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David Cronenberg - the film director is not just smart, but truly brilliant. In each of his new creations, relying on three main components - genre morality, visual texture and paradoxical drama, the visionary successfully solves the task set for him.

short biography

David Cronenberg was born in Toronto in mid-March 1943. His parents were creative personalities: his mother played music, his father was a writer. A Canadian stage director has Lithuanian fatherly roots, and his Jewish family was considered progressive.david kronenberg

The first marriage of the director with Margaret Hindson was unsuccessful. Even the birth of Cassandra’s daughter could not save the couple from divorce. Concerning the custody of the child, severe litigation was instituted. The marriage with Carolyn Seyfmen was more successful: the couple are happy, they have two children.

David Cronenberg, whose films are still the subject of heated debates and discussions, has made an invaluable contribution to the development of the world film industry. His creations are marked by festival awards of the highest standard. Kronenberg was firmly entrenched in the reputation of a living classic, who throughout his entire creative career never disappointed his audience.

The beginning of a creative way

Directed by David Cronenberg is a born cinematographer who has developed an individual, unparalleled style for the realization of his naturalistic fantasies on the screen. It is called an ultra-perceptive futurologist, who managed to predict the main, in the opinion of the majority, the cataclysm of modernity - the modification of the human body under the influence of man-made process.david kronenberg movies

The creative path of the cult creator began in the years of study at the University of Toronto, during which time David Cronenberg managed to create two experimental tapes. The films "Stereo" and "Crimes of the Future" are the director's debut projects.

Debut masterpieces

The debut black-and-white full-length film "Stereo" (1969) has an average rating (IMDb: 5.40).Despite the monotony and tightness, sometimes unrelated confusion of the narrative, the tape contains interesting visual findings and original plans. David Cronenberg appears in a film in several ways: producer, director, editor, screenwriter and cameraman.

A year later, an aspiring filmmaker shoots "Crimes of the Future" (IMDb: 5.10). As in the first work, there is almost no sound in the film, the exception is voice-over and a shot in the murder episode. By the way, this is the first tape that touched upon the subject of human mutations, which later became the director’s business card.car crash of david kronenberg 1996

First commercial projects

The first commercial film that was shot by David Cronenberg was “Cramps” (“Abomination”). It was released in 1975 and received an IMDb rating: 6.60. Film critics tend to view the picture as a prologue to almost all of the director’s next work. Indeed, the third and the first rolling work of the 32-year-old visionary, the future significant filmmaker of the horror genre, contained all the characteristic features of Cronenberg’s creative writing and manner.In the follow-up projects “Disorder Company”, “Rabies”, the cult of the flesh was considered by the director with an amazing variety. And in the experimental tape "Broods", created in the genre of biological horror, the director considers the mutation as the reason for the emergence of a state of rage in the characters.

Style films

In the subsequent work of Scanners (IMDb: 6.80), David Cronenberg presented to the audience the heroes who are able to read the thoughts of others and influence others through gaze. According to filmmakers, special effects predominate in the film, which often happened in the director's early work.

Videodrome (IMDb: 7.30), which was named one of the decisive film-making films of the decade, drew widespread attention from the cinema public to the director. The director for some time could not begin to implement this project because of its impressive cost, because the film was supposed to be stuffed with special effects. However, after the commercial success of Scanners, the director was entrusted with large projects, and he was able to carry out his plans. Critics pointed to the fact that with this work Kronenberg had foreseen the introduction of virtual reality into all spheres of human life.By the way, the author returned to this topic later, but at a higher level, in the movie “Existence”.

Screen version of Stephen King

Trying to follow the spirit of the literary source, in 1983 Kronenberg removes the film version of S. King’s work of the same name - the film “The Dead Zone”. The director is positioning the new project as a psychological thriller mixed with fiction. The writer is pleased with the transfer of his novel on the screen. The cinematic originality of the film director, the master of plot intrigue, saves the picture from excessive pathos and a too obvious culmination. At this time, David does not let the so-called professional clairvoyance, his project pleasantly amazes the viewer. And again, the success of the film allows the director to take the director's chair in the more expensive project “The Fly”, which was created with a larger production scale than the “Dead Zone”.director david kronenberg

Remake and thriller

In 1986, Cronenberg removes the horror of the “Fly” (IMDb: 7.50), which predicts the appearance of transgenic embryos and chimeras, including human ones. This film is the most popular in the author's filmography, which is not surprisingas his budget is impressive in scope - $ 15 million, striking staged special effects and chic make-up of Chris Wallas, who later removes a less successful sequel. In fact, the tape is a remake of the same picture of 1958.

But in the thriller with the elements of the mystics “Bound to Death” (literal translation of “Poured copies”), the director wanted to do without nightmares, as he believed that the situation itself should be scary. The fact is that over the years, the visionary has become increasingly sophisticated in his creative delights. Later, he will start to create natural dramas, for example, “M. Butterfly ", in which a man for a long time managed to impersonate a woman.

But such a turn in the author's perception will happen much later, but for now David presented the world the adaptation of the cult novel “Naked Lunch” by W. Burrows, the forerunner of beatnik literature. The film "Lunch naked" contains amazing mystical and surreal scenes. And the writer's nightmarish visions were embodied by the director with the rarest physiological meticulousness.spider david kronenberg

Director's attention bias

Until the 2000s, the director specialized in the production of paintings of the body-horror genre, where the source of horror was incomprehensible mutations of the human body. But after the release of the thriller “Existence”, which came out earlier than “The Matrix” and touched upon a similar philosophical problem, the director’s attention shifted from bodily abnormalities to public ones.

This statement proves the film "Car Crash" by David Cronenberg. The year 1996 was marked by the release of the adaptation of the work of D. Ballard, written by the writer in 1973. The story was based on the story of a group of people who received sexual pleasure from catastrophes. The tape, of course, gave rise to a lot of hot debate. The director himself called his next child a very dangerous film in all respects.

"Flirting" with genre films

If, in the opinion of most authoritative film critics, the pictures “Existence” and “Car Crash” are quite serious projects reflecting the technological and asexual revolution of the 90s of the last century, then the film “Spider” is a real masterpiece. David Cronenberg created an apocalyptic parable,in which a hopelessly ominous industrial landscape, pulsing in the background with an annoying roar, turns the chamber story of a neurotic who is sentenced to eternal childish carelessness into a real drama. The film was highly appreciated by the cinema public due to not only the author’s extravagancies of the director, but also the filigree "insectivorous" game of Rafe Fiennes.david kronenberg cramps

After the release of "Spider" with the director, as if something had happened. If in the movie “Justified cruelty” David Cronenberg already “flirts” with the genre cinema, but still reminds the former himself, then in “Vice for export” a real occasion happens. Despite the fact that the film was liked by the viewer and received a rating of IMDb: 7.70, the real adherents of the director's creativity remained at a loss from the visionary cardinally creative writing.

Last works

Then came the biopic "Dangerous Method" - a real elegant comedy about psychoanalysis, far from farce. This picture was called the most disastrous show director and at the same time an absolute scientific triumph, the result of his 40-year film research.justified cruelty david kronenberg

The public didn’t have time to lose interest in the “Dangerous Method” as a new project “Cosmopolis” came out, being, if not a utopia, then the metaphor of the modern world,a bit old-fashioned by the director.

More successful was the film allegory "Star Card", which is not just another satire about Hollywood, but a philosophical essay about the decline of morals. This movie is about the "golden" kids, imitating adults. The tape received generally positive reviews from critics. The director himself is inclined to position his brainchild as an absolute intellectual triumph.

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