Day of atomic scientist - professional holiday in Russia and Kazakhstan

With the beginning of autumn you can hear the question: "What day is the nuclear worker?" This is due to the fact that the citizens of the country are used to: professional holidays are celebrated on weekends in a certain week of the month. Here the situation is different. By a presidential decree (03.06.2005) a specific date was determined - on September 28. Since 2008, Kazakhstan joined the celebration.

atomic scientist's day


Before the holiday, more than 250 thousandemployees of three hundred and sixty enterprises of the nuclear industry celebrated their professional holiday together with energy specialists - on the twenty-second of December. At the head of the branch is the state corporation Rosatom (since 2007), which unites in its composition:

  • Industrial companies for civil use.
  • Enterprises for the production of nuclear weapons.
  • Institute of Nuclear Physicists.
  • Icebreaking fleet.

The state corporation is headed by Sergei Kiriyenko, once the youngest head of the government of the Russian Federation (1998).

The atomic scientist's day is a kind of report of the industry to the country, since the powers of the state corporation also include issues of nuclear safety, development of science and fulfillment of international obligations.

History of the industry

The day of September 28 was not determined by chance. The date is related to 1942, when the order of the State Defense Committee of the USSR approved the start of work on uranium and created a special laboratory. The scientific research was headed by Academician IV Kurchatov, whose name is now the main scientific center of nuclear energy. The war limited the possibilities of scientific research, so the first nuclear tests in 1945 were conducted by the Americans. After the Great Patriotic Work on the use of nuclear energy for military purposes were activated, for which an interdepartmental committee under the leadership of LP Beria was even created.

August 1949 is a historical date. This is the time of the first nuclear tests in Semipalatinsk, 32 months after the launch of the first nuclear reactor. Despite the difficulties of the post-war years, it took the Soviet Union as much time as the United States. The day of the atomic scientist in Russia is celebrated by the whole scientific community, who is involved in the outstanding event. The scientist Lev Ryabev recalls that the graduates of schools after the August days of 1949 rushed to the physical faculties to participate in the race with a probable opponent. A third of his classmates now work in the nuclear industry. The first nuclear power plant in the world, where the atom was put into service, was a power plant in the city of Obninsk (July 1954).

congratulations on the day of atomic scientist

Nuclear industry of Russia

Today, there are 10 nuclear power plants in the country,weight in the generation of electricity is 18.6%. And in the European part of Russia it exceeds 33%. The largest nuclear power plants are Balakovo (photo of Sergey Kirienko's visit can be seen in the article), Kalininskaya (nearest to the capital), Kurskaya and Leningradskaya. At present, eight more power units are being built in the country and thirty-eight are being built abroad. Russia is the only state that owns the nuclear icebreaker fleet. Soon, a floating NPP will be put into operation, the construction of which is being carried out at the Baltic plant.

The day of the atomic scientist is a holiday for those whois engaged in the extraction of uranium. According to the reserves of nuclear fuel, Russia is on the third position in the world, behind Australia and Kazakhstan. In 2015, the production of uranium was 3,000 tons, which brought the country to second place on the planet. After the tragic events in Chernobyl, science focused on the safety of nuclear energy.

day of atomic scientist in Kazakhstan

Atomic branch of Kazakhstan

The republic of Kazakhstan that was part of the USSR wasthe most important component of the country's nuclear power. On its territory there is not only the Semipalatinsk test site, but also the largest Ulba plant, which produced nuclear fuel components. In May 2008, President Nazarbayev signed a decree establishing the professional holiday on September 28. The day of the atomic scientist in Kazakhstan, as well as in Russia, is timed to the events of 1942. Having chosen a nuclear-free future, the country closed the notorious polygon, but does a lot for the development of the nuclear industry.

Kazakhstan provides 33% of the world'suranium, being the leader in its extraction. At eleven enterprises employ about 10 thousand employees. In total, more than 25 thousand people are preparing to celebrate the professional holiday. Kazatomprom and Rosatom combined efforts to create the Uranium Enrichment Center to offer customers not raw materials, but finished fuel. To date, there are no existing nuclear power plants in the country, but plans for 2018 are the beginning of the construction of the first station.

Day of the atomic scientist in Russia


The day of the atomic scientist is not a day-off, howevertraditionally all festive events are planned for September 28. In the mass media it is customary to congratulate those who were at the source of the creation of the industry, and who is directly related to it today. The best workers and scientists are awarded awards, including from the WANO World Organization. Last year, the nuclear industry celebrated its 70th anniversary (counting is started from the launch of the first reactor), so the celebration was held on a special scale. The industry was deservedly called the technological support of the state. Annually in Moscow a big concert is held with a performance of pop stars, among which Sofia Rotaru is very popular.

Congratulations on the day of the atomic scientist were received inKazakhstan, where the nuclear industry is the visiting card of the country. In 2015, it was headed by AK Zhumagaliev, who came from the Ministry of Investment and Development. In the country, the best in the profession is awarded the title of Honored Worker of the Nuclear Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the award of a gold or silver badge. In Russia - Honored Worker of the Russian Nuclear Industry. In honor of the anniversary, a special medal was given to veterans of the industry.

what day is a nuclear scientist


On the atomic scientist's day, it is customary to remember those who, at the cost of life and health, defended mankind in those days of terrible tragedies, when a peaceful atom got out of the control of its creator.

29.09.1957 The Kyshtym tragedy occurred in the Chelyabinsk region at the Mayak plant, where nuclear waste is processed. In the area of ​​radiation contamination were three major areas: Sverdlovsk, Tyumen and Chelyabinsk. Twenty-three settlements were abandoned by residents, and military and civilian populations were abandoned to eliminate the accident. 20 million Curie was the emission of radiation

Radiation of 50 million turned Pripyat intoa preserved monument to the Chernobyl tragedy of 1986, leaving 300,000 people homeless. The liquidators of the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl NPP are real heroes who prevented the development of an even more terrible catastrophe.

September 28 is a day of gratitude not only to these people, but also to those professionals who ensure the safe operation of the nuclear industry today.

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Day of atomic scientist - professional holiday in Russia and Kazakhstan Day of atomic scientist - professional holiday in Russia and Kazakhstan Day of atomic scientist - professional holiday in Russia and Kazakhstan Day of atomic scientist - professional holiday in Russia and Kazakhstan Day of atomic scientist - professional holiday in Russia and Kazakhstan Day of atomic scientist - professional holiday in Russia and Kazakhstan Day of atomic scientist - professional holiday in Russia and Kazakhstan Day of atomic scientist - professional holiday in Russia and Kazakhstan