Defender - a keyboard for those who appreciate quality. Reviews

It's good that there areA domestic manufacturer that manufactures accessories for computers and mobile equipment. We are talking about the company Defender. The keyboard, mouse, speakers, speakers, cameras - this is only the beginning of the list of products, which is a well-known brand in the CIS market.

Defender keyboard

This article will focus on the keyboards. Input devices are practically the same as the products of foreign competitors. Is that a significant difference is noticeable in the price - the domestic product is cheaper. The description, instructions, characteristics and testimonials will help the reader to get acquainted with interesting devices under the Defender logo.

A special approach to the buyer

Domestic policy of the Russian manufacturercomputer accessories is such that it does not allow itself to produce products that have a complete similarity between themselves. That is, in the shop windows the buyer will not be able to find two identical keyboards with different names. Each product is unique - this and many users are interested in the Defender brand. The keyboard is on the market in several variations:

  • wire devices;
  • wireless handlers;
  • sets of "keyboard and mouse."

Naturally, there is segmentation in price. There are not only budgetary products, but devices for business or for toy lovers. It is immediately evident that the Russian manufacturer is able not only to produce, but also to engage in marketing.

A separate story

Low cost of domestic products, judging byreviews of potential buyers, suggests the low quality of manufacturing keyboards. In practice, things are somewhat different. It's better to start with the fact that the expensive segment for fans of games and businessmen in quality is no different from the products of well-known manufacturers Zalman, A4Tech, Genius and a dozen other serious brands.

wireless keyboard Defender

With a budgetary segment, things are a bitworse: maybe the rattling of buttons, the fragility of plastic or even some minor dislocations that are inherent in all cheap keyboards. However, all the products of the Russian manufacturer have one feature that distinguishes it from competitors. We are talking about the unique equipment of the device: the Defender keyboard, the instruction manual, the warranty card and the software, in which there is an application for training fast typing.

Budget representative

Wired input device cost 300-400rubles is far from fantastic. This is how much the manufacturer asks for its product in the domestic market. The usual plastic keyboard, which has a full size, does not differ much from the competitors' products in the budget price segment. The same key layout, their size and total lack of multimedia.

keyboard wired Defender

As an example, you can recommendbuyers, pay attention to the following wired solutions Defender: Accent SB-520/720/820. Among the listed models there are products with interfaces USB and PS / 2, therefore the user should not worry about compatibility. However, experts recommend giving preference to connecting USB, because due to breakdowns of the PS / 2 port itself many owners do not have the Defender keyboard.

Multimedia devices

In their reviews, many owners are colorfuldescribe the technical characteristics of manipulators equipped with multimedia. The presence of a set of buttons has long been surprising, as well as their functionality. Recently, the keypad design and user-friendliness are relevant. In the affordable price segment (800-1800 rubles), the manufacturer has placed its unique creations that attract the eyes of all potential buyers from afar. It does not matter what the user in front of - the keyboard wired Defender or its wireless analogue, are only interested in the possibilities:

  • adjustable illumination of all keys (both control is carried out both brightness, and color);
  • rubberized surface of the housing allows the owner not to break away from his favorite toys, even for a snack;
  • the ability to override function keys and assign scripts to them;
  • connection of the keyboard to mobile devices (we are talking about the model SB-905 Bluetooth).

Leader of sales

Keyboards Defender, reviews positivecharacter about which excite the public, have the name Redragon Asura. Initially, the manufacturer positioned them in the gaming segment. This was said not only the appearance of the manipulator and the functional, but also the cost (2000 rubles). However, it was this product that appealed to many politicians, businessmen and ordinary users who wanted to have a high-quality and pretty enough product at hand.

keyboard does not work Defender

Multifunctionality, presence of illumination anda magnificent rubberized coating attracts the attention of all users who did not even think to purchase such an expensive device. However, the appearance of the keyboard does not leave anyone indifferent. The only negative that was discovered by many users is the presence of a wire that connects the manipulator to the computer.

Weak place of the manufacturer

Wireless keyboard Defender for some reason notgot accustomed to the market. Users preferred either wired manipulators, or chose a set of radio devices (keyboard and mouse). At some point, the manufacturer and completely removed from the range of wireless manipulators. But after a while there were some interesting solutions under the Defender logo.

keyboard Defender reviews

First, we are talking about the Bluetooth handler fortablets and smartphones. The second interesting product is the representative of the business segment Infinity SM-616. Externally, the manipulator is similar to the strict keyboard of HP's 17-inch notebooks, but the functionality and convenience of this keyboard hardly exist in the market at all competitors.

However, the range of products is still poor inthis segment. After all, many customers have not been able to pick up a wireless keyboard without a mouse. Accordingly, the Russian manufacturer lost some buyers because of its error.

Exclusive kits

But in the segment of wireless sets (keyboardand the mouse) the potential buyer really has what to choose from the products under the Defender logo. The keyboard is not only exclusive, but also has a unique appearance that attracts the attention of users. In the price segment of 1500-3000 rubles, the buyer will certainly find a device to his liking.

The Oxford C-975 package will appeal to all students andOffice staff, because this product is designed for quick typing. Creative people will have to taste the set of Skyline 895, because it is true from afar resembles its seemingly vast clear sky.

keyboard Defender manual

Devices in this segment can be selected byany parameters: color, dimensions, shape, functional. There are no restrictions. Even the stroke and height of the keys can be selected at will of a potential buyer. The general picture is not violated even by a mouse manipulator. The wireless kit component is a complete similarity to the unique keyboard and is also exclusive.


You can still talk for hours aboutadvantages of the brand Defender. A keyboard or a mouse, it does not matter - everything is worthy of praise from the owners. While the Russian manufacturer has such a huge range of products in the domestic market, negative feedback in the media will not exactly appear. Experts in the field of IT are sure that the company Defender will please its fans for many years to come.

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Defender - a keyboard for those who appreciate quality. Reviews Defender - a keyboard for those who appreciate quality. Reviews Defender - a keyboard for those who appreciate quality. Reviews Defender - a keyboard for those who appreciate quality. Reviews Defender - a keyboard for those who appreciate quality. Reviews Defender - a keyboard for those who appreciate quality. Reviews Defender - a keyboard for those who appreciate quality. Reviews Defender - a keyboard for those who appreciate quality. Reviews Defender - a keyboard for those who appreciate quality. Reviews Defender - a keyboard for those who appreciate quality. Reviews