perfectly moisturize the affected areas, cool.diathesis on the face in adults

If the contact with the allergen was a few days ago or it is not always possible to avoid it, doctors recommend the use of antihistamines.

Excellent proven most common activated carbon. It is enough to take two tablets each day to completely cleanse the body of the existing toxins, it is the latter that are often a provoking factor in the development of such problems as diathesis in adults.

Today, the so-called dietary supplements are especially popular. These are special preparations that contain various vitamins, trace elements and minerals.Influencing the complex, they increase immunity, which increases the chances of getting rid of diathesis forever. It is important to note that the use of dietary supplements is better than prescribed by a doctor. Otherwise, the body can do more harm than good.how to treat diathesis in adults

Neuro-arthritic diathesis in adults, as a rule, does not require medical treatment. Moreover, many drugs in this case are ineffective. What to do? First of all, it is recommended to change the habitual way of life, avoid overloads and stresses, eat right, and normalize sleep patterns. With such a diagnosis, peace and quiet become the best helpers.

Nutrition and diathesis

An exudative pathology often does not require serious medical treatment. In this case, it is enough to adjust the usual diet. To cope with the problem, it is necessary to exclude the use of all those products that provoke the development of allergies. Such a diet is prescribed by the attending physician for up to six months. This period is sufficient for the blood to be fully purified from the stimuli that caused diathesis.adult diathesis treatment

First of all, all citrus fruits, vegetables and orange / red berries are banned. Also, patients are advised to exclude smoked meats, sausages, mayonnaise, since it is these products that most often aggravate the pathology. What can you eat? Green vegetables, porridge on the water, cottage cheese, broths - all these products must be present in the diet. Note that in each case, the food is selected individually.


In this article, we told in as much detail as possible what the diathesis is like and what it looks like (photo). In adult patients, this pathology is diagnosed very often, but do not be afraid of it. Early treatment allows you to forget about it forever.

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