Death plot: good or bad?

What is magic, do not have to explain. There are still people who believe in it. Allocate "white" and "black" magic - that is, the one that benefits, and that which is harmful. But scientists, who have rejected all sorts of superstitions, can explore it as a religious, scientific and cultural phenomenon. In this light, one can distinguish sympathetic and homeopathic magic. What is the place in this classification is a conspiracy to the death?Consider this in more detail.

A conspiracy to die in the world of primitive hunters

The survival of the primitive tribe largely depended on the successful outcome of the hunt. But why sometimes she brought rich trophies, and at another time the darts flew past, the beast slipped away, and the men returned home empty-handed? The man, not having any knowledge of the laws of nature, thought that the migration of animals, as well as the trajectory of the flight of a spear, is controlled by some invisible forces. Magic was intended to direct these forces to its own advantage. It was not a humble request, not a prayer.As a modern man, having the key, unlocks the door, so the primitive hunter, possessing a certain verbal formulation or performing a magical rite, forced the unknown forces of nature to act in his favor. In this sense, the plot to dieis definitely "white" magic.Death plot

Sympathetic magic

The syncretic thinking of primitive man gave rise to the belief that the name, likeness, image of a being is inextricably linked with this very being. This confidence gave rise to many rituals and rituals designed to ensure success in the hunt. The tribe made a sculpture or a stuffed animal and spears thrown at it, in a dance showing how the hunters wounded him, finished him off, refreshed and carried the carcass home. Verbal language also played a great importance: the name of the beast was not said out loud, so as not to scare the game. Surprisingly, even now, wishing someone good luck, we say: “No fluff, no feather!” But this is also a plot to die,rather, its rudiment, which lost its primitive value.Plot on the death of the enemy 

Homeopathic Magic

This kind of superstition is generated by the belief that even the separated part continues to be associated with the whole.Hair, teeth, nail clippings, footprints and even shadow make up a secret unity with the owner. In the era of the Paleolithic, such partial magic was developed less, but was most widely used later, in the Neolithic era. In this sense, conspiracy to the death of a man was also used.His hair, nails, clothes (if they were subjected to appropriate actions) could bring harm to the owner. The famous explorer of primitive magic and its remnants in the superstitions of the peoples of Europe, J. Frazer, mentions in particular that in modern Prussia he couldn’t catch a thief, but his clothing fell into the hands of his pursuers, the victims began to beat her with a hammer, in full confidence that a thief would get sick and die from such actions.

Conspiracy to death

The conspiracy to the death of the enemy in military magic

In war - as in war: there is a mortal danger, and the outcome of the case is unpredictable. In order to force unknown forces to act in their favor, the warriors carried out at the same time both “white” and “black” magic. They fumigated themselves with smoke (to become invisible to arrows), anointed with ointments (so that the blade slid, but did not cut). Such actions, as well as amulets that warriors decorated themselves with before the fight, should have made them invincible.In black magic, aimed at defeating the enemy, participated not only the fighters themselves. The women of Kei, when their husbands were in a state of war, went out at the dawn with fans, waved them towards the battlefield and shouted loudly: “Let these fans carry our arrows directly to the enemies and their arrows - by!” In the rituals called summon death to someone, sympathetic magic was used. The simplest example is the piercing of a wax doll with the needles of a foe scratched on the chest with the needles.

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