Deckchair Jetem Premium: customer reviews

Young parents who decide to buy a deck chair for their child have a difficult choice. Famous brands, as a rule, offer beautiful multi-functional models to buyers at a rather high price. Less popular manufacturers produce chaise lounges in an affordable price range, but the build quality and the list of operations performed leave much to be desired. The best option presented brand Jetem. What lounge chair does she offer to her future customers?

Jetem Brand Information

Conflicting information about the manufacturer of Jetem can be obtained from various sources. Some believe that this is a German trademark, while others - South Korean. In fact, Jetem is not a manufacturer, but a trademark created specifically to promote the goods of well-known companies. It does not carry out development, has no production capacity and does not rent space. Jetem is a company created specifically to promote products to the Russian market, which it orders from well-known and popular brands and sells them under a new name.

Today Zhetem is the result of mutually beneficial cooperation of the presented trademark and two successful manufacturing companies: ABC Design (Germany) and Capella (South Korea). All products supplied to the Russian market are manufactured in factories located in China. It is environmentally friendly and fully certified by European agencies.

chaise lounge jetem premiumA wide range of products includes strollers, playpens, walkers, deck chairs, high chairs and many other items and devices needed by the baby and parents.

What is a chaise lounge for?

Some pediatricians and parents are strongly opposed to such a convenient device as a deck chair. They believe that the optimal age of the child for its use is 4-5 months, and it is inappropriate to buy it for such a short period. In fact, a chaise lounge for children can be placed from birth. And he is needed in order to:

  • free your mom's hands;
  • ensure child safety while parents do household chores;
  • give the child the opportunity to play quietly while watching his mother;
  • ensure a comfortable position during the game and unplanned sleep.

chaise lounge for childrenIn the lounge, as a rule, there are several modes of motion sickness, they can be located at different heights and take with you to the store or for a walk.

Jetem Premium lounger overview

The rocking chair from the South Korean brand Jetem is a comfortable chair that easily folds into several positions. It is intended for children from birth to six months. Some parents leave older children in the chair, but this is considered unsafe and can lead to injury to the child. The maximum weight, which is designed for a chaise, is 9 kilograms.

A comfortable rocking chair is designed even for babies. To do this, the chaise lounge for newborns Jetem Premium is equipped with a special insert and three-point seat belts. Thus, the baby will be well fixed in the chair and will not be able to slide or move out of the original position.

On the left side on the frame of the chaise lounge there are four buttons. One of them allows you to adjust the level of vibration. In total there are two modes: weak and strong. The other three buttons allow you to switch ringtones.

Usually the Jetem Premium lounger is in rocking mode.But if you lower the special legs-clamps, the swinging chair will be installed permanently and it will turn into a comfortable gaming chair.

children's chaise lounge jetem premiumFor the location of the child in a lounge chair there are three positions: horizontally, reclining and sitting. Depending on the age of the baby can be placed in different ways. The transition from one position to another is carried out with a slight movement of the hand. In addition, to occupy a child in a lounge chair, manufacturers have provided a special arc of the game.

Rocking chair can take with you for a walk. Comfortable and durable handles are designed to safely carry your baby in a lounge chair, while there is a deep hood for sun protection. Mom can not worry that the child will stain the chair. It has a removable cover that you can wash when needed.


Fully appreciate the chaise will help technical specifications. When unfolded, the device is 52 centimeters long, 38 inches wide, and 89 centimeters high. Its weight is 4.8 kilograms. The presented chaise lounge for children easily folds almost twice.which makes it compact enough and makes it possible to always take with you on the road.

The chair has an electronic swing type. The operation of the vibration mode is carried out from the batteries. In the manufacture of chaise lounges used materials such as textiles, metal and plastic. The country of origin of the device is South Korea.

Chaise lounge Jetem Premium: assembly instructions

The sun lounger comes to the warehouse unassembled in a cardboard box, which weighs about 5 kilograms. It has all the necessary parts and accessories for self-assembly. Also included is a manual in Russian.

The assembly of the lounger begins with the connection of the arcuate legs. For this, a special metal crossbar is used. Then a pre-assembled frame is attached to the legs. On the one hand, it has a removable metal arc, on which the fabric cover is put on. If necessary, it can be washed. To do this, the arc is carefully pulled out and the cover is removed.

chaise lounge for newborns jetem premiumOn the left side of the chair Jetem Premium is mounted electronic panel with buttons. It works on two finger batteries. Also on both sides of the frame is attached to the arc of the game, and on top of a deep visor.

For the correct assembly of a chaise lounge it is necessary to follow points specified in the instruction.

Advantages and disadvantages of the purchase

Buying such a useful device as a chaise lounge, parents get a reliable helper for looking after the baby and its early development. Together with experts, they note such significant advantages:

  • the child can be quickly pumped away, without the need to use his hands;
  • mobile chair, you can take it with you for a walk and on the road;
  • the baby can be in his comfortable seat all day long without a load on the spine;
  • functional game arc develops children's intellectual abilities since birth;
  • without pulling the baby out of the device, you can calm it down by turning on the vibration or melody mode.

chaise lounge jetem premium PriceBut such a pleasant and rewarding purchase, like the Jetem Premium baby lounge, also has its drawbacks. Despite all the assurances of manufacturers that the child can spend at least a whole day in it, pediatricians and orthopedists are not strongly recommended to do this. The chaise lounge helps to calm the restless baby and to prepare him for a dream. But when the child fell asleep, he should be put in a crib.During sleep, the baby should move freely, roll over on the stomach, side or back, and tightly fixed with straps, he can not do this. Therefore, the optimal time for a child in a lounge chair is 2 hours a day.

Chaise lounge Jetem Premium: positive customer reviews

When choosing a rocking chair for one manufacturer or another, it is important for parents to study the opinions of other buyers. Chaise lounge Jetem Premium has such positive reviews:

  • Mom can go about their business;
  • the device is mobile, it can be transferred from one room to another;
  • the baby is tight and secure;
  • the child is busy and developing;
  • can be used for newborns thanks to a special tab;
  • there is a removable cover;
  • the deep peak protecting from the sun;
  • can be used as a highchair.

chaise lounge jetem premium reviewsMost moms and dads like an assistant like the rocking chair, and they enjoy it in their daily lives.

Negative reviews

Not all parents were pleased with the purchase of a rocking chair. In the device Jetem Premium chaise lounge they did not like:

  • uncomfortable arc for toys, located at such a level that it is difficult for a child to reach them with hands;
  • small swing amplitude;
  • the presence of all three tunes;
  • not compact enough;
  • lack of automatic playback of tunes;
  • soft toys to which the kid almost does not pay attention.

chaise lounge jetem premium instructionStill, negative feedback from parents is less than positive, which means that most of them were satisfied with the purchase.

How much is a chaise lounge

The rocking-chair from the Zhetem trademark attracts buyers with its price. It costs more than some models from other manufacturers, but it is notable for its high functionality and good build quality. Chaise lounge Jetem Premium, the price of which in different stores ranges from 3,500 to 4,500 rubles, is a profitable and useful acquisition, both for the baby and for his parents. And most importantly, it is easy to maintain its presentation in it, which means that the chair can be resold or inherited.

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