David Louis Football player biography

Footballer David Louis was born April 22, 1987 in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo in a poor family. His parents were teachers. Already at a young age, he left his home in search of a better life, promising parents to earn from their comfortable old age. The boy was expelled from the football team because of his small stature. He had to move to a nearby town to play for another team. A successful career helped the footballer fulfill his promise. Currently, David fully provides for his parents and younger sister.


Father Louis in his youth was a professional football player. But at the age of 20, he ended his career for the sake of his family. He instilled in his son a love for this game. A football player calls his father his first idol. David successfully practiced judo, but playing football overshadowed the boy's other hobbies. Louis played in the midfield position, but the coaches of the children's team moved him to the center of defense. At 16, he made his debut at the Victoria Salvador Club.

Carier start

David Louis in "Benfica"

After 3 years, the team of David goes to the top division. The game of the young defender attracted the attention of Brazilian and foreign scouts. The player was distinguished by his performance with a kick from both feet, fast connections to the attack and the ability to “read the game”. As a result, David Louis passes on loan to the Portuguese "Benfica". The player replaced the injured Lusiao in the UEFA Cup playoff match. A few days later he spent the first match in the championship.

After a warm Brazilian, it was difficult for the player to adapt to the local climate. David decided to grow hair to protect himself from the cold. This hairstyle has become the brand name of a football player. After the end of the season, the defender signed a 5-year contract with Benfica. The amount of his transfer was 500 thousand euros. In the early years, David was never able to gain a foothold at the heart of the club. To place in the center of the defense team claimed several players.

In the 2008/2009 season, the head coach of the Portuguese club Kike Flores takes him to the position of left-back. This decision allowed the player to spend his best season in his career. The next season, “Benfica” won the championship and the Cup of Portugal.Brazilian defender was recognized as the football player of the year in Portugal. The club extends the agreement with the Brazilian footballer until 2015. The player becomes the captain of the team.


David Louis at Chelsea

In the fall of 2010, London Chelsea began negotiations with the club on David Louise's transfer. But the Portuguese did not accept the proposed amount. Clubs agreed on a deal only in the next transfer window. The player has signed a 5-year agreement with the new club. In February 2011, David spent the first match at the heart of Chelsea. For three years at Chelsea, David Louis scored 5 goals and won two of the most prestigious European tournaments: the Champions League and the Europa League. For his goals against the teams from Manchester, the player received the nickname "mankuniansky executioner". The Brazilian was one of the most positive players in his team. In a short time he became a fan favorite. The player never refuses to give an autograph and take a picture with the fans.

Goal celebration

In May 2014, David Louis moves to the French “PSG”. With the new club, the player won the championship and the French Cup twice. The London Club received 40 million pounds for this transfer. David became the most expensive protector in the world. In 2016, the clubs made a reverse player transfer.Therefore, some fans can not accurately answer the question of where David Louis plays. The player cost Londoners 32 million euros. For two years, Louise added to his collection the Cup of England and a medal for winning the Premier League Championship.

National team

David Louis on the warm-up

David was first called to the national team for the 2007 World Youth Championships. For the main team the player debuted in 2010. In the center of defense, he played in a pair with Thiago Silva. In a few years, these players, along with another compatriot Lucas Moura, will play for one club - PSG. In 2013, Louis won the first trophy in the Brazilian national team - the Confederation Cup. In the semifinals of the 2014 World Cup was the team captain. At the beginning of the championship, the player became the ambassador of UNAIDS. This organization helps people with the immunodeficiency virus, struggles with their discrimination. In the same year, David entered the symbolic FIFA team. The game of the defender this season was not impressed with the national team coaches. The player did not get into the final composition of the Brazilian team for the World Cup in Russia.

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