Deposits in Sberbank at interest: which one to choose? Reviews of deposits in Sberbank

Sberbank is the largest commercial financial institution in Russia and at the same time the leading financial institution in Eastern Europe. Its share in the segment of bank deposits is more than 50%. The total amount of deposits, in accordance with the report submitted by the bank itself, which are placed on its accounts, is about 8 trillion rubles. Deposits to Sberbank at interest are the most sought-after banking offer in the domestic market.

Luxury line of deposits

deposits with Sberbank on interest

At the moment, the financial institution offers a huge variety of deposit programs targeted at various groups of the population. It is possible to single out the most profitable deposits in Sberbank at interest rates with a maximum rate for a short term, accounts and certificates for the storage of capital.Clients of a financial institution can gradually increase their funds, having them not only on ruble accounts, but also on foreign currency accounts. It is possible to arrange deposits in euros and in Swiss francs, in Canadian dollars and pounds sterling, in Japanese yens. The size of the interest rate is set individually. It depends on the size of the contribution and on the duration of its existence. Deposits to Sberbank at interest rates can provide returns ranging from 0.01% to 13%.

Contribution "Your victory"

deposit on interest bearing savings bank

One of the latest banking products was the “Your Victory” deposit. This proposal was primarily intended for retirees, as it is able to provide them with increased profitability. Deposit rate can vary from 12 to 13%. The term of the deposit is 6 months. Opportunities for account replenishment and withdrawal of funds are not provided. The minimum amount credited to the account must not be less than 10,000 rubles. The main feature of the product is that each investor will be able to provide support to veterans. With each invested thousand rubles, 1 ruble will be sent to the account of the “Russian Union of Veterans”.

Contributions "Manage", "Top up" and "Save"

No less attractive contributions to Sberbank at interest, in terms of product flexibility, are programs called “Manage”, “Top up” and “Save”.

  • "Manage." The contribution can be issued not only in rubles, but also in dollars and euros. The interest rate, depending on the currency, can vary from 1.95% to 8.81%. The duration of cooperation with the bank may cover a period of time from 3 months to 3 years. The contribution can not only replenish, but also partially cash out. The minimum starting capital should advise 30 000 rubles, 1000 dollars or 1000 euros.
  • "Replenish." As in the previous program, it is allowed to open a deposit in three currencies for a period of 3 months to 3 years. The base capital can not be less than 1000 rubles, $ 100 or 100 euros. The interest rate, depending on the format of the contract, can vary from 2% to 9.58%. The account can be replenished, but there is no possibility to withdraw some money.
  • Save. This deposit in Sberbank at interest is not replenished and does not allow the possibility of partial withdrawal of funds. The interest rate starts from 0.75% to 10.29%. The duration of the deposit may be at least 1 month, but not more than 3 years. The minimum base capital is the same as in the “Top up” program.

Deposits to help children

Sberbank interest deposits for pensioners

As part of the bank's proposals, there are many specific products, in particular, such as a deposit in Sberbank with interest called Give Life. The product was originally designed to help and support children faced with cancer and other serious illnesses. In accordance with the terms of the contract with the client, the financial institution makes transfers to the account of the “Charity Fund”, the amount of which corresponds to 0.3% of the deposit. The product interest rate is 8.93%. Currency - only rubles. Duration of cooperation is not more than one year. The minimum amount of the deposit should advise 10,000 rubles.

Currency programs

Sberbank interest deposits

Sberbank offers deposits at interest to pensioners, students and even businessmen. The “Multicurrency” and “International” programs deserve special attention.

  • "Multicurrency". Opening an account is held in rubles, dollars and euros simultaneously. The minimum deposit is 5 currency units of any currency. Deposit replenishment is allowed, but in an amount of at least 1000 rubles, $ 100 or euros. The term of the deposit may be 1, 2 years.
  • "International". The interest rate on the program varies from 0.1% to 4.5%. Bank customers can open accounts in pounds sterling, in Swiss francs and in Japanese yens. Partial withdrawals are prohibited, and the duration of the program can range from 1 month to 3 years.

Interest rates for each of the programs are presented not in a pure form, but taking into account the capitalization of interest. Simple interest is charged at other rates.

How to make a contribution?

Sberbank profitable deposits at interest

In order to enjoy the benefits of investing, simply visit one of the many branches that Sberbank has. Profitable deposits at interest are made out quickly and easily. You must provide an identification document with a photo. It can be not only a passport, but also another paper with given criteria. When the type of deposit is selected, it is time to sign the contract. The document specifies the rights and obligations of each party. In order to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts in the future, you need to examine it in detail before signing a partnership agreement. The last step in making a deposit is to deposit a certain amount to the depositary account either through the cashier, or through the terminal, or by transfer from another account.

Which program to choose?

deposits at a high percentage Sberbank

Sberbank offers very diverse deposits at a high percentage, and in order to decide on the most profitable product, you need to focus only on yourself. For example, the Deposit “Deposit” is perfect for those who are planning to raise funds for a worthwhile purchase. Pensioners should better bow to the “Your Victory” program due to the highest interest rate. But businessmen, whose work is connected with currency, will appreciate the International and Multicurrency programs. They open up additional prospects for earnings on changes in the exchange rate. Sberbank offers deposits with a high percentage with different conditions and when choosing a product, you need to focus on the specifics of your life, on your individual interests. Someone will approach a source of passive income in the form of a monthly interest payment, others will be satisfied with the withdrawal of charges at the end of the deposit term, since a big purchase is coming ahead.

Feedback from grateful customers

Sberbank interest-bearing pension deposits

Numerous positive reviews suggest that it is Sberbank that offers interest-bearing pension deposits on the domestic financial market at the highest rates and on the most flexible terms.People speak of a financial institution as one of the few institutions that can be trusted in such a harsh time. People cooperate with the bank with their families. Retired earlier retirees handed over the baton to their children and grandchildren. In a period of global change, a financial institution does not have liquidity problems and always fulfills its obligations in full. According to numerous clients, it is Sberbank that is trying to adapt cash deposits at interest to the interests of different groups of people with different levels of wealth. In reviews, you can often meet the words of gratitude to employees of a financial institution, who individually work with each investor, selecting a convenient partnership program for him. There have not yet been situations where the interest on the deposit would not be charged to the extent that it should. Sberbank perfectly copes with all the obligations that he assumed.

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